Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Pori Jazz 2012

Pori Jazz 2012 was a true girls road trip with Olli-Matti. Joannas party car Toyota hit the road again, and one Sandra borrowed an extra car so that we could all fit. Our dream was to see D'Angelo and to know "How Does It Feel". We had watched many different live clips of that song during the week, so our expectations were high!

We arrived to Pori as exited little children in the candy shop. We missed the warming up artists but came just in time for D'Angelo. The gig started out nice and the band was great. D'Angelo's voice is incredible!! And his eyes!!! We got some songs to heal our soul but the UNTITLED was missing! And then suddenly they stopped playing and we were like what!?! He cannot do this to us! Well to be honest it wasn't really the ideal audience, most of the people were older (on firms tickets) just sitting there and drinking. And only a smaller crowd of true fans. All and all the gig was great but immediately after the show there was just one song in our heads on repeat, THE SONG. And this trauma kept going on for at least the next 3 days. Starting with the dramatic first notes by piano..

After the D we headed to our sleeping place. Ramona's grandfather and his wife offered us all a place to stay! We had home-cooked meals and beds waiting. And got to hear great stories of the 80 year old super lady! It was priceless!

With our stomachs full we headed to the Jazz Street hoping to find a good party but it was all too hectic with weird music. Jazz Street didn't seem too soulful this time. Felt more like we were in some tango festival. So after trying to find the place for few hours we gave up and went to sleep. The next day we enjoyed our "hotel's" five star breakfast and took some hilarious photos.

We left Pori behind but decided to enjoy the short and not so warm summer in Yyteri beach. What a wind! No need to swim even it was the only day at the beach during this summer. After Yyteri we headed back to Helsinki. Joanna was driving, M, K, Sanna and Ramona were having deep deep conversations. Thank you girls and Olli for the holiday weekend!

Monday, 17 September 2012

Karri Koira - H-kaupunki

One just can't go wrong with a smoke machine!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

09 Helsinki Human Rights at Malmi

09 Helsinki Human Rights has began it's activities at Malmi. You will also find K there teaching some hip hop dance and hanging out! Come to spent some time after school, from Monday to Friday at 14-17pm. And it's free!