Thursday, 19 September 2013

Payback jam vol. 7 report

Once again summer went past so fast. But gladly the Indian Summer has treated s well. This is a party update from last July at Jyväskylä, Payback jam vol 7. Was a blast like always. Me against the musician was entertaining. Most memorable moments were the duet by Mikko and Heini, enchanting Viola, and winner Joonas with his gynecologist show. M made her way to the final with drummer Joonas.

M in the final

Ks qualification

"Cudgel War" was the concept where Finland was divided in to three areas/teams:  Southern Finland, Middle Earth and North-East. And all these three sections battled each others. Each team had their own dj's and host's. We were part of the Southern Tourists team. We would have wanted to represent our old hometown Tampere but it occurred that Tampere was part of Middle Earth, and that was the team we didn't want to support. LOL!

The cudgel war footage:

South vs. Middle Earth

South vs East-North

Middle Earth vs. East-North

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