Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everybody!! Here's a photo of a Moomin Gingerbread House that M and her sister did for a Christmas on 199X?!

And Season's Greetings from Will Funk For Food who have a new member Lockout!!

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Miss Mix column 9/2012 // Josua & Julius

Multitalented twins Josua & Julius
These boys just keep on amazing us with their presence, skills and style every single time. They've been M's dance students since they were 9 or 10 years old. On July we took them to Ihana cafe at Kalasatama, and sat down to talk about dance and their other interests. They're only 14 but the way they think about dance is so similar to how we see it and think about it; the reason we do it, all the satisfaction and good feeling that we get out of is but also all the ups and downs, mixed feelings that sometimes come with it. These guys really live and feel the dance culture and everything they do.

Josua and Julius practise mainly hip hop and house too. Freestyle sessions at M's class are very inspiring. The way they adapt instructions and overcome them selves. They always leave my jaw hanging. Josua, Julius and Viola (Rare Purple) won all originals represent -competition by adidas originals and basso with this video. The video is by Anetta Lukjanova. They won a poster photo shoot with Nina Merikallio. 

Josua and Julius have a fresh style in clothing, they do clothes and jewellery and manage to make amazing fleamarket findings. And as if this ain't enough they also do music as Jkabo.

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Saiffa's Christmas Jam feat. Hip Hop 1VS1

I've been so happy to be teaching at Saiffa. No stress and fuss about yearly spring and Christmas shows. Just pure dancing and jamming. But this time I prepared a small Christmas showcase for my students. I was so prowd of my self, because we did the showcase on the last class!! Here's Josua, Julius, Viola, Pia, Cris and Silva with the choreo and freestyle showcase!

There was also a hip hop 1vs1 battle. Sami won the battle, he did some nice solos, really stuff out of the box. Natalia's preselection round was the best part for me. I was positively surprised on how calmn and groovy she was. And that she had the courage to pull off floor stuff, really on point!

Hip hop final Sami vs Hozan

Miss Judges Lilli, Sandra and M...

...and their judges showcase

Friday, 21 December 2012

Miss Mix 8/2012 - column // Tribe NYC

Tribe NYC 
We interviewed a group called Tribe NYC who caught our attention with their funky style.

1. What is Tribe NYC?
Tribe NYC is a movement of fashion and music. We are a collection of artist that specialize in fashion, music, photography, dance, and graphic design. We also enjoy embracing the 80s/90s hip hop culture.


2. How did it all started and when?

We started about 4 years ago and continued to grow and develop our team to the point that we are at today. It all started because of the Internet, we were able to hear about one another online and then we decided that we should get together and make a movement out of this. 4 years later it's great to see that we are all still family after the growth of the group.

3. How many people are in the group?
Wow its hard to count them all because The Tribe is a worldwide movement. We have chapters on Canada, Miami, Chicago and we even are beginning a chapter in South Africa. Of course this all started with the NYC chapter but its way bigger than we ever imagined it would be, and for that we are proud.

4. What do you do together?
We are a family so we do what most families do, we hang out, have fun and support one another. We are amazed that this family has so much talent that we are able to use each persons skill set to benefit another in the Tribe. Not many groups have the opportunity to have everything they need in their inner circle, we are lucky to have such a network.

5. Where you get the dope, fresh clothes from?
Lol thank you for the compliment, we shop all over the city and even other states. We like to shop at thrift stores not only for the vintage wear that dates back to our time of fashion, but also because our style is relativity inexpensive. Not many people value vintage wear in today's era, because of that we are able to stand a low price.

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Lover's Rock Helsinki 2012 // Bonnie&Clyde 2vs2 all styles

Flow Mo crew organized a hoooot pre-party for their 10 year Anniversary last June at Club Playground. They had dj’s Illiterate & @Large (Lovers’ Rock USA) and Skeme Richards (Session 31, USA) spin party loverocking tunes. Haven't been that proud of us Finnish folks in a while, damn everyone were getting down!

The best dressed couple was awarded, K and Elmonator won the prize with their Viking Line/Titanic style! There was also a Bonnie&Clyde 2vs2 all styles battle. Gipsy couple M and Slyrre Äs won that category! Well definitely not the best sets of our lifetime, but the attitude and feeling, and the crowd were more than 10+! Haha it's so much fun just to watch and hear everybody's reactions. Some are like hmm I don't really know about this.. And some are like WHOOAA JEEAH!! And that one girl that was screaming through all the footage at really random points?! Sounds rather disturbed. And by the way don't look at M's crotch. We couldn't focus on anything else. It's not her loose boxer shorts that seem to come out. The pants had cracked from the crotch and we had to fix them, unfortunately couldn't find purple denim.. Maybe just have to give up wearing those..

Final: M & SlyrreÄs vs K & Elmonator. Probably the best ever start for a battle, my favorite is the zoom in at 0:42! And the routines by K's and Elmo's!

Semifinal: K & Elmonator vs Jeniwai & Fabianski is just age limit 18 stuff... Some of the best parts are Fabianskis entrance at 0:49. And K's nasty ass grindwaacking.

Semifinal M&SlyrreÄs vs Sandra&Uiski

Gipsy M & SlyrreÄs showcase round

All the photos are by Samuli Ronkanen. Check all the photos from the Lover's Rock party here.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Yona styling at MeNaiset

Last May we got to style Yona for an interview for MeNaiset magazine. The idea was to style her on second hand clothes, so the interview took place at FIDA headquarters.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Flow Mo 10 Year Anniversary 2011 party

This party was on June 2011.. Once again Flow Mo didn't let us down with their parties. And a few representative pics.

Henkka Hoo Hoo took a well deserved victory on the No Holding Back 1vs1 battle!!

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Nick K - Maddness Mixtape II Cassette

Get to know your local malemodelly dj Nick K and take part on the Maddness Mixtape II Casette draw. 

Madnes Mixtape II cassette draw!! 
We giveaway 2 casettes. Here's how you participate: Write your favorite song of the moment on the comment box. And remember to write your e-mail address as well. The draw ends on Friday 19th of December at 24.00. 

1. How did you end up djing?

I started DJing in 2009 when I took a conscious risk and bought all my DJ equipment at once: vinyl players, a mixer, laptop and so on. A risk because I wasn't sure would I really be using the equipment in the end/would I continue DJing after a while. Now afterwards I can say it’s been the best investment ever!

Shortly after I went to a DJ course at the Harju youth center (I highly recommend the course to everyone!) on Aleksis Kiven katu 1-3 (Thursdays 1800-2100) and it gave me even more of a spark towards DJing. I met my good pal Kimi there and together we started running a night called Clap Dance. Little by little it turned out to be the name of our DJ collective as well.

I think we've managed to accomplish quite a lot as DJs in a relatively short time but it’s been behind a huge amount of work. Highlights include warming up for Diplo (US) at Nokia Factory, playing at Flow Festival and Turku Modern last summer and the XmiX I did for DJ Orions show on YleX.

2. Describe your style as a dj.

I’m quite a versatile DJ in a sense that I play a lot of genres. As Nick K I concentrate mainly on new club music such as trap, moombahton and ghetto house sounds rich in bass. I also play a type of new rap which I prefer to call future hip hop. The Clap Dance parties and clubs we visit as a DJ collective lean more towards classic hip hop, rnb, funk and disco but with a very party oriented vibe.

3. What inspired you on this cassette?

I got a lot of good feedback regarding the first Maddness Mixtape cassette. This gave me a feeling that I’d like to make a new one sometime in the future. Not until a couple of months back did I really start planning a new release as suddenly in short time a couple of people asked me “when is a new tape due!?”.

4. Tell us your best memory in dance?

I love deep house! I play it very seldom as a DJ but out of the dance styles house is closest to my heart. Of course I like a lot of styles music and dance wise like I said earlier but there’s something about house music that makes me feel different in a very good way!

One very exciting memory related to dance is when I participated in my first battle. The battle was at Saiffa Dance School. When I got in front of the dance school I was ready to head back home ASAP! I was so nervous. Luckily I met one of my friends in line and he motivated me to stay. So I get into the dance school, register, the battle starts with a big crowd cheering and around the first minutes I realize it’s an all styles battle not house.. So of course I’m dying as I’m waiting for my turn because the only style I know is a bit of house. Well in the end it went all fine as I got a good track. I was so happy I had done it and participated in a battle for the first time!

We we’re on a bElles tour with Kimi which Kaisa and Marika arraigned in partner with bElles and it was an awesome couple of months! We hadn't really played at battles before that although we had been checking out events earlier. Thus the experience was even greater! We saw dancers from different cities and got a glimpse of the local scenes there. A big thanks to you two!

5. Do you enjoy it here in Helsinki?

I’m half Irish, half Finnish. I've traveled a lot and spent a considerable amount of time in the states. I have a kind of a global soul – I feel like I have no one home. So Finland doesn't need to be THE place for me. Helsinki is very nice but it’s small. I’m more of a big city guy. What I like is that the country is modern and liberal but bigger places might provide better opportunities.

Casette A-side: 

Casette B-side:

Buy the mix tape from stupido web store.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Flow Festival 2012, Karri Koira at Open Source Stage

We hit the Flow Festival 2012 Open Source Stage with Karri Koira. Such a HUGE audience and such a small stage! The vibe was high, the audience was crazy and our dancing turned more or less into a crazy jumping session! Thank you Karri, Ruudolf, Palmunen, Heikki Kuula, Suvi, Andrei, Klaus and everybody involved, we had a blast!! And our girls for being in the audience!!

photo Klaus Elfving

photo: Klaus Elfving
photo: Klaus Elfving

photo: Klaus Elfving

photo: Klaus Elfving

photo: Klaus Elfving

Flow Festival 2012

It was our first all 3 days Flow Festival. So much to see and hear. Love the fact that the festival people had really put a thought on what to wear, people were more over the top than usually. Everyone were looking their best, dressed to impress. Just wish that people would be more creative the rest 349 days of the year.
Festival girls Jenni, Sandra, Patisse, M, Linda, Sanna, Sumi and K

On Friday we checked Asap Rocky. And AraabMuzic, we were staring at his hand in a trans!


Saturday started perfect by watching our lovely Linda Ilves who was singing with Trevor Deep Junior. It was one of my favorites of the whole weekend! So soulful and effortless. Too bad the performed so early in the afternoon that there weren't a lot of audience yet. Luckily we got it on tape.
Watch all the videos from:

Linda Ilves with Trevor Deep Junior
cute Beverly Girls
Sanna, Sumi, K and M

We also performed with Karri Koira at 20. But more about that later on..

The closer the evening got we were tuned more and more in the party mode. Destos gig was great and every single one of us we were in the ZONE. We danced like crazy. M had made a decision to do only vogueing during the night. My favorite was the gun hand vogue set, pricelesss!!! Linda was just smooth as lotion. And K with her crazy footwork. After dancing for hours, we headed to Pizza Service, and then to party some more a Joannas crib. And then people started to fall asleep.

On Sunday we were tired. Every muscle in our body were sore from all the dancing last evening. We went to see Dam-Funk which was nice. And Björk crowned the night with her adorable essence.

Is it UFO or Dam Funk?! M with Clap Dance

Thursday, 29 November 2012

SADE at Kallio Block Party 2012

The last warm day of summer (one of the three). SADE Festival was part of Kallio Block Party. Vaasankatu was full of life, music, dancing people and sun. Skits-O-Flex and Boom Boom bgirls performed their showcases. The competition concept was Hip Hop 7 to smoke. Oscar smoked all seven (including us, Hozan, Akim, Sami, Mohammed, Julius) with his unique and captivating groove. Whooa he was on fire!! Here's the footage and some pictures.

Hip hop 7 to smoke part 1. Blogger didn't let me embed the other part (!!!) so check it from here:

And in the evening we celebrated the last night of summer with Jeniwai by wearing our fine summer dresses! Which you can't even see from these pictures.

Disco Dislocated

We have to tell you about our party Wednesday someday on July.

The party started in a Tourist Bus, that drove around Helsinki for a few hours...

...and continued in the boat called Katariina... Is there anything better than to sail some where near Suomenlinna,  stand on the deck in the middle of the night and stare at Helsinki's silhouette and lights, while listening to great djs playing great music? How romantique!

..and after the boat party we just had to continue at Suola were Ruudolf and Karri Koira were playing us some grinding music. The place was crowded!!