Monday, 29 August 2011

Saturday Popping @ Saiffa 3.9.2011

3.9.2011 - 12:00pm-15:30pm. 1VS1 popping competition open for everyone who wants to enter. Doors open at 12:00pm. Sign up for competition: 12:00-12:30pm and qualification round will start at 12:30pm.

Judges: Funky O, Jeniwai, Jenny Silfver. Dj Mercy One

Price for winner 50€ cash plus fame and respect!

Badass Style - Gipsy 3finger ring

Available at bElles, Lasipalatsi Helsinki

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Lights - Megaphone State

Track of the day!
Lights by The Megaphone State

Produced by SimonSound
Written & Vocals by Ekow
Keys by Sami Tammela. Bass Guitar by Samuli Junttila. Background Vocals by Anna-Kreetta Saarinen & Mauri Suomivuori. Recorded by Mauri Suomivuori, Tommi Langen @ Studio Init & Sami Tammela @ Stereotype Studio. Mixed by Mauri Suomivuori & Tommi Langen @ Studio Init. Mastered by Didier Selin @ Timmion. Executive Producers The Megaphone State


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Trailer "Dear Dance..." Niki & Martha

Check this trailer of the becoming document about Niki and Martha. Inspirational!

Much love!


Pandajam vol 6.

Summer aint over! On Saturday 27.8.2011 at Kamppi Narikkatori from 13.00 to 17.00.
Clap Dance DJ's playing that jammin' music. There's a grill too, so bring your meets and tofu sausages!
Come and just dance!


Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Friday, 19 August 2011


Clip number 2. around 4:18, just sooo hilarious!!


Thursday, 18 August 2011

True Blue Market

True Blue Market is a project organized by Kiasma Theatre (Helsinki), as part of FranceDanse going North supported by Institut Français, co-financed by Goethe Institut and Fond Elysée, coordinated by Kiasma and camin aktion.   

I was so excited when I heard that I got picked to this piece. Mainly because of the opportunity to work with dancers from different fields, people that I didn't know that well. Because the bare naked truth is that I do everything with K, always. Dancers besides me where: Ima Iduozee, Karoliina Lahdenperä, Aksinja Lommi and Anniina Jääskeläinen. And for most it was a fine opportunity to get to work with Sébastien Ramirez and Honji Wang. Their duet at URB 2010 was impressive. It was interesting to work in a more contemporary field and on a real theatre piece. Those things were completely new for me. Luckily we had wonderful team of professionals: composer Jean-Phillippe Barrio, light designer Jani-Matti Salo and clothing designer Annette Tamminen.

As a whole, the piece was 45 minutes. Here's a trailer made of practise and performance material:

TRUE BLUE MARKET from Clash66 on Vimeo.

During the tight 3 weeks of practising I also had my struggles. Hardest thing for me was to accept the concept of music in contemporary dance. That it's not involved in the same way as in street styles. I mean, of course it's very important and you're supposed to express it. But it's there more to create the athmosphere and feeling. It felt weird that it was ok not to be "on beat" at points. Meaning, more to float on top of the music. That became slowly more understandable for me after working on the piece for a while. "Killing the beat" didn't really suit to the nature in this kind of context. Of course the reason is also that music used in the piece and during practising was more abstract, not as rythmical as in street styles. But im not generalizing, just talking about my experience of my first contact to contemporary dance.

Secondly it was really hard to start dancing barefoot. Since I have learned everything that I know with my whole white adidas Supers Stars on my feet. At first I felt like I didn't have anything without them, that I didn't know how to dance. Of course I have to curse the dance mat too. It was also a challenge to let go of the street dancer mentality of technique and hitting moves etc. And learn to embrace a more abstract way of moving.

I turned all my struggles to succes and expand my know-how. I feel like I really stepped out of my comfort zone on this one. I threw myself out there and had the courage to show my vulnerability, do stuff that I usually wouldn't have done. It felt great to hear that at least my loved ones were truly impressed by my performance and with the piece in general.  But now that it's over im also happy that I can return to grinding and grooving! Whoa have I missed it!

photo: Kira Leskinen

photo: Kira Leskinen

photo: Kira Leskinen

Thank you Sebastien, Honji, Ima, Aksinja, Karoliina, Anniina, Jean-Phillippe, Jani-Matti for teaching me so much! Also big thanks to Mikael Aaltonen and URB 2011.


Monday, 15 August 2011

bElles Opening Party feat SADE-jam!

Info copied from the facebook page:

bElles OPENING PARTY ft. SADE jam sessions Sunday 21st August at 14-18 in front of bElles store, covered outside patio. LASIPALATSI it is!

C'est la boum!
bElles salad with SADE dressing, Helsinki Restaurant Day special!! bElles opening (finally) ft. SADE jam is a get together where we'll dance, hang out, shop, eat & drink. This is the last proper fiesta of this summer! Come enjoy & bring friends along!

bElles opening party
bElles staff flea market
Hiphop 1 vs 1 battle
Dance showcases
Selling African food: Joffe & Maffé

DJ Dpsoul

Hiphop 1vs1:
-Pdee (Bad Newz MP) GER
-Kaisa (Badass crew/Cleva)
-Sandra (Footworking queens)

Price is a gift card to bElles. Signing up for the battle happens at bElles before the event or the same day latest at 14.00.

Best grinder:
bElles and SADE will reward the best grinder of the day. Meaning the best regards the outfit & dance. Judges will not be revealed. So party hard and grind even harder to the beats by DJ Dpsoul.

Showcases: CLEVA, Skits-o-Flex, + more​ges/bElles-Baskets-for-Ell​es/136177643064732


Sunday, 14 August 2011

UK B-Boy Championships Scandinavia, Pipefest 2011

Saiffa Flow Mo Dance School organized UK Bboy Championship eliminations at Pipefest Himos. Pipefest is known as the mecca for rap teenagers. When you step in to the mecca real life gets blurry. AT and Ramona witnessed some funny-ass situations (a girl doing a benji jump and while she's falling her wig drops out of her head. And a girl and a boy doing IT!! on the road). And what is Pipe Fest if M doesn't loose her phone for the 100th time. But nooo, we missed the gig of Jare and VilleGalle!

We decided to mix the soup and made our debut as lockers. And HUH we had so much fun! It was hiphopishwaackishlocking with a hint of grinding. Just can't go wrong with that combination. We battled against Jontte and Sami from WFFF and lost with one voice. Here's our preselection:

Congrats to Kosto TopNine for winning the bboy battles, Tesme from Italy for taking the popping battles and Will Funk For Food for locking tittle!

Locking final: Muscle Man Jeff & Alpha Extreme (Will Funk For Food HKI) vs Sami & Jontte (Will Funk For Food HKI)

Tesme (Italy) vs Jenny (FIN) Popping Final UK B-Boy Championships Scandinavia

Dr Hefo vs Kosto, UK B-Boy Championship Scandinavia b-boy final

And the judges showcases:
Focus (Flow Mo FIN), TonyRock (TOP9 RUS), Swift Rock (Battle Squad GER) Judges Showcase

Sally Sly (SUI) Nelson (FRA) and Jeniwai (FIN), Popping judges' showcase

Teemu Korjuslommi (WFFF FIN), Mr. T.A. (FIN), Razzle Dazzle (SWE), Locking Judges

M, Jeniwai, Ramona and K

Having the time of their lives.

M with Hatsolo and Wartces

Thanks to Saiffa, friends and everybody who were there! Much love!


Friday, 12 August 2011

SAIFFA autumn 2011 starts on Monday!

Marika's hip hop and waacking classes at SAIFFA- Flow Mo dance school! Register at:! More info at

19.30-20.30 hip hop basics 1
20.30-22.00 hip hop advanced

19.00-20.00 waacking open level
20.00-21.00 hip hop basics 2

Click picture to make it bigger.

Payback Jam 2011

Pay,pay,pay,pay,pay, PAYBACK is back. Party was dope as expected. The heat was already on our way to Jyväskylä. K made a slowjam mixtape for the car trip and eventually mixtape got into 4 cds with the best grinding and singing music. So the driving hours with Joannas hiphop car were flying. We were once again singing as loud as possible with our crispy voices. Luckily Linda wasn't there to be traumatized even more.

In Jyväskylä the paying back happened this time without official battles and world starz judges. So Ilokivi was full of raw, nasty and swetty cyphers sets and hardcore battles. Most memorizable ones were Slyrre S against Saki and Teemu vs Johannes locking battle. Damn. How long can those guys battle!? Slyrre S and Saki were putting really their best out. Musicality, skills, personality and raw sweat. Locking battle was more than expected, cause Johannes has practise those points and locks so hard. Ha, so he challenged Teemu. Entertaining and good battle. Here's the footage, enjoy!

Music was mostly breaks, but also funk and hiphop beats. Even breaks aren't my favourites, I enjoyed dancing and got to the point were I just couldn't stop. In addition to coolio djs, the Percussion Trio The Expendables were playing it live and they drummed the energy out of people. Party people were also enjoying Olli's live talkbox gig, which was of the hook. Double J's were popping their muscles as hard as weightlifters. Crazy sets, crazy energy. And finally at the end dj's were playing dooooooopeee funk tracks for two-steppin, golden.

Everybody already waited the afterparty. And we ofcourse prepartyed at our hotel room with our girls. We had Cleva crew 2 years anniversary party at the same time, so many reasons to celebrate. Afterparty was hot. We missed Antti Tuisku's gig, but partyed at another room. Not to forget toilet sessions (which became too long for one of us). We were also really happy to see our Tampere boys Paavo and Miro aka. MiPa crew after a long time.

Jyväskylä the most beautiful sounded Finnish city never let's us down!

Jojo giving Monster energy drinks to thirsty ones
Living our lives like they're golden.

Thank you Payback, Slyrre S, Dj I-Spin, DJ TiskiJoni (CY, Rancid Rockers), DJ TuhoJuho (Rancid Rockers), friends and party people!


Thursday, 4 August 2011

Miss Mix 8/2011 - School fashion by Badass crew

Style: Badass Crew aka Marika and Kaisa
Photos: Fabian Björk
Hair and Make up: Sumi Moreno
Models: Reetta Karjalainen and Shila Abedi
Location: Etu-Töölön Lukio


Miss Mix 8/2011 - Badass Crew column