Saturday, 29 October 2011

Mixery KO battle, Mülheim preselection

Marika&Kaisa (winners) vs. Linda&Pdee

Banzay Bnz&Jeka (winners) vs. Kaisa&Marika

On the final day the organizers decided to take more pairs to the battle. So even though we lost in the pre-selections, we were asked to join the battles. Hahaa don't ask me.. We also did 5vs5 crew battle with our girl Linda, PDee and a popper called Daniel.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Crazy Moves final 2011

We got to the battles and were against Aldo and FrankyDee.

Final: Oldfuture (Majid/Pdog) vs. DeetroitRockstarz (Aldo/Frankydee)(winners)
Whoa! FrankyDee was killin' it!

Poppin final

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Badass Crew column - Miss Mix issue 11/2011

Dusseldorf/ Geilenkirghen

We took a vacation and we went to visit our dear friend Pascal to his home hoods. We enjoyed some quality chillaxtion time, practised, shopped and took part in two battles. When we got to Dusseldorf on Friday afternoon we headed straight to Pascal's home city Geilenkirchen. There we first "enjoyed" a traditional german meal, schnizel with deep-fried peaches. hmmm. Then went to practice to the local youth center with Pascal's friends, while Dj N DeDo played us hot tunes.

On Sunday we hung out in the city and went to an all-you-can-eat sushi. Yummy. Had to also capture the "Meeting in the ladies room" moment.

Monday was time for shopping in Dusseldorf. And guess what we found: Glitter and gold, just can't go wrong! Gonna rock a locking battle or something with these kicks!

Lovely Linda came on Thursday. And we did some more shopping etc. Going to American Apparel is always a mistake if you aren't planning to buy something.

Beyoncé - Love On Top

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Lepuski Jam Vol2. mixtape

LepuskiJamVol2 mixtape by lime lime

Check the Lepuski Jam info and other upcoming events from our Events section.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Mafia at Nordic Moves 2008

A nostalgic showcase! Good times with Joanna, Taija, Henna, Haza and Zita.We still remember how much fun it was to practise this!

nordic moves 08

Joanna | Myspace Video

all Stephanie - adidas

Thursday, 13 October 2011

UrbanApa feat SADE jam

This time the battle concept was teacher & student 2vs2. There were 8 invited teachers who chose one of their students. What a fresh idea! This way the students got good experience and the teachers presence helped to take away the extra stress. K was with her student Ninni from Järvenpää. Ninni did great and her backup team were making their best at the cheering job too. It was great to see new faces at the battles and also at the audience. The battles were very entertaining and energetic. Saka and Maria won the title. Whoaaa!! Maria was crazy, doing krumping, waacking and locking all in a high level. After seeing her we got an urgent need to practice, and headed to Kisahalli immediately haha. And I bet that all the students watching felt that way too.

Final: Saka&Maria vs Kaisa& Ninni

Linda Ilves @ UrbanApa & Friends 2.0

Here's our talented Linda Ilves!! Just can't get enough! <3

Singing Bag Lady:

Singing Save your love for me

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Street dance in Talent Finland

Support your favourite performance!!

The Voguers
Flash toistinta ei löytynyt.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

DCA Battle Nights 8.10.2011

Heidi vs. Oskar (winner)

Extra round:




Saki Yx:

Watch more videos at Cypherholics youtube channel

House showcase

Our lovely CLEVA girls Jenni, Joanna and Linda doing their thing with Sandra, Anniina and Sonya.
House showcase at UrbanApa & Friends 2.0. 6th October @ Kansallisteatterin Lavaklubi.

Amjad - Where's the Vibe?


Monday, 10 October 2011

Circle Prinz Finland

After the "Saturday breaking!" (Circle Prinz warm up session) at Saiffa was time for our home flea market. We wanted to get rid of our old stuff, sneakers, heels, jackets, clothes, jewellery and other junk. And is there anything better than to hang out with friends, eat candy and drink wine at the same time.  And of course to get ready for the night!

Circle Prinz Finland at club YK was heated when we got to the spot. Was nice to see that there was a lot of audience. Felt like everyone was on a crazy party mode. Well, at least we were and you might have seen and heard it.. My favourite moment was K vs. Saki Yx battle grinding in the circle (well K grinding). Sakari was forced to be an underdog. And ok ok, the situation wasn't really fair.  But hey, M still tried to courage Saki with a threatening roar: SAKARIIII, don't give up!

Saiffa had done a great job with all the organizing. There was a "Fresh to death photo spot" powerd by Samuli Ronkanen. More photos in facebook.

Saki YX rocking our Badass Style + CPS custom denim jacket. And lovely Linda on the right.

Congratz to Ruffneck Attack for taking the Prinz crown again! There's a lot of footage of the battles. We also filmed some battles but unfortunately ruined the material with our inappropriatly loud cheering (once again) haha... Was nice to be in an event where the Finnish audience cheered to Finnish dancers. The vibe was incredible. I hope that from now on it happens in every jam. We are a small country and have a young but growing skene. Dancers need the support. Let's cheer our Finnish frends to victory and build up the team spirit!!

Final: Ruffneck Attack (Intact & Pluto) winner vs. JimiHendrix (Jimi &  Hoo Hoo)

"Saturday Breaking" aka Circle Prinz warm up session

Saturday started nicely at "Saturday breaking" at Saiffa. Huh the air was so thick when we entered the Saiffa lounge. 32 bboys entered the 1vs1 competition. VesaTheVice and Haiku were in the final. Haiku won, congratz! Both are now qualified to compete in UBJ 2011 aka Bboy Finnish Championships, that are held 3th of December 2011 at Gloria Helsinki.

Final: Haiku (winner) vs VesaTheVice

Judge showcase: Wartecs, Focus, Roxrite (USA)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Badass Style Shiffon Jacket

M made this gorgeous Shiffon Jacket. Too hot to handle! Available at bElles sneaker store. Go get it before it's gone!

Badass Style Headband

K made this styler headband. Available at bElles sneaker store!

Badass Style Jacket

M made....


Badass Style Neckpieceofart

M made this Necklace from shoelaces. Available at bElles sneaker store!