Monday, 21 January 2013

M&K at ruff Cut radio show

Listen to what we had and didn't have to say. LooL seems a bit braindead, literally nothing rolling in the brains.. Too bad that you can't see all that grinding during the songs!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Miss Mix column 11/2012 // Lasse Hyttinen

Lasse Hyttinen
This time we did a small interview with Lasse Hyttinen, who is a multitalented all-rounder in the Finnish street dance scene. He's been choreographing the tv show DANCE, he teaches actively, has his own radioshow Ruff Cut with dj Esgrove, and organizes club nights such as Keep The Groove.

How do you find time to all that?
That's a good question. Sometimes I wonder that my self, but then I feel like I stay better concentrated when I can do a lot of interesting stuff. At times you have to get some distance of stuff and go to skate or to snowboard.

What has been the best about Dance-program?
I would say the whole opportunity, the experience and the whole set. it has been great to get to work with talented dancers, meet colleagues and learn and develop as choreographer.

Where do you get the ideas for the choreographs?
I get ideas from where ever, but usually they come from the music. First I try to find an interesting song, with nice rhythms, different feelings and emotions. The movement material comes by playing with hip hop dances foundation steps and by trying freely new stuff.

Your hint for people who got interested about dance through the program?
There's no wrong way! So try surf freely! If possible go to advance school and first try out many different dance styles. When you find the style that inspires you the most get really in to it and practice, practice, practice!

Flowwi magazine
Flowwi magazine is a online magazine focused on street dance culture. Other aspects of the urban culture are also taken in to account, such as graffiti communities, Finnish hip-hop music and DJ-operation. Magazine includes street dance history, personal pictures, reports and books and magazine reviews

Photographer Kai Kuusisto
Kai Kuusisto took some beautiful photos of M. One of those is also featured at his exhibition at Kontula Library.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Kingdom necklace

 M made this gorgeous golden animal figure necklace. All the materials are 100% recycled!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Camp Of Hip Hop - Estonia 2012

Camp Of Hip Hop event in Estonia, and one of the hottest days of the summer. 

Our 1/4 final against KAboom guys

House final Kapela vs King Charles. So inspiring!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Miss Mix 10/2012 - column // Karri Koira

Here's our column from last October. Slowly but surely getting this blog back on track.. We were at Amsterdam Summer Dance Forever with our fabulous Cleva girls. Gonna make a brief update of they trip soon.

Karri Koira
We have had the dance and go crazy on stage with Karri Koira and Mc Ruudolf at Provinssi Rock, Tavastia, Flow festival and Block Fest. Living that rap life at the back seat of the Continental. Too many good memories!! Karri Koira's K.O.I.R.A. album is finally here!

Tavastia backstage

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Coins and shells - earrings

M made these 100% recycled earrings for Christmas.