Friday, 19 April 2013

SADE Festival 30.3.2013

SADE Festival was held on Eastern Saturday at Euphoria Helsinki. Really made my Eastern! We did a Cleva Crew showcase for this event. It had been a while since our last showcase. Don't even remember when that was. Actually we did a show for Dance Delight 2012 (January 2012), but never got to perform it because Linda and M had high fever on that morning. Well this time we wanted to do something different, to show that we can do more than just grind! We can do choreography too! We wanted to challenge our selves. And we did. M's arm combo was a hard one and the floor stuff. At point I felt like I had to move on the speed of light haha. It was so much fun, and was nice to work with Sandra and Sanna for the first time as a group. We worked 1.5 weeks with this, unfortunately Jenni was sick during that time so she only jumped in to do a banger solo.

Here's our performance. Thank you Sami for filming! See also the footage by Samuli Ronkainen.

There were also showcases from Boogie Boys AdenPop and Fabi and Anniina Ala-Mattinen dancehall group Dj's nightmare. See the footage from Samis youtube channel. Antopio was also performing with his popping students. They danced to N'syncs Crazy Pop which brought me some teenage memories! There was also a lot of free dance and cypher time. Veera from Skitsoflex was the Cypher Queen and cuter than cute Edward was the Cypher King!

Competition concept was "My Music Your Moves", a 1vs1 guest battle. Each contestant had to pick three of their favorite songs to be played at the battles. On the first round one had to dance to the song that the opponent had chosen. On the second round dancers had to dance to their own song. So a lot of room for game tactics and beat killing! Guests were M, Linda (Cleva), Sami (Cypherholics), Hozan (City Life), Saku, Tobyek (Skits-o-flex), AdenPop and Jeffrey (Will Funk For Food). Judges were Niko (Natural Hype), Sandra (Cleva) and Olli (Skits-O-Flex). Whooo I was so nervous before the battle, we were just standing and jumping and standing with Linda before the battles started. Really loved Linda’s tracks, and the Ebrahim cover of D'Angelos -Found My Smile Again that Sami had chosen.
I chose my songs to be Alicia Myers - I Want To Thank You, because that song means a lot to me. Then I went with Rye Rye - Dj Go, just love Rye Ryes energy and attitude. The song had more tempo and energy compared to my other choices. And the final song was my favorite from A Tribe Called Quest, Bonita Applebum. That song is rarely played at events, battles and jams. And that is a sin. Also other A Tribe Called Quests songs should me played more, some balance to all this click pick boxs music that's dominating at the moment.

M came out to be the winner after a tight final against Tobyek. Haha in the video you can see how M is trying to block Tobyek in the end. Well that was just because she had already got traumatized from the soaking wet t-shirts and the nasty burns seen that day. So when Tobeyk stood still for a moment she didn't know what to expect. Thanks for the great battle!

See all the battle footage and judges solos from Sami's youtube channel.

Here's the final!

Semifinal M vs Linda. Loved this vibe. Was beatiful to share with my girl!! <3>

Quarterfinal M vs Saku

Quarter final Linda (Cleva) vs AdenPop. Linda killing it!

Sandra's judge solo

After party was nice, sauna, friends and dj DeepSoul playing! Had forgot Ludacris - What's Your Fantasy, have to bring that one back!! Nothing beats the Soul Train line!! Thank you SADE ry, all dancers, audience and friends, and Cleva Crew! A weekend to remember!

After party vibes by Mikko Poikela!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cleva Crew, Summer salute from Helsinki!

Last summer we decided to get together with photographer (and soon to become our personal videographer) Kai Kuusisto and capture the warm and sunny summer vibes of Helsinki. So we (M, K, Sanna, Sandra and Kai) hopped in a boat to Pihlajasaari (an island in Helsinki) and found some really beautiful summery landscapes.

As you can check from the calendar it took quite long to get this video out, because first we were trying to organize another day for shooting to get all the crew members on boat (Linda, Joanna and Jenni are missing from this video). But unfortunately it was hard to get the schedules match, and the warm days (the whole 3 of them) were long gone. And then came the fall and then the winter and then fall again.. So this is the first of our many videos to come! On the next ones you'll see more of the other girls too.

Big thanks to Kai Kuusisto for your patience with us and with the video editing! And Kimbo Man for the great Bad Girls remix! Just can't get enough of it!


And here's some screen shots by Kai.

Miss Mix 3/2013 // Alpha Extreme & Muscleman Jeff

The March issue was about Locking. And here's Akim "Alpha Extreme" Bakhtaoui and Jeffrey "Muscleman Jeff" Kam, the young talents of a group called Will Funk For Food. They have competed all around Finland and abroad. We really admire their creativity, stamina and explosive movements. They are best known for their locking skills but are also really versatile. You might have seen them in TV show Talent, and Jeffrey also did great and got far in the TV show Dance last fall. They are also competing at the Pakko Tanssia semifinal on this Saturday. So tune in to TV2 at 20.30, and remember to vote!!

Will Funk For Food, Akim in purple tie, Jeffrey in yellow

What is locking?
Locking is a dance style created by Don Campellock Campell. It was born around the beginning of the 70's at the west coast of the United States and got more known through the TV show Soul Train. Locking is mainly based on funk music and its main characters are tight sort of "locked" moves and different grooves.

How did you get into locking?
Akim: At first I danced show dance which wasn't really my thing so I wanted to try something different. I somehow ended up at Teemu Korjuslommis classes where locking really hit me. And now it's my main style.
Jeffrey: I found locking at Step Up dance schools Christmas party where was I was dancing with a hip hop group. I saw Teemu Korjuslommis student performance. So I went to ask Teemu if I could join the group even they were adults and I was 9 years old. Teemu said that of course and here I am.

What's best about locking?
Akim: First I got drawn with the funk music that was played at the classes, but when I got deeper in to it I found the tight and explosive power and the smooth grooves. Combining these two elements is challenging, which makes the style interesting. I’m also excited about the growing locking scene here in Finland!
Jeffrey: The best thing is the freedom, that I started to understand little by little understand while dancing and training. Every time I dance locking I sort of forget everything else, it's like some sort of therapy weather it's a good or bad moment.

What is/are your favorite locking movement?
Akim: Stop & Go!
Jeffrey: All the power moves, meaning all the big and impressive moves!
Who are your locking idols?
Jeffrey: I have many idols, but when it comes to locking Patrick Pires aka P-Lock is the greatest. In my opinion he has been the best locking dancer for the past 10 years and probably for the following 10 years. He's a great guy. I've met him many times, and once for a longer period when he was teaching at a dance camp in Sweden. 
Akim: My crew Will Funk For Food and P-Lock from France.

Akim and Jeffrey at Funkin' Stylez Finland 2012

Will Funk For Food at Tokio Dance Delight 2012