Friday, 30 March 2012

bElles street dance Tour 2012

We are organizing a street dance jam tour with bElles - ladies-only-sneaker store (  in spring 2012. The tour will take place in smaller cities dance schools. Now you can get the chance to jam and battle! You can also buy a pair of fresh bElles sneakers at the venue (cash only). We will also be hosting and judging the battles. Clap Dance DJ dj's Nick K and Kimbo Man are the tour dj's. For more info:

Hiphop 1vs1 student/first time battle
For students who haven't battled much before (haven't made it through in "bigger events") or are entering first time. Each winner of each pre-selection will go to the Final event in Lasipalatsi 9.6, where they will compete to be the "ultimate" winner of the bElles jam tour.

- dance style and duration free

Prizes are provided by Ladies-only Sneaker Store bElles and adidas.

-7.4.2012 Saturday, Helsinki (bElles hiphop battle part of the SADE-festival),
Venue: Euphoria-sali, Sörnäisten Rantatie 33c, Helsinki
Time: 5pm-9pm
Tickets: 8/10€
Judges: Kaisa Nieminen (Badass Crew / Cleva), Sanna Yrjänheikki, Heidi Hartzell (Cypherholics)
Check more info from the SADE-festival:

-14.4.2012 Saturday, Järvenpää,
Tanssikoulu Flow
Venue: Cadillac-sali, alakerta, Mannilantie 34, 04400 Järvenpää
Time: 1pm-4pm
Judges: Kaisa Nieminen, Marika Peura, Sami Vallius

-21.4 Saturday, Tampere,
Tanssistudio Razzmatazz
Venue: Satakunnankatu 18 A
33210 Tampere, pohjakerros (-1)
Time: 5pm-8pm
Tickets: 2€
Judges: Marika Peura, Kaisa Nieminen, TBA

-29.4 Sunday, Porvoo,
Taidetehtaan Tanssikoulu
Venue: Taidetehdas, Tehdassali, Kokonniementie 6
06100 Porvoo
Time: 4pm-7pm

-12.5 Saturday, Lahti, with SADE ry
Hot Club Liikuntakoulu,
Venue: Seponkatu 7, 15140 Lahti
Time: workshops 12-15, Jam 16-19
Tickets: 2€
Judges: Marika Peura, Kaisa Nieminen, Joanna Leinola

- 9.6 Saturday, Helsinki, Lasipalatsi with SADE-festival
Venue: Lasipalatsin sisäpiha, sneaker-kauppa bElles

Thursday, 29 March 2012

A device that will safe my life!

Foam Roller!! Bought mine from Prisma for 19€. Very effective especially when massaging (rolling) the thighs.

And here's some instructions!

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Miss Mix April issue - Soul Train

Soul Train is an American music variety show that was on TV from 1971 to 2006. In the show were R&B, Soul and Hip Hop artists and talented young dancers. Soul Train was created by Donald Cortez “Don” Cornelius. He was the producer and also hosted the show from 1971 to 1993. He created the show, when he realized that soul-music and african-american artists didn't have their own spot. Soul Train brought the artists such as James Brown, Michael Jackson and Aretha Franklin to the larger audience.

In addition Soul Train brought up talented dancers and was really important to the evaluation of street dance. Many of the street dance pioneers have first seen dance at Soul Train. One of the main parts of the show was the Soul Train Line, were dancers did two lines, other side men, other women. They formed couples and danced between the lines. Dancers were important for the show's popularity. People didn't watch the show just for the artists but for the dancers, to see their new moves and dances and also to see what they were wearing. Soul Train dancers were trendsetters and the personal style was really important to them as well as it is for dancers today.

We had the honor to interview two of the Soul Train dancers, that still keep up their dancing careers.
Tyrone Proctor (58) from Philadelphia Pa and Chicago born Scoo B Doo (59) share their memories in this full length interview:
Scoo B Doo

How did you end up being a part of the Soul Train program? 
I first saw Soul Train in 1971. That the year I graduated for High School. I always love to dance and when I saw the show, I was determined to go to LA and be on Soul Train.
A Soul Train dancer by the name of Little Joe first took me on the show, where I met my dancing partner Sharon Hill and danced on the show from 1972 to 1980.

Scoo B Doo:
One night in Los Angeles California in 1971 me and some friends of mine were at a very popular club called MAVERICKS FLAT. The first girl Locker Domita Jo Freeman came up to me and my friends who were Lockers and told us that a lady from Soul Train named Pam Brown was looking for dancers, and then asked us would we like to go on this new show called Soul Train, and if we did we all need to meet at Dinker Park. We all said to her “DO WE WANT TO BE ON THE SHOW”. We were so excited we got there early.

What is your best memory of the show?
There so many memories, seeing and meeting all the dancers, watching all the artist who came on the show perform, to Don himself. Being in Right On Mag, going on tour with Soul Train. Also they would tape the show one weekend a month and we would live for that one weekend. Going out dancing every night of the week, and I do mean every night.

Scoo B Doo:
Domita Jo and I were in a dance contest one night at Soul Train. The judge that night was Legendary Soul Singer James Brown. We won the dance contest and he was so impressed with our dancing and the Soul Train Gang that he asked us to open up his show at the Los Angeles Forum which was his next engagement. That experience at Soul Train was one of my best memories.

How did the show impact the street dance culture?
Soul Train was ground breaking in so many ways. It was the first show of it's kinds to have the show dancers in a major mag. As teens idols.
Don was the first to do a national tour and have the tour open up with some of the dancers of Soul Train. Dancers all over the world, are still being taught the dances we did on the Soul Train til this day like: Locking, Popping, Waacking, the Bump, the Robot and so much more. The dancers on the Soul Train were visionaries.

Scoo B Doo:
If you were a dancer, and especially a Street Dancer and got an opportunity to be on Soul Train. Whatever your dance style was it went viral once people saw you on the show. For instance locking started in 1970, but once people saw it on Soul Train by 1971 it was being danced all over the United States, and then the world.

Monday, 26 March 2012


We had literally been waiting for this day like I cannot even describe. For months we have been listening to their songs on our iPods. So we were so eager to hear all these sweet like honey songs live. Haha I know we must have been such pain in the asses with this obsession.. Sorry Sami..

Oaklyn is a Helsinki-based duo of Linda Ilves and Sami Tammela. The soulful vocals by Linda Ilves are
accompanied by Sami Tammela's diverse production that blends the sounds of hip hop, soul and electronic music. As you might have noticed, Linda is a member of our Cleva Crew.

The gig was on Mbar last Thursday starting at 10 pm. All the Cleva girls usually have their dance teachings on Thursday, so M was running from her classes from Saiffa in a hurry. But luckily Linda refused to start before all the missing dance teachers were at the spot. Mbar was packed and the atmosphere was amazing. In addition to Linda's gorgeous voice the girl can move! She moves so naturally on stage, and every time she got down the crowd just went wild. Oaklyn's live act was reinforced by the rhythm of Eliel Viitala on the drums and the rapper Ekow from The Megaphone State. On the encore Ben Rogers was playing guitar and Ilmari Aitoaho was on the key boards.

Here's my personal favorite, Agree to disagree. Love the lyrics!

Sweet or what!

Dandy Collection 2012

M got to be Sumi Moreno's model for the Hair salong Dandy's Collection. The theme was to be a bit goofy, not traditional beauty photos. M's theme was Alladin goes Sofi Oksanen: "Hey! Don't steal my magic carpet". Haha Sumi hates when I say so. But I really don't mean it in a bad way. All Photos by Sampsa Pärnänen.

Hair & Make up: Sumi Moreno 
Model: M
Jewellery: Badass Style

Hair:Laura Santanen
Make up: Johanna Ilmoniemi
Jewellery: Nannanda 

 Hair & make up: Reija Ihatsu
Model: Hanna Ruax
Jewellery: Nannanda 

Hair: Anne Lozano
Make up: Sumi Moreno
Model: Ama Kye
Jewellery: Badass Style

Hair: Marko Mäkinen
Make up: Johanna Ilmoniemi
Model: Anneli Kanninen
Jewellery: Nannanda

So what do you think?

Cleva Performing at the Brain Injury Associations charity Gala

Sorry for us being so silent lately. Haven't had that much time to spend with blogger. Because the spring has been so hectic with school, work and few projects. Of which you will hear more soon!

Last Tuesday our crew Cleva got an honor to perform at the Brain Injury Associations charity Gala - Beat Paluu Elämään (Beat Back To Life). Watch it on TV2 on Eastern Sunday 8.4.2012. at 17.00. You can donate 10,18€ to support dance therapy by calling 0600 100 300. For more info go to Mikael Turtiainen, a young dancer and musician, is the face of the campaign. His life changed dramatically after tram accident that caused him a difficult brain injury. Dance has had a significant impact on his recovery. 

This time we wanted to wear something more sophisticated to fit the occasion and the Savoy theater. Not that same multi colour practise gears that we always have, though they're cute. So we decided to go with slightly see through pants from Zara and a fuchsia blouse from Monki. We got a lot of good feed back from our costume, that the movements looked nice when the fabric draped beautifully. It also felt different to dance in so smooth and loose clothes, felt like all the movements turned automatically smooth.

All the photos by Juha Laitalainen

Axl Smith was the host of the night. Other performers were Skits-O-Flex, Sièva, Exhale, Reija Wäre & Ätä, Shattis Hettithanthri & Actions Crew, Claudia Ketonen & Juris Trosenko, Will Funk For Food, Urban Movements Company & Heini Juntti, Sam Vaherlehto, Masi Saurén & Mari Munne, VoGuenon, Jimmy "Scoo B Doo" Foster.

At the end of the show Mikael Turtiainen performed with his former school friend Claudia Ketonen. It was touching to see how he enjoyed dancing and being on stage. Reminded us to stop complaining of small things and to be grateful of what we got. 


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Cleva Crew will perform today at the "Beat -Paluu elämään" -dance gala for a good cause!

Esiinnymme tänään Beat - Paluu elämään –tanssigaalassa Savoy-teatterissa 20.3.2012 klo 19.
Gaalassa kerätyt varat ohjataan aivovammatyön tukemiseen. Tapahtuman tuottaa Suomen Katutanssiliitto.

Liput 25/15€,  puh. 0600 10 800. More info:

Beat - Paluu elämään –tanssigaala on huipputanssijoiden tähdittämä hyväntekeväisyystapahtuma, jossa kerätään varoja Aivovammaliitolle. Tapahtuman keulakuvana toimii Mikael Turtiainen, nuori tanssija ja muusikko, jonka elämä muuttui raitiovaunuonnettomuudessa tulleen vaikean aivovamman myötä. Tanssi on kuitenkin auttanut häntä toipumaan ja kuntoutumaan merkittävästi.

Beat - Paluu elämään –tanssigaala on osittain tehty Mikaelin säveltämään musiikkiin, ja gaalassa kerättyjen varojen avulla toteutetaan myös Mikaelin matka Juste Debout –katutanssikilpailuun Ranskaan.

Tapahtuma televisioidaan ja näytetään YLE TV2:lla pääsiäissunnuntaina 8.4.2012 osana kanavan juhlaohjelmistoa. Kaikki tapahtuman artistit esiintyvät ilman korvausta.

Esiintymässä mm.
Claudia Ketonen
Masi Saurén
Reija Wäre & Dennis Nylund
Sam Vaherlehto
Santis Hettithanthri
Scoo B Doo (USA)
Urban Movements Crew
Will Funk For Food

Monday, 12 March 2012

Juste Debout Steez 2012

Winners for the Juste Debout 2012:

Locking: Markus&A-Train
Hiphop: Ben&Salas
House: Mamson&Babson
Popping: Crazy Kyo&Poppin J
Experimental: Drosha
Top Rock: Samo

Congrats for all the winners!!!

Watch the Finals here:

Veuillez installer Flash Player pour lire la vidéo

Hiphop semifinal: Bruce Blanchard & Junbox vs. Rushball (Maika&Kyoka) (winners)

Veuillez installer Flash Player pour lire la vidéo

Hiphop quarterfinal: Kulture Kids (Shay&Kenzo) vs. Bruce Blanchard & Junbox (winners)

Veuillez installer Flash Player pour lire la vidéo

Popping: Nelson & Franqey (winners) vs. Bruce Ykanji & Gator

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Friday, 9 March 2012

Im not modelling, just casually listening to Selena Gomez

M and Milla aka "The Bambi Twins" were casually modeling for hair&make-up artist Sumi Moreno's and photpgrapher Sampsa Pärnänen's portfolio. You'll see the photo later if it turns out great! We made the outstanding Badass Style chain-polo-neck-lace for the shoot. And big thanks to Timo Lilja for his wild ideas!

Vogue Japan

Have a nice and inspired weekend everyone!
Jourdan Dunn & Daria Strokus, Vogue Japan April 2012 via Things I Like

Vogue March 2012, Bianca Balti via Fashion Odor

Vogue Japan, February 2012 via Living The Knight Life
Vogue Japan, Shala Monroque, December 2011 via Fashion Bomb Daily

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Nick K - Maddness Mixtape Cassette!

Nick K (Clap Dance) has made a true madd mixtape. It's in the form of a ¡CASSETTE!. The casette comes with a mp3 download link (link where you can download the mixtape) and also a link for the tracklist. A mixtape with tracklist is RARE nowadays! And we definately appreciate it!

A-side is future hiphop (years 2010-2012), artists such as A$AP Rocky & Kendrick Lamar etc. It's a really nice combination of smooth tracks and harder beats. It has perfect sounds for relaxing and also nice new sounds for practising. One of my favorite is Meek Mill - House Party. Bottoms up! The last songs from the A-side make you feel like it's summer +30 degrees.

B-side is a mixture of new ghetto club tracks with sounds from moombahton to ghettoish house and more. The Jay-Z & Kanye West - Ni**as in Paris and the remix after that were the one of my favorites from the B-side!

What's really nice is that the mixtape has a lot of new sounds. Of course we want some crowd pleasers like Big Sean's Dance (ASS) but not always the same songs going around (like it feels sometimes with the mixtapes). So it's always a pleasure to hear fresh new music!

The Casette can be bought at Stupido Record Store and you get it as a freebie with purchases over 100€ at bElles - Baskets For Elles Lasipalatsi, CALI Helsinki and Popot Sneaker Store Kluuvi

Nick K Maddness Mixtape with Marika at bElles

You can also listen the mixtape in Soundcloud: