Saturday, 16 March 2013

Urban Apa f. SADE 2012 at Ateneum

Here's a summary of the Urban Apa feat SADE 2012 at Ateneum last November. Video is by Samuli Ronkanen. There was 4vs4 battle concept where 4 teachers formed a group with their 3 students. K went with her Scratch girls from Järvenpää feat Eleanor. The other competitors were Roza, Jeniwai and Focus with his adult break students, who came out to be the winners!

K's Scratch crew also performed a showcase on 24:50. The are also going to represent at Oulu street dance Finnish championships at the end of April, because they got qualified from the Helsinki qualifications 16th of March. So proud of them!

UrbanApa ft Sade tanssijamit 28.11.2012 Ateneum, Helsinki from Samuli Ronkanen on Vimeo.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Funkin' Stylez Finland 2012 crew battle

We know that we should have been more prepared for this competiton. Have crazy routines and stuff like we had a year ago with our goofy Die Hard Animals crew. This time with some knee etc problems, we didn't want to push it too hard, just wanted to enter the competition, get down and feel each others vibe. And this preselection round gave me all that.  The best moment for me that day! Love you my sisters Linda, Jeniwai and A.T!!

Final against Far Four (Russia)

Semifinal against Oulu Hypest

Quarterfinal against Polar Rangers

Monday, 4 March 2013

House Dance Mix by Dj Esgrove

Here's a downloadable house mix. Enjoy!

Miss Mix column 12-1/ 2012 // Matryoshki in Jazz

Here's the Matryoshki in Jazz interview uncut! Read their super inspiring blog and learn more of what they're about!

How would you describe you crew and your dance styles? What makes your crew special? 
MIJ: We all dance House, Jazz Fusion, Locking, Breaking, Hiphop.We are the only female team in Europe, representing and revivingthe virtually unknown JAZZ FUSION (BEBOP) - dance style of 80s clubculture in England. We perform with our shows, which combine energy of house dance and aesthetics of jazz, as well as collaborating withmusic bands and DJs on the same stage throughout Russia and other countries.

Everyone can define their style in dance with these words:
Snezhana Ezhkova aka Snow, 23: energy, freedom, airiness, following the music
Elena Tatarenkova aka Lea, 24: expression of the character, emotions, playing with freedom, thesource of inexhaustible possibilities. We can do better than anticipated!
Alesya Dobysh aka Lesya, 23: clean and distinct, sure and impetuous.
Marina Pravkina aka Mari, 26: as a breakthrough of the stored energy and love, flying body in all directions and favorite jazzy-footwork mixture of jumps and twists! 

MIJ: We are not following fashion trends - we create these trends ourselves! We are always trying to create something new in dance and in the way we look! And we also have some inner rules of our lifestyle that helps us keep on improving and makes us special:
-Don't be lazy
-Work hard
-Not less then 5 deals in a day
-Be informed in all news and events of modern actual culture life
-Always inspire and be inspired... 

How did you meet each other?
MIJ: Initially we know each other because we are in street dance culture and always hanging out together, met in dance rooms, battles and clubs. Then we understood that we all got the same taste and thoughts according to dance and actually to life at all and started to practice together and make some projects. 

You have a very unique style in clothing, where do you get your inspiration from? And where do you shop?
Lesya: The way I look depends on my mood! Sometimes I can get inspiration from late 80's fashion with their bright colors, high-waist jeans, leather materials or wide-shoulder jackets. But most of the time I prefer more classical England-influenced style with male-type details. I usually buy clothes when I travel! I like COS, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Monki and some Scandinavian designers.

Snow: Sometimes I have an image of look in my mind, and try to find clothes which I see in my head. Of course it all came from inspiration by photos from blogs, websites, from people I've met and first of all from my MIJ girls! But many times I just go to the store see something, like it and get it! Basically I do shop not in Russia. My favorite stores are Monki, American Apparel, Oysho, COS, TopShop, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Vintage Stores of Berlin, Stockholm, New York, Amsterdam and St.Petersburg.

Lea: I prefer wide comfortable clothes. But it all depends on how I feel at the moment. The simplest things. Anything with a unusual fit. Apparel should reflect the spirit of your inspiration. I am inspired by the history and legendary personalities of the art world such as Miles Davis, James Brown, Salvador Dali, Antonio Gaudi, masters of Kung Fu and Shaolin. Moscow is a big city but it's difficult to find nice Vintage stores there! I like New York (Brooklyn(!)) and European stores.

Mari: I'd describe my style a composition of sportive and woman's elegance, because I love to combine some sporty things like sneakers and sweatshirts with some fashion girly stuff like kerchief, braсelets and dresses. I get my inspiration from all sides, but mainly from hip-hop artists (from old school to nowadays), movie's characters and from fashion shows, that I look through every autumn and spring! 
Because of my mixed style I can get my clothes from vintage markets in Europe during my trips and from fashion boutiques and outlets here in Moscow, where I love finding things from past collections with nice discount! My favorite fashion brands are Alexander Wang, MMM, Marc Jacobs. I wish I could shop on these stores every time.. !! :) I also enjoy clothes from mass market shops like Monki, Urban Outfitters, Zara, Oysho etc, where very often I can see copies of designer's things. 

MIJ: You reflect your personality by the way you look and carry your clothes. And the same is with dance. You are not a sportsman, so why should one wear all these stretched knees trainers and over-washed t-shirts with the names of other events.

Mari, Lea, Snow and Lesya
How do you see the Russian street dance scene?
MIJ: Russian street dance scene is rather yang, but rapidly developing. Dancers train hard, trying to develop their own style. But we think that there is a problem with lack of confidence among dancers. They should travel more, contact with dancers from all over the world. All this can help to open their minds, release their mind from complex. The main thing is to be self confident in representing your own style, style of a Russian dancer.