Friday, 30 September 2011

Badass Style & CPS™ Custom Denim Jacket

Badass Style & Custom Painted Sunglasses TM collaboration work.

This old school Frisco denim jacket got customed! Jacket customizing, design, sewing and jewellery work by Badass Style. Backpiece painting and design by Mikko Björk aka Custom Painted Sunglasses TM. Whooaa, this jacket is truly a piece of art!

This jacket and 4 other Mikko Björk's Custom Painted Jackets will be sold at the "Custom Fashion Wall"  at Circle Prinz Finland. Where the hottest b-boys compete to be the kings of the Circle. Custom Fashion Wall will be open between 20:00-00:00 at club YK.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Urban Apa goes Ateneum, 4.-7.10, Ateneum, HKI

Urban art festival // 4.-7.10, Ateneum, Helsinki Finland

Murha-kollektiivi feat. Desto, Skits-o-flex, Sivuvaikutus-työryhmä, Pretty bruises squad, Seper Janne, Linda Ilves, DJ Mercy-1, Kimmo Alakunnas, Aksinja Lommi, Ima Iduozee, Anna Maria Häkkinen, Miika Laakso, Jarkko Partanen, Erno Aaltonen

PERFORMANCES // TaideOLOhuone @ Ateneum -sali, no entrance fee!
Tuesday 4.10 klo 16-18
Wednesday 5.10 klo 18-20
Thursday 6.10 klo 18-20 // 

SOLOS // 4SOLO @ Ateneum, Lapin taika-näyttely
Tuesday 4.10 Aksinja Lommi
Wednesday 5.10 Anna Maria Häkkinen
Thursday 6.10 Ima Iduozee
Friday 7.10 Anniina Jääskeläinen

CLUB NIGHT // UrbanApa & Friends 2.0
Thursday 6.10 klo 20-02 @ Kansallisteatterin Lavaklubi (Läntinen teatterikuja 1, HKI
 ) // 5€

JAM // feat. ”SADE”
Friday 7.10 klo 15-18 @ Ateneum // No entrance fee!


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Oulun katutanssit 2011 makeispaketti (LestaTV osa 43)

A summary of Oulun Katutanssit 2011. Enjoy them half naked men!


Good Hair ft. Chris Rock

Just learned a lot about black hair!! Must see!


Friday, 23 September 2011

Olli - Boogaloo Danger vol.3

"Boogify your life!" Olli's new album Boogaloo Danger vol. 3 is finally released!
Buy yours:

Here's a taster: 16 Pads (Bonus track)


Honji's Heimat Almanya

The lovely Honji Wang. One of the True Blue Market choreographers that M worked with during URB festival 2011.


Thursday, 22 September 2011

Miss Mix 10/2011 - Winter fashion by Badass crew

Style: Badass Crew aka Marika and Kaisa
Photos: Fabian Björk
Hair and Make up: Sumi Moreno
Model: E

Miss Mix 10/2011 - Badass crew column

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Badass Style Necklace earrings at Finland's Next Top Model 2011

Helen was representing Badass Style Necklace earrings at Finland's Next Top Model, episode 2.
Guess Badass Style was a bit too badass to the photographer Nigel Barker.. hahaa!!

Watch the episode here, comments on our earrings at 31.30:

You gotta love it or leave it alone.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Young Talents: Lepuski Jam 9.9. Rinkikarsinta

elimination round. part 1.

Hope that they upload part 2 soon.


Circle Prinz Finland, October 1st 2011 @ Club YK - Helsinki

Flyer by Mikko Björk
Info from the facebook page:

Saiffa / Flow Mo Dance School proudly presents:
Circle Prinz Finland 2011! Once again bboy's from around the world will gather to Helsinki to battle for a spot in the CIRCLE KINGZ world finals that will take place in Lausanne, Switzerland on November 6th 2011!

OVER 18 ONLY! Doors open: 20:00. 
Qualification cyphers between: 21:00-22:00


2VS2 Bboy battle! 1st prize: winners will fly to the Circle Kingz world finals!

Sign up for the battles by adding your crew name and members battling on the event wall (on facebook)!

- Roxrite (Renegades Crew / Break Disciples / USA)
- Amjad (7 Dollars Crew / Switzerland)
- Hatsolo (Flow Mo / Finland)

- Mercy One (Flow Mo / Finland)
- Rome One (Flow Mo / Finland)

- Amjad (7$ / Circle Kingz World Finals main organizer / Switzerland)

Performances by:

Jam Feature:
"Custom Fashion Wall" - powered by Custom Painted Sunglasses™
Unigue custom jackets by Mikko "Wartecs" Björk (Saiffa/Flow Mo/CPS™)
All products will be sold at the end of the jam (At midnight!). There will also be a table full of fresh custom accessories to purchase from Mikko/CPS™ (Table will be open between 20:00-00:00).

Note: Also a Badass Style jacket feat customization by Mikko Björk!

Event supported by Finnish BBoy Association and RedBull


"Saturday Breaking @ Saiffa!" 1.10.2011

Flyer by Mikko Björk
And something for the underaged.

"Saturday Breaking @ Saiffa!"
1.10.2011 - 12:00-15:30
Circle Prinz Warm Up Session / Finnish Championships Elimination

Traditional 1VS1 bboy competition open for everyone who wants to enter.

Dj: Mercy One (Flow Mo)

Price for winner 50€ cash plus two best Finnish dancers get the right to represent at this year's Finnish national Breaking competition!

Finnish Break Championships are organized this year on the 3rd of December by Finnish Bboy Association. The association has chosen the Top 8 invited dancers that will be challenged by 8 bboys and bgirls who go through the eliminations. Saturday Breaking @ Saiffa will pick two of the best to represent in the Finals.

Doors open: 12:00, Sign up: 12-12:30, Qualification cypher: 12:30-13

From the qualification cypher the judges will select the best 8 dancers to go to the battle rounds until we have a winner.

Entrance fee / Entering the competition: 5€/person

Go to facebook for more info:


Joensuu Get Down

Jonté Moaning

Damn those legs!


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Hell sinkin' ball

Sakari represented yesterday night at the Hell sinkin' male runway category. Boom! He won the whole thing taking home that 400€. It takes a real man to do that! And damn how good he looks with that Badass Style ring in his hand!

Oh boy! As you might hear (especially in the semifinal video) we kicked in with our outrageous cheering. We have to admit that at points it got a bit out of hands, got a bit scary and hysterical. SAKARIIII!!!!




Anneli rocked the runway wearing Badass Style necklace earrings, neck piece and a 3finger ring. She's looking stunning as always! And what a body!!

M needed an outfit for the evening so she came up with this Badass Style gipsy chain top.

K in her Badass Style neck piece.

Here's the results:
Runway (Girls vs. Girls): Carmen (FIN)
Runway (Boys vs. Boys): Sakari (FIN)
Vogue (Old way / New way): K-Tee (RUS)
Vogue Femm: Lasseindra Ninja (FRA)
Vogue Crew Battle: House of Bonchinche (RUS)


Thursday, 15 September 2011

Anna Abreu rocking Badass Style, Elämä Lapselle 2011

Anna Abreu and her gourgeous dancers were rocking Badass Style at Elämä Lapselle charity concert. Watch the show at Katsomo, Anna Abreu starting at 1.03.35. Check more photos from Elämä Lapselle photo gallery, for copywright reasons we couldn't post them here.

Anna Abreu fan page.

Mtv3/viihde Anna Abreu in a dangerous earrings.

Suosikki viihde - Tässä upean Anna Abreun tyylin salaisuus.

Thank you Anna Abreu, dancers: Aksinja, Minttu, Sonja, Lotta, Laura and Mira, Saara Sarvas and Markku Haussila for your support! Kickin' it for the children! Much love!

photo Markku Haussila


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Anna Abreu in Badass Style, Elämä lapselle -konsertti

Anna Abreu and her dancers are performing  in Badass Style clothes and jewellery today (14.9.2011). Check Elämä lapselle -konsertti MTV3 at 20-22 .


Young Talents: Lepuski Jam 9.9.2011

Badass crew reppin' at Lepuski Allstyles 2vs2 Jam, Leppävaara library.

Kaisa & Slyrre S (winners) vs. Linda & JesseÄänillä

Marika & Swipe (winners) vs. Jeniwai & Lockout

Kaisa & Slyrre S (winners) vs. Marika & Swipe

Thank you Energia Elja and the other organizers, dancers and everybody who showed up! And special thanks to Lilli for loading up the footage! Great times!


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Pole World Cup Winner Oona Kivelä

WOW! Didn't know pole dancing could look this cool! How's she doing it!?


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Snibidi snap-back

M did a favour to Jesseäänillä and turned him back to a cool man, by fliping his one-size cap to a snap back. From one-size to omnipotent! Hahaa!



And guess what was the inspiration..


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Young Talents: Lepuski Jam 9.9.2011

Next Friday it's on. Energia-Elja is on the mic, 2vs2 allstyle battle. Heat is on! Be there!