Friday, 20 September 2013

Miss Mix column 6-7/2013 // Haza Hajipoori

Did the tv program "Dance" affected you as a dancer? And your thoughts about dance?
I grew as a person quite a lot. Before Dance I never would have thought that I'm capable of things or dance styles what I had to do in the program. Or that I could handle that much pressure that came along with the TV show. I always thought that in the dance world one has to have a great dance technique (I'm talking about ballet/jazz technique) to get any jobs as a dancer or to even be successful in a TV show like Dance.

My thoughts changed when I realized that with hard practice I am able to do the same stuff that a ballerina could. And a great thing was that through the TV show I could show all the viewers that a street dancer is as capable of doing things in which a ballet dancer or anyone else and that we too have technique! The show gave me confidence, I have always downplayed my dancing skills. And during Dance I was in a stage of life that was time for me to start to think about getting a "real life", that ones life can't just be dancing, but apparently it can.

What are you doing at the moment and what future plans do you have?
At the moment i'm fully employed as a dancer. I am in the Tampere Workers Theater's Princess musical, which had its premiere on the 5th of this month. Future as a dancer is unstable, you never know where you'll find your self tomorrow. I will keep on practising hard and hopefully I'll find jobs in the future too.

Who do you admire and why?

There are so many, I have had so many good teachers and dance colleagues around me. And because of them I'm the dancer that I am. Maybe one name that I would specially want to mention is Sara Hirn. I remember when she came to teach a workshop at Tampere. I went to her class without knowing who she is and what she does and I right away sort of "fell in love" with her. Her way of teaching is really good, she opened up the world of dance for me then. I remember thinking that when I "grow up" I want to be like her. And even today. She is really skillful as a dancer, a perfect example of how can one be a good street and jazz dancer at the same time. She has been doing a lot of work in and for the Finnish street dance scene. And right now she is doing important work with kids and youth at the 09 Helsinki Human Rights foundation. That's something that I want to do someday as well.

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