Monday, 25 July 2011

True Blue Market, URB festival 2011

M is performing in this piece choreographed by SĂ©bastien Ramirez & Hyun-Jung Wang. Get your tickets pefore it's too late. Performances on Tuesday 2.8.2011 and Wednesday 3.8.2011 at 19.00, Stoa theatre Itäkeskus. Tickets 15/10€.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

N.E.R.D. - Hypnotize U

This track is H-O-T. Pharrel with America's next top models or something.


Gracias Ep Release Party Club YK 23.7.2011

Gracias, Megaphone State, Linda Ilves, Noah, you guys have it all. Sky's the limit. LiiL we love you!


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Oulun katutanssit 2011

Next weekend in Oulu! For all the info go to:


Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Street Dance Kemp 2011, Jedovnice

Whooaa, getting back to normal day routines after SDK will take a while. The trip was crazy as-s. We arrived to the camp on Monday and headed to our bungalow, oh sorry, I ment caravan. It was not with a kitchen and shower, like we were paying for, but hey never mind. For 5 fly girls it was quite small, but our skinny asses fitted there just perfect. Only thing was that we always went to sleep at 7am and woke up EVERY morning at 9am when Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor started playing loud as *%&# in the workshop stage. Over all the kemp really was almost non stop music the whole week. And besides the JLo track the music was so nice! So day after day we started to look more tired and had to take more and more power naps.

By the way, some one stole our clean dirty laundry from that fence. Whaat?!


 We took part to hiphop female category, but didn't pass to the battles. Our Cleva girl Linda got to best 8 in house category, which we were really happy about! She battled against Hiro from Japan.

Girls hip hop battles were intensive. Niki (Soul Sweat) won for third time in a row. Her energy and dedication is just admirable. And the other finalist,Oomoo from France, was wery good too. We hadn't seen her before. Such a cute girl with a smooth flow.Our favourite battle was the quarterfinal Martha against Ryfa (Poland). The way Martha builds up the energy is just crazy.  As a whole the level was high this year!

Male hip hop was inspiring!! Was hard to us to pick the best 8 for the battles, but the judges did a good job. Final battle Ben vs. Majid (both from Germany) was really nice.

Crew battles were entertaining as well. Well at the quarterfinals we got a bit bored cause of all those routines and stuff. I think I only saw a few full rounds of pure dancing, really. But semifinals and the final Japan crew vs. R.A.F from France were good. Japan crew took a deserved victory. But Marvin's (R.A.F) hip hop round in the final was a killer! I think that especially the girl audience was more than pleaced with the eye candy served in the battles. Well at least we were more than happy of the view haha.

This year we decided to concentrate on partying. The music at the after parties was dope every day so for once in a while it was cool to dance in a club without broken glass everywhere and people staring at you. Cyphers were hot. People were really enjoying dancing and the music. We got to dance with guys too, but only too few know what dancing with a girl is all about. And seriously it was a dance kemp! Only minus was the last nights party where the music was like straight from Onnela. Weird shit. Maybe the real dj's wanted a day off.

We headed to Prague on Sunday after no sleep. We decided to go to a hostel our Russian friend Raf had recommended. We settled a old fashioned date there at 6pm (no iPhones involved). So we went there, but the hostel was full. But then we ran into Raf who already had organized us another hostel. Damn! That's what you could call real service. Mean while he had lost his backbag, with iPhone, iPod, headphones and all, but still had time to find us a new hostel. We were so happy for that. But his unlucky day wasn't over...while we went to eat he got into a fight at our hostel with some junkie trying to steal his money and what was left. Luckily he didn't get hurt and police caught the guy later. Buah, nice day for us but rough for Raf.

Girls in Prague.

Hip hop female final Niki vs Oomoo

Crew battle final, part.1

Crew Final part.2

One of our favourite dancers of the week, Reul (UK)

Thanks for the adventures, kinky stories, french fries, kurechi, wheat, cold showers, cold but sweaty nights, music, parties, inspiration and most importantly friends!


Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Badass Style head piece

Check what K made!


more Helsinki Urban Dance Week clips

House final Ita (winner)vs. Jenni (Cleva)

Vogue final Venla (House of Ninja Finland) winner vs. Ama

Popping final ALG vs. Aden Pop(winner)

Bboy final Slyrre S (Rancid Rockers) vs. T-Break (Sticky Rockus) winner

Locking final Alpha Extreme vs. Muscleman Jeff (winner) , both representing Will Funk For Food

Krump final  Hosan vs. Saka (Saka Fam) winner


Monday, 4 July 2011

Helsinki Urban Dance week battles

Whoa the day was hot and the venue was heated! The event took place at Simonkadun Herkku which actually turned out to be a good place for the event. It felt like we had been in a sauna for 10 hours. Huh. There were some tight battles in popping, house, locking, hip hop, bboying, krump and vogue. We both took part in hip hop, and M won the hip hop category bringing home that cash! M also did some house not house till the semifinals. Here's some clips from the day.

M's preselection

Hip Hop quarterfinals M vs Fanni and K vs Ita

Hip Hop semifinal M vs Ita

Hip Hop final M vs Vanessa

popping semifinal Biance vs Aden pop

Sandra and Vanessa kicked some hard core footworking. The footwork mixed with their smooth crazy groove!

VoGuenon showcase was amazing once again. Anne, Sari, Heikki, Henkka and Venla are just such great performers leaving the whole crowd mouth open. Our favourite girl from the day was Ama who charmed the audience in the vogue competition, just couldn't get our eyes of her.

The judges and their showcases were truly inspiring. And dj Ice-C's music too.


Big Mijo


After the long day we finally got to the favourite part of the day: the after party! Some chilling at Lasipalatsi and then all around the city. Finest after party girls Jeniwai, Linda, Jenni, Sanna, Kaisa, Gloria, Sandra and Kiira.

Thank you Jouni, dj Ice-C, Archie, Jugson, Yaman, Storm, Mr. Wiggles, Big Mijo, our girls and boys, and everyone who shared their spirit.

Much love