Thursday, 28 June 2012

Oaklyn @ Radio Helsinki & Basso Radio

Radio Helsinki - Koirankoppi
Oaklyn was guest on the Radio Helsinki Koirankoppi show on this Tuesday. A really great show hosted by Karri Koira and Paha-Nuutti. Oaklyn also did a really great live performance of their song Hold On! Unfortunately the songs are not online, but you can listen the interview from here:

Good news is that the show comes on rerun this Sunday/Monday night at 00.00-02.00.
SO DON'T MISS IT if you want some honey for your ears!

Basso Radio, Top Five
Oaklyn was also today's guest at the Basso Radio's Top Five show. Check their interview from:

Check the whole story with their top 5 songs;

Helsinki Urban Dance Week 2012

Helsinki Urban Dance Week was held this year at Club Tivoli. There weren't that much audience and  not that many dancers either. In hiphop were 35 participants, but other categories had only around 10 or less people entering. One had to take at least one workshop to enter the battles so that may have dropped some people off. Flow Mo also had their barbecue jam going on other side of the city so lot of people were there. Too bad that the events were at the same time.

Last night's hard loving Flow Mo Lovers' Rock party had took it's toll, but somehow dancers still got it going on. I have had struggles with my dance for a while. It really hasn't felt good to compete. But this time I felt that I finally got the dance out of me. It felt so good! I'm just thankful for getting that feeling out of me after a long time. No holding back.

Maria was really owning the waacking category. I was so inspired of her dance, so flawless, on point and on music. She really feels the songs, not by learning the songs. Others in the waacking category did good job too! In waacking K lost against Linda in extra round. Heh, Linda is owning all styles!

All the results:
House: Lasa
Hiphop: Kaisa
Locking: Akim
Waacking: Sanaz
Voguing: Venla
Popping: Milad
Dancehall: Eski-Ma'
B-boying: MattiWatti
Krump: Grime

Check all the videos from:
Thank you Lilli for the videos!!

Thanks Jouni for organizing, thank you Cleva for the inspiration, big up to Maria for the inspiration!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Yleisurheilun EM-kilpailujen avajaiset

M is performing today at the opening of European Athletics Championships 2012 at Senaatintori, Helsinki. Showtime is 20-22, but our performance is at the end, after 9pm (don't know the actual time).

The performance is called "Urheilu on leikkiä" and it's directed by Kari Heiskanen and choreographed by Reija Wäre. Music is by Tommi Lindell, Sami Kuoppamäki ja Jussi Jaakonaho. Janne Marja-ahon and Maria Ylipää are playing the lead roles, M is part of the professional dancers group. Plus there will be 100 other dancers, gymnasts and actors. M will be getting down in a rather unusual costume, a must see!!

Check the Facebook event here

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Performing at Provinssirock 2012 with Karri Koira and Mc Ruudolf

We were asked to perform with Karri Koira and Mc Ruudolf at Provinssirock, Seinäjoki on 17th of June. We were more than honored of the invitation! So we collected our bones after a long weekend at Flow Mo Anniversary, Helsinki Urban dance week and other activities. On Sunday morning we headed to Seinäjoki after 1h 30minutes of sleep. Besides the circumstances the long drive was smooth, mainly because of the good travel company. Karri was driving, and Väiski from Loost Koos was sharing the back seat with us while Särre was telling his Chicago memories at the front seat. And R. Kelly was on the auto stereo.

When we got to the festival area we went straight to lay down at the backstage, wich was a caravan. We found a cozy corner for us and rested for a while. The gig was part of MONSP Presents- set, including a lot of other rap acts such as JVG, Loost Koos, Gasellit, Kemmuru, Steen1, Ruger Hauer, Solonen
We had a dope practise session with Karri, we checked our routines and stuff and just danced on the forrest road. Have some dope footage of that! Then it was time to hit the stage, we were on stage for two songs "Kaikki tai ei mitään" and "Mammat riivaa". That was some fun!! We danced like crazy, and the Ima's running man routine that he made for the "Kaikki tai ei mitään" music video was killing me at the 8th time we did the chorus..  "Mammat riivaa", was dope as well, but sadly we didn't do the official choreography because nobody remembered how it went and couldn't teach us. We got a lot of good feedback of our show. One rapper guy even came to us "I don't know how much they are paying you guys, but i will pay double!". And Karri said that he can't ever perform the song without dancer anymore, and why should he!

Check the gig at Yle Areena. Our part begins from 32:50
Once again not a big fan of the filming, really can't see anything thats going on at the stage like our crazy dance sets. But still you can see that the atmosphere was wild!

After the show Karri and Rudi did some interviews and even took us to represent our dance crew to Summeri. And so we did, Cleva crew for eva! LOL. Sadly they didn't show it on the actual program on Summeri, that came on last Thursday. 

Then we started our long journey back home, that turned out to be even longer! We stopper at Jalasjärven ABC to enjoy a dinner. The "Sokka" was so "irti", that Rudi got an idea that we would shoot Loos Koos new music video on the road. The artist, the director, cars, nature, a few smoke bombs and the dancers were there, so why not?! So we stopped at the nearest rest stop and started shooting. On the picture below we are waiting at the car and avoiding mosquitos. The director decided to continue shooting at another location. So we continued driving towards Helsinki. After a while everyone started to feel more or less tired (M was sleeping) and unenertic, unlike the director himself. So they decided to call it a day. We got home about 3.30 am, went to sleep and slept until 5pm. So that Monday was quite short. Summer summer is so though, don't have much time during the weeks when all the time goes on recovering from the weekends. But wouldn't trade a day!! Thanks to Karri, Rudi, Väiski and Särre for the great company and good conversations. Was nice to meet you guys!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Hyvää juhannusta!

Hyvää juhannusta kaikille! Glad midsommar! Happy midsummer!
And remember to check Yle Live: Provinssirock 2012 on TV2, Saturday at 14.30-16, there you'll see us on stage with Karri Koira and MC Ruudolf!

Oulun Katutanssit 27.6.-1.7.2012, Oulu

Info from facebook:
The Oulu Streetdance Festival is back once again with its chill vibing. But this year, we're battle hungry and we're battling all the time!

Wed 27.6. Pre-preparty: Caribbean Fever @ Apollo
* over 18 yrs

Fri 29.6. Preparty @ 1Bar
*Call out battle night: anyone can publicly challenge anyone at any time. Got beef or someone you really wanna dance with? Well we got a dance floor.
*over 18 yrs, free entry

Sat 30.6 Main Event @ Rotuaari from 12 to 5pm:

*Battle of the Generations - Breakdance 3vs3
^ Each crew must have an age difference of 10 years between the oldest and youngest members.
^ Judges: Bboy Focus (Flow Mo, Hki), Bgirl A.T. (Flow Mo, HKI), AnaHavana (Oulu Finest)
^ participation fee 10€/person (includes the ticet to afterparty, over 18yrs)

*Crew Streetstyle Battle (5vs5)
^ Crewbattle to hiphop, house and funk music provided by the RuffCut Djs
^ First round showcases, the rest battles.
^ Judges: BBoy Focus (Flow Mo, HKI), Bgirl A.T. (Flow Mo, HKI)Jolanda Urbanowicz (DPS Kollektiv, Poland), Anniina Jääskeläinen (UrbanApa, HKI), T.A. (Sonic Skool, Oulu)
^ participation fee 10€/person (includes the ticet to afterparty, over 18yrs)

*After party for young people at Bysis from 6 to10 pm
^under 18 yrs
^free entry

*Afterparty (k18) @ 45 Special
^1vs1 hiphop battle
^1vs1 house battle
^cypher elimination straight to finals.
^ entry 5€ +2€

Sun 1.7. Workshop day
^ check out the schedule


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Flow Mo Sounds 6.6.2012

A night out at Flow Mo Sounds party at Pasifico. There was a pre-selection for the Flow Mo Anniversary "No Holding back" battle, and Antti aka "Uiski" won the spot. M and Sanna participated the "Strike A Pose" competition, where Samuli Ronkanen was the photographer. And the photo below is what came out. Please click "LIKE" behind this link:!/photo.php?fbid=449673795043879&set=a.449672905043968.102880.118209514856977&type=3&theater
Because we really need like 100 more likes to win a prize.

Strike A pose

Dj's Focus & A.T
My camera does the photo shopping by it self. LOL
We did a mini interview with mister Ruff Cutt's
Sanna, Aino, M

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Badass crew column Miss Mix Magazine 7/2012 - Interview with Ben (Legion X)

photo: Kertin Vasser,
We had the pleasure to interview a German hiphop dancer, Ben Wichert, who won Juste Debout with his partner Salas earlier this year. From Ben you'll see what the freestyle hiphop is at it's best!
Here's the full length interview in English:

1. What is the best thing in freestyling/dancing in general?
- The best in freestyle is that you can surprise yourself every time. It's a good feeling when u realize that you invent something just in that moment... the time during you are focused and concentrate and still let yourself going down with the music...

For me it's a test or a game. It's all about to take the risk. Maybe you are afraid to catch the wrong thing/movement/moment or what ever and you fail but that's the part of the game that I want to win all the time in my own freestyle.

2. Where you get your inspiration?
- The most impressing in dance is, that everything can inspire you. It's my own environment that inspires me and shows me new ways for developing myself. Just simple things like water, reactions of people or the time are big inspiration. Those things for example can make u busy with practicing for a long time.

Also other dancers are inspiration for me. You take something develop it into your way and style and then somebody else take a part from you and develops it in his way again. It's like an never ending story.

3. What is your best memory in dancing?
- Best memory is when i found out that there is a Urban Underground Scene in France, Germany and some other parts in the world like USA and so on. I didn't grown up with the Hip Hop Culture, so the time I heard about it and found out some stuff was the best time in my life.

4. How you get strong self-confidence?
- For beeing selfconfident u got to have a strong mentality and imagination. U got to believe in yourself. When I'm on the stage it's just me, the music and my enemy that's it...
It's really not important what other think, i make my thing and try to give my best...

If you give all your heart and show up how much u really love to dance there is no space for other stuff.
If you reach this point u are more than self-confident and that's what i try day for day.

Ben's page on Facebook:
Photo: Kertin Vasser,

"The Jam" 09 Helsinki Human Rights

We had the pleasure to join The Jam 09 Helsinki Human Rights organized, 28th of April. It was all about getting dancers and young kids from the community centers together. This event for me was the best I had been in a while. I enjoyed watching these young kids getting down! The venue was Roihuvuoren Nuorisotalo. There was grilling outside and jamming inside. Perfect match!

09HHR team organized a battle where the idea was to make a battle pair from over 15 year old dancers and under 15 year old dancers. They took the pairs from hat and what a pair K got! This 10 year old dude got some attitude. He was acting like a boss. In the battle against Sami and his pair K and the boy started to dance together, but K had no idea what was about to come. This ego kid took Sami's precious thing and hand it out to one person in the audience and did a limbo under it. What!? K, judges and all the other people had their jaws open. We've been in many dance jams and seen many disses but never anything like this! Well, but the kid was still so cute! Wonder how many hearts he will break in the future.

Photos by Samuli Ronkanen & us.

Badass crew column, Miss Mix 5/2012

Badass crew styling, Miss Mix 5/2012

Models: Leila Kuusiniemi, Mette Linturi
Hair: Marko Mäkinen/Dandy
Make up: Sumi Moreno/Dandy
Photos: Fabian Björk

bElles Tour 2012 final feat. SADE festivaali

It was time for the ultimate final of our bElles Tour 2012 feat. SADE festival. Mother Nature didn't like us this time so we moved the jam from Lasipalatsi to SAIFFA - Flow Mo Dance School. It was fully packed and the places was heated up like a sauna, but it was really good for getting the dancers on the right mood.

First was house/vogue 2vs2 battles. We had 7 interesting teams and the final was Roza&Sandra vs. M&M's. Congrats to Roza and Sandra for the victory! The concept really was a good idea. All in all battles were good, but maybe people could have done a little shorter rounds, the final took like half an hour.. If the run is really long, one usually start to repeat itself. Gotta learn how to present your stuff in an tighter package. But overall dancers had developed a lot! Especially Ama was really impressive. She had took her thing to another level. The way she moves her body, such body control. So flawless and exact on point. It's interesting to watch. Judges in this battle were Sara (Assasins), Anniina (Bad Stage) and Venla (Voguenon).

House+vogue 2vs2 final part 1. Sandra&Roza (winner) vs M&M

Part. 2

House&Vogue 2vs2, Veronica&Ama vs. M&M's part.1

Judge solo Sara

Judge solo Anniina

Judge solo Venla

In hiphop we had 19 lovely participants entering and only 5 places to go through. The level was once again really good, was really hard to pick the 5 best. From previous pre-selections there were 3 winners straight on the battles, (Vilma, Kardo, Josua). Unfortunately Tampere winner Emma and Järvenpää winner Ninni couldn't make it to the event. Judges in this category were M, Sandra (Cleva Crew) and Lasa (Natural Hype)

I felt that many dancers overdid themselves and I feel that the atmosphere gave them courage to give their all at the dance floor. No need to worry about the level of the future hiphop scene in Finland! And nice thing is that the dancers came to ask feedback, shows that they really have their mind in it. The final battle Veronica vs Sini was tight. They both have developed a lot in a few months. Sini took the title of the bElles Tour 2012. She just had that ghetto mama groove going on the whole day!

Hip Hop final Veronica vs Sini(winner)

Hip Hop solo quarter final Joona vs Josua (winner)

Judges Solos: Lasa, Sandra and M

The event and the whole tour was a great success. Even YLE Uutiset came by to report of our tour and street dance in general. The best part was that all the dancers managed to make me smile through the whole day! Everyones free and soulful presence was admirable and inspiring. All that I need!

House+Vogue 2vs2 judges Sara, Anniina and Venla
Hip Hop 1vs1 judges M, Sandra and Lasse

Thank you!
bElles team: Mikko, Katsu, Sumi, Leena, Martin
Clap Dance dj's: Nick K, Kimbo Man
SADE ry: Uiski, Jeniwai, Jenny, Joanna
Kai Kuusisto, Tony Sheng
Miss Mix
Dance schools: SAIFFA - Flow Mo Dance School, Taidetehtaan Tanssikoulu, Tanssikoulu Flow, Tanssistudio Razzmatazz, Hot Club
All the dancers and audience who came to dance and support the tour and all the judges!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

CANCELED!! Sneaker Fleamarket, Sunday 17th

bElles Sneaker Store has a Sneaker Fleamarket on Sunday 17th from 1pm-6pm. Location is Lasipalatsi, Helsinki (in front of the bElles Store).

If you want to come and sell your old sneakers and stuff, send an e-mail to cost for one spot is 20€.

You'll find us, the rest of the bElles crew and many other selling their goodies! Come and spend a nice afternoon in the bElles atmosphere for the last time!

Flow Mo 10 year Anniversary weekend

Flow Mo Crew celebrates their 10th anniversary this year. So girls and boys, it's time to party!!

All the info below is from the Facebook page.
For more info check the offcicial anniversary website:

Friday 15th:
17:00 - 21:00 | FM 10 years Art Exhibition by: Jani Tolin and Wartecs
- Location: Roba10, Iso-Roobertinkatu 10, Helsinki
Facebook event:

21:00 - 03:00 | Official Pre Party "Lovers' Rock Helsinki" @ Club Playground, Helsinki
- Dj's: Skeme Richards (Session 31, US), Ill Literate & @Large (Lovers' Rock)
- 2 vs.2 Bonnie & Clyde Allstyles Competition
- Judges: Focus (Flow Mo), A.T. (Flow Mo), Saki-1 (Flow Mo)
- "Best dressed couple"-award!!
- Location: Club Playground, Iso Roobertinkatu 10, Helsinki
- Entry: 6€ (OVER 18 ONLY)
Facebook event:


Saturday 16th:
12:00 - 18:00pm | Outdoor writing / BBQ session @ Suvilahti
- Writers: Sign (Flow Mo), Serval (7$ crew), Wartecs (Flow Mo) + more TBC
- Location: KALASATAMA | Hermannin rantatie 22, 00540 Helsinki
Facebook event:

21:00 - 04:00pm | The Official Flow Mo 10th Anniversary Party
feat. "No Holdin Back" 1VS1 Bboy/Bgirl competition @ Club Venue,
- Judges: Poe One (USA), Hatsolo (Flow Mo), Taya a.k.a. T-Flow (Flow Mo)
- Dj's: Skeme Richards (Session 31, US), Ill Literate (Lovers' Rock), US), @Large (Lovers' Rock), Mercy One (Flow Mo, FIN)
- Location: Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 21, Helsinki Finland
- Prizes: Cash and products for the winner of "No Holdin Back"
- Entry: 15€ (OVER 18 ONLY)


Sunday 17th:
14:00-20:00 | Guest workshops @ Saiffa Flow Mo Dance School
-14:00-15.30 Paulskee (Mighty 4, USA) | 90 min workshop
-16.00-19.00 Poe One (Style Elements, USA) – "Attention to Details" 180min workshop.
- Location: Lönnrotinkatu 25 a, second floor, 00180 Helsinki
- Prices for workshops: Paulskee workshop 15€ | Poe One workshop 30€.



"No Holdin Back" is a new bboy/bgirl battle consept developed by Wartecs of Flow Mo.

"NHB" is a 1VS1 competition where all the dancers are put on the same line from the first round to the finals where they have to give 100% in each solo they execute. No one can save energy and moves for later and take it easy at any moment of the competition. From cypher qualifications the 16 best dancers will go through to the battles. For bboys/bgirls who wanna test their limits, this is a new kind of consept that will make you do your very best in each and every round.

For all the battles there will be:
- No round limit
- No time limit

The battles will be judged by 3 judges whom each hold a white flag that they will raise clearly in the air as soon as they individually know who the winner is of each battle. This can be straight after the first round, during some round or even after 10 rounds or more.

When all 3 judges know who they will vote for - the battle is over even if it’s in the middle of someones solo. After the battle the host will count the ”1,2,3!” and judges will point to the winner with their flags. With this concept there will be no tie-breaker rounds ever since all the judges already know which dancer they wanna vote as the winner of the battle. Battles will proceed with the same format until the winner is announced.

© "No Holdin Back" name and consept all rights reserved by Saiffa / Flow Mo Dance School.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Helsinki Urban Dance Week

This week is full of action Helsinki Urban Dance Week, Flow Mo Anniversary, Juke music DJ's RASHAD ja SPINN at Nokia Factory and a secret footwork workshop by MANNY ja LITEBULB.. What to Do, where to Go? Go everywhere and take all that you can get!!
Helsinki Urban Dance Week is a week full of workshops, club nights and a battle day to end up the 
week. There are top dancer and Dj's all around the world to share their knowledge.

All the info copied from and from the Facebook page 

Workshops Monday 11th June - Friday 15th June

Check the schedule here:

Clud Nights:
At Gloria on Wednesday, June 13th from 8pm-2am

DJ Bj Piggo (Slovakia)
Ruff Cut DJs (DJ Esgrove & DJ Cool L)

Cypher Addict - contest, in which both the most personal and active dancer attending the cyphers will be rewarded with great prizes!

Tickets: 10 € + cloak room
Age limit: 15 (upstairs R-18)
At Ahjo Bar & Club June 14th from10pm-4am
"POSE" is a monthly Vogue Beats, Disco and House music night targeted for all Vogue, Waacking and House dancers and the fans of these music genres.

The international guest for the night is the legendary Vogue DJ and producer Vjuan Allure from Washington DC, USA. The House tracks for the night will be played by Finland's finest, DJ 3rrd.

Tickets: 12 € + cloak room

Saturday 16/6 (12.00 – 22.00) @ Fredan Tivoli,
Fredrikinkatu 51-53, Helsinki (doors at 11.00)

VOGUE 1VS1 (Ballroom Style)

EUR 150 + merchandise for the winner of each category

Hip Hop: Bruce Ykanji, U.K., Oomoo
House: U.K.
Locking: Flockèy
Popping: Bruce Ykanji
Krump: Miss Prissy
Vogue: Melanie L. Aguirre
Waacking: Melanie L. Aguirre
Dancehall: Camron One-Shot
B-boying/B-girling: Kid Glyde

DJs :
DJ VJUAN ALLURE (USA) : Vogue & Waacking
DJ BJ PIGGO (SVK) : Hip Hop, Locking, Popping, B-boying/B-girling & Krump
DJ 3RRD (FIN) : House

Melanie’s Waacking & Vogue Fem Student Showcase.
Rest tbc

Tickets: 10 € (+2 € cloak room)
No age limit. 

To qualify for the battles dancers must attend at least one of the workshops during the week.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Live Fast Die Young - bElles FINAL SALE

Kaikki hyvä loppuu aikanaan. Varaston tyhjennys huikein alennuksin -30% - -50%! Alehinnat vain kaupalla, nettimyynti ( jatkuu toistaiseksi normaalisti tämän viikon jälkeenkin.

Suuri kiitos näistä kahdesta vuodesta kaikille asiakkaillemme, yhteistyökumppaneille ja bElles crewille.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Cooma Dance Academy - Summer workshop week

M has waacking and hip hop workshops tomorrow at Cooma Dance Academys Summer week, at Jyväskylä.

16-17 waacking open level
17-18 hip hop basic
18-19 hip hop advanced

For more info go to :

Can't wait to get down with the Jyväskylä dancers!!

Karri Koira "Kaikki Tai Ei Mitään"

We were invited to Karri Koiras new music video shoot, to dance and hang out as 80' style "High school prom" party guest. So M, K, Sanna, Joanna, Jeniwai and Ramona dressed to impress and did some hc running man routine by choreographer / "bad guy" Ima. Like you would imagine, we really put an effort on our costumes. We went through all the UFF and Fida stores at the city. Cocoa was behind the camera, so you know it's guaranteed that the outcome looks nothing but the best. The thing really got out of hands, everyone got crazy. And director Ruudolf even ripped his wife beater off.

Summer hit 2012 has born!! The song is so groovy and catchy that we just can't get it out of our heads. Here's the video, enjoy!!

Thanks for the good time, our girls, Karri Koira, Ruudolf, Ima, Cocoa team and all the party people!