Monday, 30 January 2012

Street Star 2012

We spent last weekend at Street Star in Stockholm with our girls Joanna, Linda, Jenni and Sandra. Flying back and forth and staying in a hotel, ou yeah no more nerve-racking boat trips and hostels lol. Friday was the pre-selection & 1/4 final day. Before heading to the venue we had to enjoy "semlas", that were almost the size of our heads.

Thank God for Semla

Sandra & Linda did a great job at the hip hop pre-selection and got through to the battles. In the 1/4 battle they lost against Niki & Martha. Unfortunately we missed the battle, coz we were doing the waacking pre-selection in the other hall at the same time.. :/

Linda & Sandra hip hop pre-selection

We saw so many inspiring dancers and battles. We just sat there with our jaws hanging.  Most memorable were the Greentech & Devious and SpazM & Baby Bang reunion at the popping finals. WHAAAT some crazy stuff. SpazM just killed it! And just love Greentechs style and his incredible loose legs. Locking final was hot as well. A-train & Marcus (Soul Sweat / Funky 4 Brothers) have taken locking to whole another level. Their musicality and creativity is just admirable.

The house semifinal Daniel & Maele (Sweden) against Shannon and Tony Mcgregor (Dance Fusion) was also super inspiring. Love Shannons unique style and Tonys smooth footwork and finesse jack while doing floorwork. But in this battle Daniel & Maele really were in the zone. They just had it all. Technique, charisma, energy, originality. In our opinion they got robbed big time. Niki & Martha were sharing the love in their hip hop pre-selection. Their energy filled the whole Solna hall, you could fell their each cell in the back row of the audience! There was also a dance school challenge showcase competition. Twisted Feet Dance Academy from Gothenburg won the challenge with their energetic and funny performance where the new generation met the "old generation", meaning that the parents were dancing with their teenage children. And they got swagg. The Saiffa adult students have to see the footage! And just have to mention that the Street Star waacking is cursed with yearly booty crack flash incidents..Just don't understand why she didnt wear underpants?!

As a venue place Solna hall is identical with our Pasila Sportshall. The stage is also lined with these floorball rink fences and the stand is the same. But of course the feeling is different when the hall is literally full of screaming and cheering dancers and audience. I think there wasn't a free seat in the hall. And the nice lighting was also crucial in creating a cozy athmosphere. Just wish that next weekend in Nordic Moves would be as hyped. So all I hope is that Finnish dancers will loudly support each other and that everyone collects a group of friends and family to support in the audience. It's the only way to create a nice atmosphere for dancers to shine and succeed. And there for make a memorable event.

Saturday's afterparty was held at this exhibit which turned in to a sauna after all the dancers packed in! Loved Dj Yugsons playlist at the event and afterparty. Some crazy tracks that blew all the dancers mind. Also porigal sons Elmo, Johannes and Juho were at the spot. And yeah things got a bit hilarious. Hadn't laughed as much in a week! 

Congratz to all the winners.
Locking: Soul Sweat / Funky 4 Brothers (A-train & Markus) (swe)
Popping: SpazM & Baby Bang (swe)
Hiphop: Hugo & Jens (norway)
House: Crazy Alliance (belgium)

Breaking crew: Funk fanatix (russia)
Waacking: Swift (usa)
Voguing: Elena Ninja (russia)
Dance School challenge: Twisted Feet (Gothenburg)

Locking final

Waacking extra round Swift vs King Aus

Dance School Challenge, Twisted Feet Dance Academy

Thanks for all the inspiration! And for Linda, Joanna, Jenni, Sandra, Mikko and Miia for the great company!

"Saturday Hip Hop" at Saiffa

M was judging the "Saturday hip hop" 2vs2 battle at Saiffa - Flow Mo Dance School with Niko Haikala (Natural Hype) and Anniina Jääskeläinen (Urban Apa). 14 pairs took part, 8 going through to the battles. Was so nice to see how many students had got a lot better during the holidays! For examble Viola, just love to see how she enjoyes dance, it just shines on her face! Sini was amazing in the 1/4 final battle, she has this beautiful feminine groove and flow mixed with deep bounce and footwork. And her ground moves were on point! Two girls from Vantaa (sorry but don't remember your names.. :/) impressed me with their nice hip hop vibe. Sandra (from Porvoo) had the best battle attitude of the day, this shy girl turned in to a confident girl who didn't shook even she got some (tacky) battle gestures thrown at her face. Sandra and Jenni won the final against Rosa and Akim. Their groove is just indescribable smooth!

Final Sandra & Yemppa vs. Akim&Rosa

Judge showcase

NORDIC MOVES Vol. 5 , 4-5/2.2012, Helsinki

Nordic Moves vlo.5 is here next weekend. Come and support! Dancers need the energy more than anything!
Info from the facebook page:
2.-3/2 and 5/2 Nordic Moves workshops
3/2  Nordic Moves pre-party, Club Silk
4/2 Juste Debout & Steez Finland 2012 @ Pasilan Urheiluhalli 
4/2 SnowBall @ venue tbc  
5/2 Helsinki Dance Delight Vol. 1 @ Savoy-teatteri 
More info
4.2.2012 @ Pasila Sports Hall (Pasilan Urheiluhalli), 11-20

TOP ROCK: BBOY CARLITO (Pro Phenomen, France)
..................KAPELA (Serial Stepperz, France)
..................ANTOPIO DIMAESTRE (, Finland)

MC: ADL (sweden)


4.2.2012 @ Astoria Hall (Astoria-sali), 22-04
The biggest Vogue ball in Europe.




5.2.2012 @ Savoy Theatre (Savoy-teatteri), 16-21
The most prestigious choregraphy contest for urban dance crews in the world.

BBOY MACHINE (Angel Dust Breakers, Japan)
YAMAN (Pro Phenomen & Wanted Posse, France)
PHYSS (Pro Phenomen, France)
GATOR (Pro Phenomen, France)
BABSON (Serial Stepperz & Wanted Posse, France)
SARA HIRN (Assassins Crew, Finland)


Guest performances by:


3.2.2012 @ Club Silk, 22-04



2.-3.2.2012 and 5.2.2012 @ Dance Center Footlight, Salmisaari

Thursday 2.2.2012
18.00 – 19.30 LOCKING / P.LOCK (FRA)
19.30 – 21.00 HIP HOP / NIAKO (FRA)
21.00 – 22.30 POPPING / KEI (JPN)
21.00 – 22.30 HOUSE / BIG LEAF (USA)

Friday 3.2.2012
16.30 – 18.00 LOCKING / P.LOCK (FRA)
18.00 – 19.30 HIP HOP / NIAKO (FRA)
19.30 – 21.00 POPPING / KEI (JPN)
21.00 – 22.30 HOUSE / BIG LEAF (USA)

Sunday 5.2.2012
10.30 – 12.00 VOGUE FEM / NUNNEY KARMA (USA)

* “Femmology is a style I created for women to learn how to feel sexy classy and confident in a pair of heels while still aware of cleanliness! We’ll work on correct form in stretching standing walking and movement by doing some drills that you can do on your own. It takes a lot to look like a Beyonce or JLo if you don’t know the secrets to being Sexy Classy Confident and Free! By taking Femmology you’ll find it easier to interpret any feminine style in flats or heels!” Danielle Polanco

1-2 classes: 30 € / class
3-4 classes: 25 € / class
5+ classes: 20 € / class

Venue : Dance Center Footlight, Energiakatu 3, 4th floor (Salmisaaren Liikuntakeskus), 00180 Helsinki
SITOVAT ilmoittautumiset / BINDING registration:

Skullcandy winners!

We finally did the draw and M's sister was the official administrator. These names popped out from the hat:

Headphones number 1.

All the winners have been contacted by e-mail. Thanks a lot to all the patricipants for sharing your dance memories. You guys made us smile!

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Badass crew column Miss Mix Issue 2/2012 - Interview with Niki & Martha (Soul Sweat)

We had a pleasure to interview talented Swedish dancers Niki & Martha. Here's the full length interview in english attached with some of their videos. The wonderful photos by Mei-Li Wu, Mei Visions. Enjoy!

Niki & Martha, Soul Sweat crew, Stockholm

These girls are our idols. Martha Nabwire (21) born and raised in Uganda and Ethiopian born Niki Tsappos (27) are the toughest females in the scene at the moment. Their energy and soulful groove have conquered the whole street dance scene. In March 2010 they won the high valued Juste Debout event in Paris and after that they have gained a lot of achievement and prizes. The most inspiring thing about these girls is that you can always feel their love for the dance.
Niki Tsappos (left), Martha Nabwire (right)

What do you love most in dance?
- What I love in dance is that me & dance have a connection that I can honestly say I have never had with anything or anyone. It understands me, makes me feel understood when I'm misunderstood. You could say I'm "in a relationship" with dance. I talk more with my movement than I talk with words. So you could say it has helped me open up more. I love that dance helps me discover myself much more and it also helps me understand people & situations much more and it makes me feel great. No matter what the situation is, I know dance always got my back.

Dance has done a lot for me, I have met so many dancers and non-dancers from different cultures and countries through it, and made wonderful friends through it. For that I am forever greatful! So I can't really say what I love (MOST) about dance because it's just beyond words! I guess I have to dance it maybe for some people to even MAYBE understand...

- I love that it is a form of expression, something natural that has been done for centuries.
Niki Tsappos
As a dancer, what do you think is the most important thing? What would you like to see dancers do more?
- I think the most important thing as a dancer is to be honest! Meaning always be honest with what you are telling me in your dance. I don't just want to see a dance move but I want to FEEL a dance move! Because I feel like dance is just like talking. If I don't feel you or believe what u r saying I will not be convinced..then u might come out dishonest or lying.

So what I'm trying to say is that I want to see dancers really dig down and be honest with me with their dance. There is one thing just trying to "hit the beat" or whatever people call it. It might turn out nice but if you don't put a feeling on to that and be honest with feeling for me it's just like "oh no.." I don't say that to judge anyone but it's just what I feel when I see someone faking it. I just feel kinda sorry because rather you come in and dance and express yourself, than coming 0 impress..because that's when it really goes wrong.

So the most important thing for me is to always be honest with whatever you are potraying, if it's heavy or light just be HONEST in your dance and movements. Don't try to dance like everyone else, dance like YOU! Because dancers or non dancers that are just themselves, I think are the most interesting individuals.


- Be true to yourself! Dance from the heart.
Martha Nabwire
What has been most challenging in dance? 
- Wow. I would say the one of the biggest challenge for me was when me & Niki did Juste Debout 2010. It was so crazy because I remember in 2008 when a friend showed me one of the JD dvd from 2006.. and I was like "wow!!! these must be some of the best (hiphop) dancers I've ever seen". So I dreamed that one day I will be on that stage but I didn't think it would happen after 2 years haha.. so it was really challenging  & felt kind of unreal dance against really good dancers from all over the world...very nerveous haha and in the end taking home the title. woohoo :)

But that doesn't mean the challenges were finished. Life itself is a challenge but we just have to keep on going and stay strong because facing challenges does make you stronger if you are willing to face it. And that is something I'm also trying to do...face it.

- Hmm...a big challenge is not to let your own or others insecurity affect you.

What do you do when insecurity hits you?
- When insecurty hits me I get up again haha..but of course there are times when it hits you really hard that you don't even have the strength to get up or u don't know what to do. What I do is I always talk to those people that I hold dearly because I know there's always a good advice. But most importantly I always go back to my Family...because I'm always around dancers and events, and going to country after country (which is great)...but sometimes a lot of that takes a lot energy...and being away from my family.

So whenever I feel insecure I either go back to Uganda for a while or my mums. She & my country(home) is the best medicine I would say. Just being around her or talking on phone gives me a lot of positive energy and selfconfidence and I don't even think she knows it..and just being around the neighborhood I grew up and around my cousins and's just something that gives me a lot of strength. After all, there is nothing like family. So that reminds me the reason why I'm dancing! Getting away from the same things or people for a while really helps a lot. Everybody need it sometimes I think.

- When I feel insecure I jam with Martha! Or try to do something that makes me play full, then I can enjoy my dance more and have fun with it.

I still feel nervous before shows or battles. I like it, it gives me a rush and reminds me how meaningful this dance is to me.

Something that has inspired you lately. Basicly anything.
- There is always inspiration everywhere and anytime, we just have to be open to recieve it.
First & foremost - Biggest Inspiration ever is My Mother. She is not a dancer no,no.. haha but for me she IS my dance itself! Learn a lot from just watching her. And to be honest I don't usually get most of my inspiration from dancers, it has nothing to do with dancers, it's far beyond that.

Secondly my home Uganda. Always inspire me in ways that I can't describe...I will have to write a whole book about that haha because it's a lot from just that place & the whole Africa of course.

Also something that has inspired me lately: Buddhism.

When it comes to Dancers that have inspired lately I would say:
- my friend Khoudia. When she dances it's just indescribable! Her aura is just beautiful!
Batalla & Majid Kessab, 2 hiphop dancers from Germany! wow
Bruce Blanchard from Belgium - His movement and him. Just Flawless!
- Hiro house dancer from Japan - inspired me to work harder, that man NEVER sleeps! and he is such a beautiful dancer!
- Whole Krump movement right now!

But like I said inspiration is around us ALL the time, we just have to open our eyes and really see it. The universe, a chair, a bird, anything & everything is inspiration :) But that is what I think :)

- Cuba has been a nice inspiration for about a year now, can't get enough!

A trailer of the upcoming document "Dear Dance...":

Martha & Niki " Take Two", Funkin' Stylez in Dusseldorf, Germany

Juste Debout 2010: Niki&Martha vs. Criminalz Crew

Monday, 23 January 2012

bElles Pop Up Store, 23.1.-29.1.2012

bElles - Baskets For Elles has a Pop Up Store at Lasipalatsi/Akkuna (right opposite Forum, between Ibero and Kanniston leipomo. A lot of sneakers and stuff for a good price. Pop by and say hi!
Poola Kataryna Jewellery and 101 Boards

KaksiTvå, Tero Kuitunen "Diamond necklace" and our Badass Style
Cutie hats for infants by Jenni J.J

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Skullcandy draw / Skullcandy arvonta

(In Finnish below)

We draw 3 different Skullcandy earphones. All you have to do is tell us your "memorable dance moment" (you don't have to be a dancer to participate). And choose the headphones that you would like to have. And this is how it works: Write your brief answer in the comment box, the number of the earphones that you wish to win, and your e-mail address in case you win. The draw ends at the 25th of January 2012. Winners will be notified personally.

My first dance performance at the Dance Action competition, 2, mattimeikälä

. . . . . 

Arvomme kolme kappaletta Skullcandy kuulokkeita. Osallistu arvontaan kertomalla meille lyhyesti ikimuistoisesta tanssihetkestäsi (sinun ei tarvitse olla tanssija jotta voit osallistua). Esim. ensimmäinen esiintyminen tai kun tanssit hitaita koulun discossa. Ja valitse mitkä kuulokkeet haluaisit voittaa. Toimi siis näin: kirjoita kommenttiboxiin vastauksesi, kuulokkeen numero, ja oma sähköposti osoite, jotta tavoitamme sinut jos voitat. Arvonta päätty 25.1.2012. Voittajille ilmoitetaan henkilökohtaisesti.

Ensimmäinen esiintymiseni Dance Action kilpailussa, 2, mattimeikälä

All the earphones are brand new (used once in a photoshoot). Kaikki kuulokkeet ovat uusia ja käyttämättömiä (käytetty kerran kuvauksissa).

1. Skullcandy GI - Gridlock (value 79.95€)

2. Skullcandy Lowrider - Electric Animal (value 44.95€)

3. Skullcandy Lowrider - Shoe Red (value 44.95€)

DanceAlive 2012 footage

As you might know we were keeping dance alive at Jyväskylä last Saturday, but was nice to see that people were keeping it alive in Helsinki at the same time.

Whoaa!! Saka fam is just off the chain. Love everyones character. And Maria is just incredible!

These two got the swag and it's pumping out their ovaries. Ama is so divine!! Just can't get my eyes off of her!

Cypherholics showing their talent. One of the best sets I've seen from Sami!

Check more videos from Dance Alive 2012 from Tanssivideot youtube channel.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Kiasma 5th floor

Our friend Jani-Matti Salo has an exhibition at Kiasma.
Via Vimeo:
Kiasma 5th Floor is a sound and light installation created by Kiasma Theatre’s sound designer Timo Muurinen and light designer Jani-Matti Salo. The installation is a study of how the experience of space is affected by materials, sounds and the spectator's movements. The work was inspired by the idea of a dialogue between light and space by Kiasma’s designer, architect Steven Holl. According to Holl, space without light is oblivion. A layout of Kiasma is projected on a wall. A cursor moves over the picture, changing the lighting and soundscape in the gallery.

5th Floor / 4 screens from Jani-Matti Salo on Vimeo.

5th Floor from Jani-Matti Salo on Vimeo.

Battle For Middle Earth III Party Report!

Last weekend was time to battle the last battles in the Middle Earth. Battle fot the Middle-Earth trilogys last event took part in Jyväskylä on Saturday. And the story goes..

Thanks for the video editor who apparently skipped the afterparty and the afterafter's to editing this one! 

Battle For Middle Earth III - 14.01.2012 from Adelphos on Vimeo.

We took part in the "Fantasy through the ages" -theme showcase competiton. And we were Disney princesses, of cource! And like the rules said: outfits / accessories are recommended if not mandatory. So we sewed our magnificent costumes by our selves, except K who got lucky and found the perfect "The Sleeping Beauty" outfit from H&M kids department. So if you need program to your wedding, Bar Mitsva, babtisms etc. You know who to contact. Like Aleksi said "Now I don't have to go to Disneyland!". Heres the crew called: Never Been Kissed, with their performance: Sinä jonka kanssa katseemme kohtasivat Pihtiputaan Pirtillä. And like Tero was asking: This is Jazz-dance!

Never Been Kissed showcase

There were also 3 other great performances.  Arttu aka Austin Powers & Niklas aka Uuno Turhapuro. Tuomo, Veera, Olli, Annina and Elias Dunkel had a show where Hulk, Jack Sparrow, Darth Vader, Draco Malfoy and Legolas battled each other. Their music was skillfully edited with all effcts and stuff.  But The Four Fantasy Studs (Elmo, Joni, Antero and Okko) won the title with their sex-packed performance. Like Elias said: "No wonder that the fantasy studs won, coz after looking it from the video I also got turned on off my own dancing." Here's the winner crew.

The White Wizard (Antti Uiski) vs WitchKing (Ivan)

Check more BFME3 videos from Antedecentfuls youtube channel.

Dj'a I-Spin and Arttu

Brothers Uimonen
The organizer male model Slyrre Äs straight from the cat walk.
The party was on fire even though most of the bboys shone with their missing presence. Or maybe that's why. LOL just kidding. Just have to wonder why Kisahalli is always backed with bboys but when there's an event you don't see them near by. Like Slyrre Äs verbalized aka rapalized it: " fake bboys, they always act hard... but won't leave kehä 3 without their bodyguard!" And then the situation turned out to be that M and K compensated for the missing ones by b-girling in the cyphers. K even did a Windmill!! Is there anything more hip hoppish than "The Sleeping Beauty" with Air Jordans.

After the event we went to enjoy some Thai food and started the afterparty at our Omena Hotel room. Some grinding music and showing off our boobs alternately, that basic stuff. Then to Shaker where K grinding destroyed E. Dunkel (SaCariis vicarious sufferer). The music was hot, all my favourites from Destiny's Child's Soldier to can't remember. I think the K's BFME3 Rap depute also played through them speakers. An exciting meeting at the ladies room, crazy happy hour from 01-02.30 (yes what a brilliant idea!), and M &SlyrreÄs spilled Sannas drink to her lap aka boobs. And M went to apologise to her like 1000 times and at the same time grabbing her boobs. Lol all those good ingredients for a good party. I haven't laughed as much for ages!!

The next morning was time to get the day started with Golden RAX Pizza Buffet. Priceless!! While waiting for our driver to drive us back home we killed time at Damascos (?!) terrace inside a shopping center. M also found her long lost cash money from her bra. We we searching for that money all morning, but had forgot that thats where she kept her money at the afterparty. And finally back to home sweet home and The Vampire Diaries! Life's good!!

Blonds have more fun at Omena Hotelli

Ariel and Jasmin

Thanks to Organizers, Slyrre and Ilari, Our princesses Linda, Ramona, Joanna, Jenni and Sanna: Olli, Veera, Elmo, Johannes Paahto, Juho, E. Dunkel, Kyllöset Aleksi and Antti, Erja, Mc Uiski, Tipa Tipsy, Samuli Smuli, Tero, Antero, Sanni and everyone who I forgot to mention. Love you all! Thanks for making our weekend perfect!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Kefton vs Ben | Final Battle Ghetto Style Fusion Concept

This battle is hot, both are crazy but BEN is from another galaxy!!! Just kept looking this over and over again!

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Reck N Shop

All time inspiration! <3

Monday, 9 January 2012

Battle for Middle-Earth III RAP!

You know what time it is! Battle For Middle Earth part.3 is on next weekend at Jyväskylä. And what is a party without a magnificent party RAP! And here's a proof of MC K's rapping skills, her RAP debute on tape!! Other mc's: Slyrre Äs, AROKALYPSE, Tuomo Tapanila, MC Uiski, TuhoJuho. M and KingisJäbä SaCaarii where the hype girl and guy.


SAIFFA - Flow Mo Dance School, Spring 2012 schedule

Saiffa's spring 2012 starts 16th of January. Remember to sign up. Check the schedule below. More info: Remember also the free classes this Thursday and Friday!!

Thursday 12th Free classes:
17:00-17:30 Locking Perusteet (Jenny)
17:30-18:00 Popping perusteet (Jenny)
18.00-18.30 Junnu Break (Johannes)
18:30-19:00 Break Perusteet (Jussi)
19:00-19:30 Hip Hop Perusteet (Marika)
19.30-20:00 Hip Hop 20v (Marika)

Friday 13th Free classes:
17.30-18.00 Break Perusteet (Mikko)
18.00-18.30 Locking Perusteet (Jenny)
18.30-19.00 Popping Perusteet (Jenny)
19.00-19.30 House Perusteet (Linda)

Saturday, 7 January 2012

FREESTYLE The Beginning of the End

Last night was so wonderful. Celebrating SaCariiis birthday. Whoa we have so talented friends! Seeing everyone get down, the interpretation, the feeling, the style. But guess everybody doesn't appreciate it, yeah more about that later.. Inspiration of the day! Enjoy!

Friday, 6 January 2012

Selling stuff at Valtteri Sunday 8.1.2012

We're selling our property on Sunday 8th January at Valtteri. So if you are around and interested to get some clothes, sneakers, heels, jewellery etc. come and check them out! It will be cheap!

Finland icehockey shirt

Once again had the feeling that I don't have anything cool to wear, so just couldn't resist making this on the element moment. An old and ugly Ice hockey shirt got a new life. Finland representing!!



Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year's Eve

Happy New Year everybody! 2012 is here! New Year's Eve ment partying with old and new friends. Jussi and AT have a new apartment so they organized a housewarming party at the same time. Woah, the apartment was too nice! We have decided to move our asses to a new apartment and that night made the decision even easier. So if anyone knows nice 2-3 room apartment at Kallio area we would be interested (nice and neat floor, high sealing and good wardrobes WANTED)! We also did a gig around 22.30 at Apollo's New Year's party, and then runned back to the party. At midnight we went to see the fireworks at Torkkelinmäki.

OMG aka Olli took off to Thailand for a holiday and came back as Nate Dogg aka Sean Paul. Eh, true rapper pose. He looks like he's been photoshopped to the pictures afterwards cause of the exact same facial expression on every photo. True rap life!

On the 1st was time for our traditional Disney movie maraton. Lady Tramp, Snow White and the seven dwarfs, The Lion King (Best of the best!!), The Jungle Book, The sleeping beauty. Unfortunately Dumbo didn't work, and The little mermaid was some kind of sequel. Just hate those!! And cherry on top the Vampires Diary!! Whoa what plot twists!

Meno of the day was: smoked salmon omelette, bacon, blueberry quark, kiwi, banana, orange, pizza, roasted garlic chips, salt and vinegar chips, pick & mix, mince pies (thanks to Linda!), El Maco jr. plus meal with chocolate sunday, chips and some more candy and chips! Good way to start aiming to our New Year's promise that we made with A.T and Ramona: simply skinny and best!! LOL

Depressed after discovering that The Little Mermaid was fake..

Saturday HIP HOP @ Saiffa 21.2.2012

Info from the Facebook page:

Saturday HIP HOP @ Saiffa
21.1.2012  - 12:00-15:30

- 2VS2 Hip Hop styles competition open for everyone who wants to enter.
- Free jammin and cyphers!

- Niko Haikala (Natural Hype , FIN)

Mercy One (Flow Mo)

Price for winner: total of 50€ cash plus Aerial 7 headphones for both winners!!!
Come to the spot and have fun in the competition as well as the cyphers!
Doors open at 12:00.
Sign up: 12-12:30 and the qualification round will start at 12:30!
All the competitors will go through an elimination round where the qualified dancers go to the battle rounds until we have a winner.

Entry/entering fee for the competition: 5€/person
Everyone come to the spot and represent!

See you at Saiffa!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

DANCEALIVE 2012 @ KORJAAMO, 14th January 2012

Info from the facebook page: presents: DANCEALIVE 2012

Luvassa on jälleen maaginen tanssi-ilta, joka esittelee uusia tuulahduksia streetdancen ja shown kentältä, paikkana upea Korjaamon vaunusali. Dancealive 2012 on kaikenikäisille suunnattu tapahtuma, jossa voit kokeilla myös itse kokeilla tanssitunteja, katsoa huikeita tanssiesityksiä, sekä nauttia uudesta urbaanista musiikista.

Paikka: Kulttuuritehdas Korjaamo
Aika: Klo 17-21
Hinta: 6e

Klo 17-18 Stadin suurin hiphop-tunti! Kaikille avoin streetdancetunti.
Klo 18-19 DJ DPSoul
Klo 19-20 DANCEALIVE, jossa mukana ehdottomia huippuja kotimaisen tanssin kentältä. Mukana mm.

• Mandi & Sara
Show-tanssin SM-kultamitalistit vuodelta 2011
• Taimaz & Milad
Juste Debout Finland hopeamitalistit
• Eve & Ama (IVogueU)
Monista kilpailuvoitoista tuttu Voguekaksikko
• oma Dancehall erikoiskoulutusryhmä
• House of Queenz
Dancehallin ja fuusiotyylien karisma
• Cypherholics
Uusi Helsinkiläinen tanssiryhmä, joka tekee paljon töitä paikallisen tanssikulttuurin parissa
• SakaFam
Räjähtävän Krump-tanssin Helsinkiläinen pioneeriryhmä
• Siéva Show Production
Kotimaisen Siéva-tanssin produktio
• Still Going Wrong
Monissa tapahtumissa mukana ollut Hiphop-pienryhmä.
• Showcase crew battles and more!

HUOM! Tapahtuman jälkeen Korjaamolla alkaa Helsingin suurin Salsa party, La Fresquita. Tämän tapahtuman infot löydät täältä:

Monday, 2 January 2012

Erykah Badu Tribute to Diana Ross

Always loved this song. And performed by Erykah Badu, I just got goosebumps! Happy New Year All you lovely people!!