Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Badass Style flannel/college shirt

Something special for someone special! M merged a flannel shirt with a college sweater. Two old and shabby got a new life! 100% recycled!

Asics Gel Lyte 3

Is there a shoe more sweeter than this?! And it's mine!!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Gipsy denim jacket

This gorgeous flea market treasure had been hanging in the closet for too long. So M finally did some "big pimpin'", and the jacket got a new shape and look with cuffs, new buttons, some fabric on the sleeves.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

bElles sale! Spring/summer sneakers for -20 % -50 %

Ladies only sneaker store bElles has a sale going on. Sneakers on the fourth row (counting from the top) for -20 %(Kangaroos, Supra, Nike court force, Nike Air max, Nike Toki canvas), and fifth row for -50 % (Puma, Nike, Kangaroos, Nike Blazer, Vandal and Air Max).

Order from the b-elles.fi webstore and we will personally make sure that you will receive a package like this (If we are on the shift haha).

And don't forget the newest goodies: KARHU and Asics GEL-Lyte Speed's and Asics GEL-Lyte III "Wildcats". The white/lime/blue GEL-Lytes are to die for!

Our Badass Style jewelry at the store:

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Of(f) Cource Ensamble at Dancing With The Stars / Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa

M performed with Of(f) Course Ensamble -dance collectiv las Sunday at Dancing With The Stars on MTV3 (channel 3). It was a honor to perform with all these talented and nice people. And of course a new experience to perform in a live shot tv-show with a lot of viewers. Thanks Reija Väre (founding member) for having me, and also B-boy Ätä, Teemu Kyytinen, Jussi Väänänen and the other quest star Emilia Vuorio. It was refreshing and inspiring to work with you guys! Like Of(f) Course on Facebook.

Check the performance here: http://www.katsomo.fi/?progId=96022 Episode 9, our part starts at 01:08.

Monday, 14 November 2011

We like to Party!

We crazy celebrated M's b-day on Saturday. The theme was to make a coctail to each guest, so when everyone did one, one got maaaany different drinks. The night's most extremicious drink was Linda's: coconat milk, banana, chocolate chip, hazzelnut nougat licore drink. Some stiff stuff! Beyoncé's Party was our anthem of the night, listening to it on and on. We also looped Destiny's Child's No No No part 2 (and sang along) so many times that "Mr. lovely nextdoor neigbor M" showed off his true colours once again. But he didn't call the police, even he threatened, so all is good. Damn he needs to get some..

Can't stand J Cole. Andrei 3000's part is way better!

Bambi x 2 with strawberry, basil, lime, mango, rhum dream.  

With miss sexy eyes 

Miss grinding champion with JRock

Thanks to K, Milla, Joanna, Jenni, Linda, Jeniwai, Taija and Sandra for making my night. Also thanks to Olli, Veera, Pia, Jenny, Sami and JRock for joining us! Was a lovely day!

Free Your Mind 2011

Free Your Mind took place last Saturday at Saiffa Flow Mo Dance School. The vibe was hot and the poppers have developed a lot! Congratz to Aden for killin' it!

Final CobraCat (Estonia) vs Aden Pop (Finland) winner

Judges demo Fancy Boog, Pistol Pete and JRock

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Restaurant day / Ravintola päivä is here again!

Remember the lovely Restarant day last August?  Lovely sneaker store bElles organized a block party with SADE. It was a day full of good food, sunshine, dance and friends. This time bElles sneaker store turnes in to a mini cafeteria by My Caces. Come to enjoy All-American country sweets on Saturday 19th of November from 12:00-18:00. Lasipalati, Helsinki

Here's the menu:
Carrot Cake 3€
Double Chocolate & Cranberry Cake 3€
Chocolate Chip Cookies 2€
Banana-nut Cupcakes 3€
Brownies 2€
Marshmallow Hot Chocolate 1.50€

Another must taste of the day is "RAVINTOLA ''OLE HYVÄ'' !!! by our friend Urito!
Here's the concept:
Eat well = Do good!
Lunch for two for the price of one! When you eat here, you help someone in need in Africa. Restaurant ''OLE HYVÄ'' and Agricola Church are committed to donate an equal amount of dishes purchased through Finn Church Aid.


Porkkanakookoskeitto / Carrot-coconut soup 5€
- paahdettua sipulia / fried onion
- maapähkinää / peanuts
- korianteria / coriander


Thursday, 10 November 2011

Funkin' Stylez Finland footage

Hip Hop final Marika vs Jemal Fusion Art(winner), extra round missing..

SlyRRe Äs did a great solo in Me Against The Music

Hip hop semi final Marika (winner) vs Badcore Kaidi Leftsound Crew

More Videos below

Funkin' Stylez Finland

We took part in hip hop 1vs1 and all styles crew 5vs5 with our assembly Die Hard Animals. The name is obvious, coz we are animals: Marika Peura (Deer) aka Bambi, Linda Ilves (Lynx), Pehmeä Jänis aka the Soft bunny, Cobra and Erä-Jorma haha. I think everyone was a bit sick during the week (hhmmm could it have been because of the wild weekend in Tallinn..??). So a jar of Burana was on our rescue on that looong event day.

photo by Otso Kääriäinen

Check out more photos from the event by Otso Kääriäinen: http://poksphoto.com/?p=478

We had to battle against each other in the hip hop 1/4 final. Blaaa that's alwas so boring. M got to the hip hop final but lost against Jemal Fusion Art. Linda lost the house final to Daniel from Sweden. And Jeniwai lost the popping final to Wave from Estonia. So you can imagine that after losing 3 finals we were hungry to win something!

We won the 5vs5 crew battle and get to represent in the finals in Dusseldorf!! Bujaaa!! The crew final against Natural Hype was absolutely hilarious. We spend the whole Sunday looking the footage over and over again. Most entertaining is to watch our own reactions when one of us is dancing. Hahhaa we were just jumping around like lunatics. Especially Jeniwai. Thanks to Natural Hype for a great battle and sorry if we seemed A BIT aggressive at times (in the end).. lol.. Akim aka Alfa Extreme won the locking category and he's also off to Dusseldorf!

Congratz to all the winners: Jemal Fusion Art (hip hop), Daniel (house), Wave (popping), Khan Fusion Art (Me Against The Music), Akim (locking) and Smetana Ninja-Bonchinche (vogue)

Die Hard Animals preselection

World team final Die Hard Animals (winner) vs Natural Hype.
Sorry but Niko's solo got cut out because the memory stick got full..

World team semifinal against Cleva girls Joanna and Jenni and Jenny, Aden Pop and Uiski!

World Team 1/4 final

Was a great day!

Big thanks to Jouni for bringing Funkin' Stylez to finland. And also have to thank the "holy trinity" of Finnish urban dance scene: the Finnish Street Dance Federation, Helsinki Urban Dance and produced by Big Daddy JJ Productions. Thanks to Mr Funkin' Stylez Takao and other judges Caleaf, Damon Frost, Hilty&Bosch, Javier Madrid, host Axl Smith,  Bj Piggo and dj Esgrove. ALL THE DANCERS!!! And Milla, Sumi, Mikko, Pablo, Katsu, Raakel, Martin and all others for the support!

Funkin' Stylez Finland footage part1.

SlyRRe Äs did a great solo in Me Against The Music

World team semifinal against Cleva girls Joanna and Jenni and Jenny, Aden Pop and Uiski!

World Team 1/4 final

Monday, 7 November 2011

Flow Mo vs Ruffneck Attack, Circle Kingz 2011 Final

Flow Mo Crew Kinging it in the last ever Circle Kingz!! Congratz A.T, Focus, Hatsolo, Mercy-1, Wartecs and Saki YX!!

JJ Street Baltic Session 2011

JJ Street Baltic Session was a crazy weekend with a lot of friends and dancing. This time Finland came to Tallinn massive. Sami had organized a package tour, so that's why there were around 70 people from Finland. And the party was about to pop. Big thanks to Sami, everything was really smooth and easy, like in a school trip. For the first time we enjoyed three lovely nights in a hotel (not with -s) with all the benefits aka breakfast. Only thing missing from our room was a jacuzzi. From now on I refuse to travel, if it's not a organized package tour!! haha.

Friday was the preselection day. A lot of Finnish dancers took part in different categories. Everybody did a great job. In hiphop there were something like 100 pairs so it was a long wait for our turn, cause we were the 65th pair. But it we had fun and made it through to the battles. Sami and Anniina also made it through in hip hop category. In popping: Jeniwai, Aden Pop and Fanny made it to the battles, locking: Jeffrey&Akim, Patrick&Helena Taylor, Sonja&Maria, Helen&Johanna. So it was Finland representing!

Saturday was time for the battles. On the breakfast everyone was guessing with what vehicle would JJ make his big entrance this year. The guesses were wild, from a helicopter to Tarzan's liana. But for our disappointment he kept his vehicle's aside this year. We battled against Ben&Majid from Germany. For our surprise a lot of Finnish dancers came behind us to show support. Never thought that would happen, so it really meant a lot to us and gave us energy to the battle. We were so happy about it! We lost in the extra round, but the battle was fun!!

1/4 final Ben&Majid (winner) vs Marika&Kaisa

Our preselection

On other categories Ama won the Vogue Femme and Helen won Runway. Patrick and Helena made it to the finals in locking and Maria fought in the Krump final even though she had injured her back in the semifinal. Also bboys from Rancid Rockers did a great job in the semifinals.

For more Baltic Street videos check out:
Awiwicat's channel:  http://www.youtube.com/user/awiwicat
CYPHERHOLIC'S channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/CYPHERHOLICS

The after party started in our hotel-home-party. Most of the Finnis people in the same room turned the room into a sauna. We enjoyed the heat with all time favorite r'n'b and slow-grinding songs. Damn I need a Soldier! Guys wanted some Adiemus, but at the end everybody were pleased. The official after party took place at Gruuvi, which is a skateboard hall with air hockey, trampoline and other activities. That was super dope! Truly the best place to for a party! Whoa we were in a crazy mode!

when a picture tells more than 1000 words

On Sunday morning we went to enjoy our last hotel breakfast, oh boy did apple juice taste gooood! Then we packed our bags and said good bye to the lovely hotel room. We desided to go for a stroll in the city before our boat back home, and spent the last our's in Middle-Age with Slyrre, Elmo, Johannes, Antti, Antti, Aleksi, Juho, Laura and Tatu! Restaurant Olde Hansa's food and athmosphere was just what we needed to this hilarious Sunday afternoon. 

 Meeting in the Middle-Age restaurant's ladies room, Tallinn 30.10.2011
The group trip party people

Weekend was so much fun! Thank's to JJ, Ita and other organizers, Sami, all our friends and our other Finnish peeps! Aaron, DJ's and other dancers for sharing the good vibes! Much love!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

F.D.O stipends 2011

Yeah we got a stipend!! Thank you Finnish Dance Organization!!
Here's all the street dance stipendiats and a few comments. (from the website)

Oskar Sara-Aho, 200 euroa / taitavaa tanssia, musikaalinen, karismaattinen, luonnollinen, hyvä fiilis
Marika Peura & Kaisa Nieminen, 400 euroa / ammattimainen, taidokas pari, jolla perusteet hallussa, tehneet kovasti töitä, tanssivat hyvää hip hoppia
Josua ja Julius Kerkis, 200 euroa / lahjakkaita ja kehityskelpoisia nuoria, hyvä fiilis ja asenne, hyvää yhteistyötä parin kesken
Anniina Vuopio, 100 euroa / riskinottaja, hyvää tilankäyttöä, kehittynyt kovasti
Roza Ahmad, 150 euroa / battlaa rajusti, ja ”todella battlaa”
Kasper Teromaa ja Oskar Sara-Aho, 200 euroa / kannustukseksi, lahjoja on!
Yasmin Janatuinen, 150 euroa / nuori lupaus
Henna Haapala, 200 euroa / freshi, lahjakas, aito, ahkera puurtaja
Jonna Fagerholm, 150 euroa / varma ja vahva ikäisekseen, monipuolinen, musikaalinen
Tea Ylikoski, 100 euroa / hyvä flow alusta loppuun
Joonas Kilappa, 100 euroa / on työskennellyt ahkerasti ja kehittynyt
Tuomo Tapanila, 100 euroa / tsemppaa ja kannustaa myös muita, lupaava
Henri Huovinen, 100 euroa / kannustukseksi, lahjakas!
Mikko Nieminen, 100 euroa / hyvä meininki!
Jenny Silfver, 150 euroa / hyvä, monipuolinen, hyvä oppilas, oppii asioita ja ymmärtää, taitava vartalonkäyttö Alex Suomalainen, 150 euroa / ”himmee meininki”, potentiaalinen, tanssii biitissä, omaperäinen

New Style Busters, 600 euroa / taitavia tanssijoita ikäisikseen, hieno koreografia
VoGuenon, 500 euroa / ammattimainen, vahva, voimakas läsnäolo ja esiintyminen, vangitsee katseen, loppuun asti mietitty kokonaisuus
Schiz-o-flez, 500 euroa / teknisesti vahvat tanssijat, hyvin hallittu, vaikea koreografia
WFFF, 700 euroa / Vahva esiintyminen, innoittajia nuorille lajissa (locking), hyvä show!
Rare function, 850 euroa / freshi, omaperäinen