Monday, 26 December 2011

Die Hard Animals vs. Universal Street

Finally some footage from Funkin' Stylez. Here's our crew against Universal Street (France/Nederlands). Whoa!! Good time's!

Funkin' Stylez 2011 - World Team Battle - Die Hard Animals vs. Universal Street from Dance Unity on Vimeo.

Lepuski Jam vol.2

Some footage from Lepuski Jam vol.2 (19.11.2011)

K waacking it out at 6.33->

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Sunday, 18 December 2011

It's a celebration!!

My parents had their 25th anniversary so we celebrated it with a fancy dinner at Kämp Signe. Had some fine wine and a fine 3 dish dinner full of wild herbs to bring a wonderful flavor. Actually it was a 6 dish dinner, because the kitchen decided to treat us well with their goodies. So got to taste Jerusalem artichokes, pine, angelica and oyster's that I hadn't eaten before. Even got some pollen collected by bees! And of course got to dress up!

SAIFFA's Christmas Jam

Time flies! The fall season is already over. Fells like I had just started teaching the new and old groups at SAIFFA. But a long holiday is very welcome though!! SAIFFA's Christmas Jam was warm and welcoming. B-boying/B-girling students showed off their skills, and there were also hot cyphers where locking, popping and hip hop student's and other jammers got down. Hip hop adults from Mondays class also did a performance to Step by step by New Kids On The Block, couldn't get that tune out of my head.

After the Jam I subbed Jenny's popping class. We kept the party going on doing party steps and then a Soul Train line at the end. Nice way to end the season. Here's some Soul Train footage. Santa getting crazy at 0:57!!

When all the duties were over was time for some quality chillaxtion time at the SAIFFA lounge. The boys ordered pizza. Everyone was just laying at the cough or at the floor looking multi energetic, HUUH was time to start the holiday!! SAIFFA boys had booked Hotel President's sauna for the evening. Good company, sauna and a swimming pool with disco lights, couldn't ask for anything more! We were wise and brought our bikini, but the others had to loan some hot and tropical swimming pants from the hotel. Have to admit that I have newer seen as white and hot man in a row! Hatsolo looked like Tarzan, only the liana was missing. Yes we have some photo material, but yes is a bit too nasty to your eyes!

After bathing for 2 hours was time to set the dance floor on fire. We went to Motellet, where this guy called Olli was playing really good music. K was rapping, so nothing new. Hahah I think this time (like every time) she made some permanent damage. Our journey home started from McDonald's. It was packed with people. M was looking around and noticed that everyone there had a black jacket. So she was like: "everyone here has a black jacket, she, he, he, he, she, she, she, he, she..... (and pointing at everybody) except me!!" And that went on like three times. So Sanna, who was on the phone with her boyfriend from Egypt, told him not to take a black jacket with him when he comes to Finland. But yeah, have nothing against black jackets. Wish I had one too, would be a lot more practical. Then to the night buss and home. But Sanna and K also grabbed some extra fries on the way. Living large and not dying skinny!

The next day is a whole another story..

Thank you SAIFFA: Jussi, Johannes, Olli and Mikko!! And thanks to Sanna, Sakari, Antti, A.T, Ramoona and Anniina for a lovely company!! And a big thanks to everyone involved during the SAIFFA's spring 2011!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Monki & Weekday Sales event

On Thursday I went to Monki & Weekday's sales event to check if I could find something nice for us two and maybe some presents for my sister and friends. All the old season pieces for a good price. I had a lot of new and cute stuff to bring home!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Mighty Ducks!!

K's long hunt is over. Because she finally found the dream Mighty Ducks jacket from Valtteri flea market, that she has been searching for ages.

Living that RAP life!

These colour rich African style bracelets match with everything! I found them from bElles.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Baskets For Elles Ystävämyynti 17.12.2011

Saturday 17th December from 11:00 - 18:00.
A lot of sneakers and stuff for a good price. A good chance to do some Christmas shopping! Or just come to hang out and eat some Christmas cookies!
More info in Facebook. 

Mannerheimintie 22-24
00100 Helsinki
+358 45 121 3376

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

My Rap Idol: Khaliyl Iloyi

This video have made so many people happy during the last two weeks, he's my rap mentor:

Die Hard Animals in Dusseldorf Funkin' Stylez 2011

Weekend in Funkin' Stylez with Jeniwai, Linda, Slyrre Äs and Akim aka Mika was just hilarious. Friday was the pre-selection day. K, Linda and Jeniwai did a great job at the hip hop, house and popping. And K fought her way to the battles out of 140 participants. Here's her pre-selection rounds.

On Saturday was the solo battles aka Only The Strong. The concept was to pick your opponent. K battled against Banzay from Russia and M was againts Majid (Germany). Akim the Alpha Extreme got to the semifinals in locking, but lost to Sugar Ray who won the whole battle. But in my opinion the battle was tight, Akim did a great job and showed much more variations in locking technique. The hip hop battle final was intence!!! Majid vs Batalla, both representing Germany. We love Majid's raw originality and expression. Just couldn't decide which one we liked more.

Congratz to all the winners:
Hip hop: Batalla (Germany)
Popping: Madoka (Japan)
Locking: Sugar Ray (Germany)
House: Mamson (France)
Me Against The Music: L-Cubano (Germany)
Vogue: Karina Ninja
World Team Battle: Team Tokio

Me against the music final, our favourite was Bruce!! Damn he's dynamic and powerfull when he moves!

On Sunday was the World Team Battle. To be honest the concept was a bit weird. First we were against Fusion Art Crew from Germany and we lost. But even we lost we got to battle again. Then we were against the French team aka Universal Crew (Kefton, Nelson, Just Do It, Frankwa, Willow). We were really happy to be against them and got a lot of extra energy out of it. We decided not to let them get it easy!

But the best part is naturally the after party!! K has been in a non-stop rap mood for the past two weeks. It all started in the end of November on a freestyle rap birthday, where all the quests had to rap. So we lost our rapping virginity then. And oh boy has it been on since then. K was on fire rapping in Finnish, English, German, Swedish and even in Japanese. Hiro from Tokio just went crazy when K rapped "sakana, sakana, sakana, otskade, otskade - samadesta!!". He was just literally kissing the ground where K was standing.Was nice to dance with old and new friends. Had a nice jam session with Nedda, Roche and Jeremy from Amsterdam. Nikolas spinned K so fast that her knee got dislocated (again).. But after that K still whaaacked and battled this one guy (don't even know his name, but guess he was from Belgium or France) for like 40 minutes. And at the end she whaacked and rapped at the same time. Sooo pricelesss!!

When the trip started we were like "now we gonna take a lot of pictures!!". Yes so we only ended up taking this one picture from the last night's after party. But yeah it pretty much sums it up. But too bad that Linda is missing. And then there is this dude that im trying to cut out of the picture.

And just couldn't leave the country without these Pointers Farai goodies. Im sure that they will keep my toes happy and warm!

Saiffan Joulujamit / Saiffa Christmas jam! 16.12.2011

Saiffa's students gather together for the last time before Christmas holidays. So there we be a lot of jammin', some showcases, good music and company. All the students, friends, parents and others are welcome! Our friend Mikko will also be selling his custom painted sunglasses and stuff, so take some cash with you!
More info check facebook:

Monday, 12 December 2011

09 Helsinki Human Rights crew showcase

09HHR crew (Linda, Sandra, Antti, Jimi, Tuomas, Sakari, Roza, Aden, Sari and Junious Brickhouse) sharing their vibe at The Jam at the Kontula youth center.

All I want is you

Sweeeet!! But still can't stand J. Cole though..

Sunday, 11 December 2011

DC Hiawatha Village

I got these cute DC shoes for the winter. But you know me, can't wear a thing without some tuning. So I just had to add some extra Hiawatha flavor! Cuteness!

Friday, 9 December 2011


Today was the last class of the year with my lovely Scratch dancers from Järvenpää. And they made me the coolest Christmas card ever! I was so happy!  We also organized a pre-christmas party. First hardcore freestyle practice and then eating. And we had a LOT of food. Good times!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Miss Mix 12-1/2012 - Badass crew column

Our first year with Miss Mix has passed! A lot of new and exciting experiences and people! Thank you Markku Kopra for the opportunity and for trusting in us. And thanks to everyone who were involved! Check all the previous columns and fashion editorials here.

Thanks to Mikko Björk aka Custom Painted Sunglasses for the beautiful collaboration denim jacket. If you want the jacket, get it from ladies only sneaker store bElles!! Thanks to Samuli Ronkanen and Kertin Vasser for the (Circle Prinz and JJ Street) photos. And a special thanks to all the lovely Finnish dancers at JJ-Street!!