Friday, 30 November 2012

Flow Festival 2012, Karri Koira at Open Source Stage

We hit the Flow Festival 2012 Open Source Stage with Karri Koira. Such a HUGE audience and such a small stage! The vibe was high, the audience was crazy and our dancing turned more or less into a crazy jumping session! Thank you Karri, Ruudolf, Palmunen, Heikki Kuula, Suvi, Andrei, Klaus and everybody involved, we had a blast!! And our girls for being in the audience!!

photo Klaus Elfving

photo: Klaus Elfving
photo: Klaus Elfving

photo: Klaus Elfving

photo: Klaus Elfving

photo: Klaus Elfving

Flow Festival 2012

It was our first all 3 days Flow Festival. So much to see and hear. Love the fact that the festival people had really put a thought on what to wear, people were more over the top than usually. Everyone were looking their best, dressed to impress. Just wish that people would be more creative the rest 349 days of the year.
Festival girls Jenni, Sandra, Patisse, M, Linda, Sanna, Sumi and K

On Friday we checked Asap Rocky. And AraabMuzic, we were staring at his hand in a trans!


Saturday started perfect by watching our lovely Linda Ilves who was singing with Trevor Deep Junior. It was one of my favorites of the whole weekend! So soulful and effortless. Too bad the performed so early in the afternoon that there weren't a lot of audience yet. Luckily we got it on tape.
Watch all the videos from:

Linda Ilves with Trevor Deep Junior
cute Beverly Girls
Sanna, Sumi, K and M

We also performed with Karri Koira at 20. But more about that later on..

The closer the evening got we were tuned more and more in the party mode. Destos gig was great and every single one of us we were in the ZONE. We danced like crazy. M had made a decision to do only vogueing during the night. My favorite was the gun hand vogue set, pricelesss!!! Linda was just smooth as lotion. And K with her crazy footwork. After dancing for hours, we headed to Pizza Service, and then to party some more a Joannas crib. And then people started to fall asleep.

On Sunday we were tired. Every muscle in our body were sore from all the dancing last evening. We went to see Dam-Funk which was nice. And Björk crowned the night with her adorable essence.

Is it UFO or Dam Funk?! M with Clap Dance

Thursday, 29 November 2012

SADE at Kallio Block Party 2012

The last warm day of summer (one of the three). SADE Festival was part of Kallio Block Party. Vaasankatu was full of life, music, dancing people and sun. Skits-O-Flex and Boom Boom bgirls performed their showcases. The competition concept was Hip Hop 7 to smoke. Oscar smoked all seven (including us, Hozan, Akim, Sami, Mohammed, Julius) with his unique and captivating groove. Whooa he was on fire!! Here's the footage and some pictures.

Hip hop 7 to smoke part 1. Blogger didn't let me embed the other part (!!!) so check it from here:

And in the evening we celebrated the last night of summer with Jeniwai by wearing our fine summer dresses! Which you can't even see from these pictures.

Disco Dislocated

We have to tell you about our party Wednesday someday on July.

The party started in a Tourist Bus, that drove around Helsinki for a few hours...

...and continued in the boat called Katariina... Is there anything better than to sail some where near Suomenlinna,  stand on the deck in the middle of the night and stare at Helsinki's silhouette and lights, while listening to great djs playing great music? How romantique!

..and after the boat party we just had to continue at Suola were Ruudolf and Karri Koira were playing us some grinding music. The place was crowded!!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Payback Jam 2012

Pay Back Jam 2012. The whole weekend was just too epic, from the very first second. So let's start. We borrowed Joanna's cozy yellow road trip Toyota, Jeniwai was driving. Ramona, K, M and Sanna were eating chips and filling Ramonas Best Friends book. The trip from Helsinki to Jyväskylä was way too sweaty so we had to stop by at the beach on our way. Actually it wasn't a stop by thing, coz we were searching for this beach/lake for a long time. M fell asleep, and during that time Jeniwai drove two times to the wrong direction. But finally we found it. The weather was cold but the water felt warm. When we got to Jyväskylä, we did a quick stop at Prisma and then headed to our residence to prepare a nice dinner. After that we had some nice and deep conversations at the sauna.

On Saturday was time to boogie woogie. Pay Back vol 6. was held at Aaltosali. Basso radio had a Payback jam competition in which one had to demonstrate and explain what is the best dance move on earth. M and Sanna made a magnificent video, where they did some grindy two stepping. It simply is the best move because it separates the boys from the men. Whoop whoop and they won free tickets to the event + Soulvalpios  album.

The new and interesting competition concept was "Me against Musician". Each dancer had to pick a musician/instrument from the Payback Massive Orchestra of 13 people. And together they had to improvise a solo. Meaning that the musician improvised the music and the dancer improvised the movement and that they would somehow find a connection with each other. The concept looked great on paper, but to be honest I was a bit sceptic of how it would work in real life. Would people have the courage to take part and throw themselves into the zone? Well they did! It turned out to be very succesfull, by far most entertaining and inspiring competition that I had seen in a while. There were 28 participants, 9 got in to the next round. Finally Annina Vuopio turned out as the winner. Most memorable solos were by Johannes Paahto, Mikko Makkonen and Jeniwai's preselection round. M picked the vibraphone. That was difficultttt!!! K went with cajon.

Here's the band lineup:
SVB & Payback Massive Orchestra
Soul Valpio MC and percussions
Joni Vanhanen sampler, turntables and keyboards
Petri Jaakonaho Basso
Tomi Saikkonen drums and percussions
Johannes Sarjasto Alto Saxophone
Heini Ikonen singing and violin
Lauri Kallio guitar
Kalevi Louhivuori  trumpet
Hilkka Louhivuori singing and keyboards
Tuuli Ikonen singing
Mikko Viitala drums and percussions
Antti Hevosmaa trumpet
Ilkka Uksila vibraphone

Preselection round

Round 2: First group K, Jeniwai and Annina. Second group M, KatuTatu and Mikko Makkonen. Third group Uiski, Johannes Paahto and miss who's name we don't know... (sorry)

Final round

The after party started as usual in our Omena hotel room where we kept filling tRamonas Best friends book. The official after party took place at Ruma which was full of people. The place was so big we kept losing each other. K just focused on taking crazy/ugly face photos all night. So the next morning the camera contained something like 150 photos that were mostly too HORRIBLE or just too much. Just have to keep those to ourself and give you just a little taste. If you remember being part of that photoshoot and want to see the outcome, we can share them with you privately. Also this time we MADE it to the after after party at Lutakon aallot beach and enjoyed the morning there. Some even went swimming!

after after party photo Veera Luoma
The Day after started with a traditional Golden Rax Pizza buffet. The rest of the day was dedicated to high culture. We went to see the Romeo & Julia by Tanssiteatteri Kramppi, where Slyrre Äs and Paahto were playing their dramatic roles. Perfect day! Thank you everybody for the weekend, once again it was epic and way beyond. Until next time!

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Sorry we haven't been that active with blogging lately.. This autumn has been too rough, too dark, too exhausting too many broken body parts. But Erykah Badu knows that dance heels all wounds. someday. We have so many lovely summer memories that we want to share with you, so slowly but surely we'll be posting those!!