Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Your Move hiphop 2 vs 2 final

Nice battle! Congratz for our amazing Cleva girls Linda and Jenni! Much love, thank you for the inspiration! <3


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Euro Cultured, Turku 21-22.5

Euro Cultured, Turku, 21-22.5 was chill! We went to enjoy a summerly weekend in Turku with our Cleva girl Jenni. We booked a room from Omena hotelli, and jumped to the adventure with our bags nearly empty, only a lipstick and a toothbrush to carry. Since some of us weren't that satisfied with their outfits we headed straigth to the nearest H&M to make the outfits perfect. Then we stopped to eat in an over priced sushi bar. Because at that point we were too snobby to eat junk food and were sure that we could affort living large. But the visit at the ATM told something else. So one of us had to go back to H&M to return some stuff. Hahaa priceless.

There was a bboy crew competition with 4 finnish bboy crews Flow Mo, Rancid Rockers, Deep Forrest Dealers and Tequila what ever (sorry Timo, Anssi, Henkka and Tatu, but can't remember your awesome crew name just now). Other 4 crews were international. None of the Finnish crews got through, so the party beguin early! I can't personally comment the battles since I didn't see anythig, because the battles were on a stage and there were too many high heads in front of me. But that I can tell that DFD Jesse's uncredible crazy vibes just shone throug! The winner was Hustle Kids from Holland, they got 1000 € for price money. Nice, congratz! And straight after the final battle was over 3 of the Hustle Kids (brown and tanned) somehow lost their t-shirts, but the one (white guy) didn't loose his.

The Aura-river was filled of good music and sun. There was also graffiti artists (sorry gra-fitti artists) doing their thing. But most of them didn't make graffitis though. And a few funky monkys dressed up as police. They had this crazy performance thing going on in the street disturbing people. We also wen't to see beatboxer Felix Zenger. Oh boy he's just crazy. And what beats!!

Afterparty was in a place called Klubi just accross the street from our penthouse hotelroom. Of cource we had few meetings at the ladies room too. Jodarok was performing there but not in the ladies room obviously haha. And just before the closing time Hatsolo and Mercy-1 made their way to the stage too to show off some rhymes.

Just a perfect way to start the summer! Thanks to Jenni, Sakari, Olli, Mikko, Johannes, Jussi, Elias, Timber and others in the party mood!


Badass Style Baseball Jumpsuit (burgundy suede)

Introducing the newest: This Baseball Jumpsuit has real suede sleeves. Fresh!


Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Info from the facebook page:

Saiffa 1-year Celebration Sunday 29th May 2011. Saiffa's one year birthday consists of three parts:
-Birthday event at Saiffa
-Saiffa 1-year streetdance tent in Your Move-major event
- 1-year Celebration afterparty at We Got Beef (K-18.)

Time: 29th May 2011 time 11-14 (Notice the earlier time)
Entrance: FREE
-Come and meet friends and other dancers
-Sign ups for the Hip Hop 2 vs 2 battle
-Dance performances
-Birthday cake
- CPS™ sunglasses
-T-shirt offers
-Free jamming etc etc!
Music provided by no other than dj Mercy-1

Time: 29th May 2011 at 3pm to 8pm
The biggest sports event in Finland Your Move takes over the surroundings of Helsinki olympic stadium 29th May 2011 with a huge selection of different sports from amateurs to professionals. Saiffa has a great honor to be part of organizing the streetdance program for Your Move.

Streetdance tent program:
2 vs 2 Hip Hop battle
1st prize: 600 € in cash and prices!!! Including:
-200 € cash
-Two return trips and entrance tickets to Pipefest hip hop-festival and UK BBoy Championships Scandinavia in August 2011 in Himos, Finland (worth 200 €)
- 2 x stylish AERIAL7-headphones (worth 200 €)
Registration for the battle at Saiffa's daytime event or straight at Your Move.
Dj Mercy-1
Tickets to Your Move at Tiketti for 12 € + service fee or at the gate 15 €

More information of Your Move at http://www.yourmove.fi/

1 Year celebration continues in the over 18 only-afterparty at We Got Beef!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Badass crew styling at Miss Mix 6/2011

We had a pleasure to do the styling for the photo shoot for Miss Mix June issue. Our models were Hanna and Silva and damn those girls! They made our job really easy. Looking gorgeous in every single shot! Unfortunately the first picture didn't unfortunately end up in the magazine. Really love those headphones from Skullcandy (multicolored) and Urbanear (mint green). Notice also the golden Badass Style Baseball Jacket that Hanna (on the right) is wearing.

Photos by Marek Sabogal


Friday, 20 May 2011

Badass crew column, Miss Mix 6/2011

New Miss Mix is in the stores now! This time we did a report about Street dance Finnis championships. So if you want to know what we liked, go and buy yours now! We also did a styling for the summer sport fashion editorial on pages 10-15. (And of course the magazine has some great guy tips as usual). So get it, get it! By the way we didn't come up with the title.. :)


Miss Mix Issue 6 - Badass Styled fashion photos

Styling: Badass Crew
Photographer: Marek Sabogal
Hair and make up: Kitty Teeriaho/Hiushuone Dandy
Models: Hanna Vähäpassi and Silva Mertsola
Photoshoot assistant: Milla Peura


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Express Your Style 2011

Express Your Style battle took place in Munich last weekend. We liked the event venue a lot, the club was good for the dance atmosphere. Not too big stages and audience near the dancers like it should be. It's much easier to get into the dance mood and intensity in a smaller circle. You don't have to do flips and trics to be noticed.

We entered the hiphop 2vs2 preselection. We did good and certainly had fun, but didn't made our way trough to the battles. Level was dope. Our favorite of the weekend was P-dog with his pair Prince. Craziest sets were Niako's and P-dog's in the semifinal. Seriously WHAAAT? Their body control and musicality!

Final battle was U-Kay and Aldo (Bad Newz MP) vs P-dog and Prince. Winners were Bad Newz. Congrats!

On Sunday we enjoyed Munich by window shopping. We also arranged an icehockey homestudio at our hotel. It was time for the legendary Finland - Sweden match. But watching it without the Finnish commentator Antero Mertaranta just wasn't the same. But we tried to keep the exitement up with our own shouting. And it was great! Finland is the new world champion in ice hockey!!!! Something that hasn't happened in 16 years! (And we still remember where we were at 1995!) And cherry on top against Sweden, 6-1. Golden! We celebrated the victory in a local park. There we jammed to the worlds best hip hop music made by our girl Linda Ilves and her homies.

Photographer/Film Maker Little Shao also made this cool trailer about the event:

Thanks to all the friends, old and new ones! We had a blast as usual!


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Street Dance Kemp Europe 3.7-10.7.2011

Street Dance Kemp Europe is coming again! SDK Europe will take place at Czech Republic at Jedovnice 3.7-10.7.2011.

Last year it was nuts and this year it will be even crazier! Last year we entered the hiphop female battle and went trought to the battles. We just arrived to Jedovnice with our car 10 minutes before the battles, after 10 hours of sitting in the car. Whooh.. But it was worth it and we had so much fun at the battles. We also did a showcase with our Cleva crew on Saturday. Level of crews was dope. The crew final was Soul Sweat from Sweden (winners) against the Japan crew. We made a lot new friends, partyed and danced our asses off. Best thing about the camp is that everybody is there in the same place so it will be truly sharing. This year we will be there for the whole week, because we don't want to miss anything!

This year there's also preselections to SDK in several countries. Winners of each category get SDK Europe for free with all the workshops, accomodation, food and are nominated straight in the battles. Winners of crew battle will also get their travel expenses paid.

Preselections coming up:
Latvia 21.5.2011
Germany 21.-22.5.2011
Slovakia 28.5.2011
Czech Republic 29.5.2011

Check all the infos about the week from SDK website.

You don't wanna miss this, so see you there!!!!

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Street SM 2011

Street SM was held at Barona Areena 16th and 17th of April. We took part to Hiphop 1vs1 and 2vs2 battles and the choreographed hiphop duo competition.

We won the hiphop duo category and Marika won hiphop 1vs1 battle. On 2vs2 battle we got bronze. Hmm...bronze battle is still a little strange concept to us. We lost against Roza and Sami in the semifinlas. Nice to have some new blood in the scene (finally!). To be honest it has been quite boring to battle against best friends every time. Mad props for their crazy energy and battle attitude, Whoa! But the constant dissing etc. was just weird. Sharing the love was more like shaking the fists this time. Our Cleva girls Jenni and Joanna won the 2vs2 hiphop battle and Jenni won house 1vs1 battle. Congratz girls!

Will Funk For Food won showcase category, their showcase was crazy entertaining. Really didn't blink my eye while watching it! All in all the level of the finalists in showcase category was really high this year.

Here's their showcase


Check all the results at http://www.fdo.fi/

Congrats to all the winners!


Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Ms. Lynx - Waiting gives the devil time

Check out our gorgeous girl Linda Ilves aka. Ms. Lynx and her hot beats!

Latest tracks by Ms. Lynx


Saturday, 7 May 2011

Helsinki Urban Dance Week : June 27 – July 2, 2011

Workshops with:
MR WIGGLES (Poppin, Tutting, Top Rock, Boogaloo, Original 70′s Hip Hop Dance – USA)
YUGSON (Hip Hop, House – FRA)
BIG MIJO (Krump, Buck Session, Battle Tactics – USA)
ARCHIE BURNETT (Vogue, Waacking, Hustle – USA)
YAMAN (Hip Hop Experimental, Bboying – FRA)
STORM (Popping, Locking, Bboying – GER)

-HUDW goes Hip Hop, Breakbeats, Krump & DancehallWednesday 29/6 @ 22-04
Info to be annonced..
-HUDW goes House, Funk, Vogue & WaackingFriday 1/7 @ 22-04
Info tba
-HUDW All Styles AfterpartySaturday 2/7 @ 22-04
DJs: tba
Venue: Simonkadun Herkku ( Forum Shopping Mall, Simonkatu 8 )
Tickets: 10 €
Age limit: 18

Battle day: Saturday 2/7 @ 12.00 – 22.00 @ Simonkadun Herkku ( Forum Shopping Mall, Simonkatu 8 )
VOGUE 1VS1 (Ballroom Style)

EUR 300 for the winner of each category
DJs : DJ YUGSON (FRA), rest tba..
MCs : tba
Tickets:10 €, no separate registration fee for competitors. Same ticket valid for the afterparty (R-18)
Registration: http://hud.fi/battle-day/

Check info at: http://hud.fi/


Friday, 6 May 2011

Fintelligens - "Ei Tekosyitä" featuring Flow Mo and Ghost Crew

Boys from the 80's. Loving Mercy-One's body wave at 2:56!


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

SADE festival 15.5.2011

Info from the facebook page:
SADE 15.5.2011 Helsinki, FINLAND.
2 pm - 8 pm @ GLORIA, Helsinki
Tickets 10 euros.


-HOUSE cypher master

-LIVE TALKBOX BY OLLI (http://www.facebook.com/Ollitalkbox)
-Free Jamming


MC Anniina



-HOUSE cypher master

Judge: Sonya (Hel), Winner gets 50 Euros price money!
The contest is started as a cypher, where all the participating dancers can enter as many times as they want, but the cypher has a time limit, 30-45min = depending on how many lockers will entry and about the judge. After the time has run out, the judge will decide 2 dancers to continue into final cypher. The battle are held normally, where the judge will immediately appoint the winner of the battle.

-FREESTYLE 3vs3 battle (Pop, lock & break)

Judges: G FROM CANADA, JENNY (Double J', Skits-O-Flex), SAKA
All Winners gets 50 Euros price money!
3on3 battle you will compite with your crew and you can entry with Locking, Popping and B-boying. DJ will be playing funk. It will be battles from the beginning to the end. Elimination round will also be crew vs crew and after that the judges will pick 8 best crews to the final battles (semifinal and final)

REGISTRATION for the battles at Gloria Sunday 6.3 from 1PM to 2PM. Come early. Limited amount of compatitioner.

NOTICE! The participants of the battles must also pay 10 euros.



Chris Brown - She Ain't You vs SWV - Right Here (Human Nature mix) vs Michael Jackson - Human Nature

And the cherry on top (check out the golden thong body with leather trousers. The only one who can rock that combo.):


Monday, 2 May 2011