Wednesday, 30 March 2011

History of house dancing

A true inspiration clip of the day. Pioneers doing their thing back in the days. Love it!


Chris Brown - Look At Me Now ft. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes


Sunday, 27 March 2011

Back to practise, Lappeenranta 2.4.2011

Here is the info copied from the Facebook page, for more info go to:
Back to Practise jam at the Lappeenranta University on Saturday the 2nd of April 2011.

- Bboy 1vs1
- All Styles Showcase competition
- Bboy theater performance called "Kerro" by Rancid Rockers
- Longest Powermovecombo Cypher

In the evening:
- Sauna
- Street Vibes 2.0 event at a local club
- A place to sleep

Bboy 1vs1:
-Two categories: under 16 years old and 16 years old and over

ALL STYLES Showcase:
-Any street style from bboying to vogue to jazz etc. or whatever you want!
-1-2 minutes long (not hard to prepare!)
-2 to 5 people in one group
-Bring your music on cd or memory stick.

Judges: bboy Focus Flow Mo crew (bboying), Kaisa Badass crew/Cleva (hiphop)
Friday 1st of April:

19-21.00 UMA – Martial arts floor: Kaj Bärlund
Sunday 3rd of April:
10-12.00, Sports hall : Focus from Flo Mo crew.
12.30-14.30 Main lobby: Kaisa from Badass crew

REGISTER: (for battles and lodging!)

Tickets: 10€


Willow - 21st Century Girl


bElles fashion show at More To Love party

More To Love girls Mimmi and Peppi organized a party to celebrate their Voice Fashion Blog Of The Year Award. They asked bElles sneaker store to prepare a fashion show to the party and so we did! The show was all about introducing bElles hot new spring/summer sneakers: adidas, Nike, Puma and our brand new Supra! Also Jeremy Scott O by O x Adidas clothes, Nike, Stussy  and of course our own Badass Style.

We gathered the crew together and did the styling. Sumi Moreno was the make-up artist and Martina Reefer did the hair. We had a great team representing different street styles: we did some hiphop and waacking, our lovely Cleva girls Linda and Jenni showed some house dancing, bgirls AT and Ramona showed their bgirl skills and Venla and Anneli heated the dance floor with vogue.
Mimmi and Peppi had organized food and beverages and we certainly enjoyed the new Kismets with Marianne filling. They also had Isadora Graffiti Nail spot and Valio Ice Cream bar. Our boys bboy Hatsolo and bboy Focus were also at the spot representing Saiffa - Flow Mo Dance School and burning the floor with some hardcore bboying.

Thanks to More To Love, bElles sneaker store, Sumi Moreno, Martina Reefer, dancers: Anneli, Venla, Jenni, Linda, Anniina and Ramona! You guys made our day!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Gettin' Cleva..

Yeah.. I thought that I had proven my clevaness already, but guess that wasn't enough. Yesterday I jumped in to a wrong buss after my classes at Malmi. And when I realized it I was already somewhere in Kontula. Yep.


Monday, 21 March 2011

Badass Style Necklace

My soulsister M made this amazing Egypt inspired necklace for me as a birthday present. I'm in love with it. Piece of art hanging on my necklace...


Saturday, 19 March 2011

bElles commercial

bElles - Baskets for elles from Cocoa on Vimeo.

Dancers: Cleva Crew
Marika Peura
Joanna Leinola
Kaisa Nieminen
Linda Ilves
Jenni Heikkinen

Music: Linda Ilves,
Mixing: Jonne Jauhiainen
Styling: Marika Peura and Kaisa Nieminen
Sneakers: bElles
Rings and Earrings: Badass Style
Clothes: Badass Style, Jeremy Scott O by O x adidas
Make up: Sumi Moreno
Hairstyling: Martina Reefer

Directed by Cocoa

Thursday, 17 March 2011

"Saturday Popping" @ Saiffa

Here's M showing off her popping skills! Priceless!


Les Twins - World Of Dance

From a long thread on Facebook we found some diamond stuff.

Just Do You.


Aloe Blacc - Loving You Is Killing Me

New video from Aloe Blacc with the cutest of them all - Baby Boogaloo! Gotta love it! From the Album Good Things (2010).


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Badass style jumpsuit in "Muodin huipulle" 15.3.2011

The gorgeous artist Rauha Mäkilä was wearing Badass style jumpsuit in the last episode of Muodin huipulle (Project Runway), seen on Mtv3 15.3.2011. How cool is that?!
Check the episode here: The highlight is 06:03!


Monday, 14 March 2011

Juste Debout Paris 2011 results

You can watch all the Juste Debout 2011 final videos here:

Hip hop winners Les Twins, France

Quarter finals
Les Twins vs Poogie & Nycka
Tyger & Virgile vs Junior & Azar
Old Future vs Aldo Ardo & U Kay
Dedson & Ben vs Yudat

Semi finals
Les Twins vs Tyger & Virgile
Aldo Ardo & U Kay vs Yudat

Les Twins v Aldo Ardo & U Kay

Locking winners Hurrikane & Firelock, USA

Quarter finals
Roaddoggz vs What Came Out of the Mother Ship
Hurrikane & Firelock vs Pouss One & Morgan
Flockey & Ray vs Legendes Urbaines
P-Lock & J Soul vs Vovan & Moroz

Semi finals
Roaddoggz vs Hurrikane & Firelock
Flockey & Ray vs P-Lock & J Soul

Hurrikane & Firelock vs Flockey & Ray

Poppin winners Co-thkoo (Gucchon and Kei, Japan)

Quarter finals
Co-thkoo vs Spazm & Baby Bang
J Smooth & Kid Boogie vs Poppin C & Poppin Scream
Dickson & Brooke vs Sonia & Farah
Poppin G & Krazy Kyo vs Marabout & Blondie

Semi finals
Popping G & Crazy Kyo vs Sonia & Farah
Co-thkoo vs J Smooth & Kid Boogie

Popping G & Crazy Kyo vs Co-thkoo

House winners Tayin and Tasha, USA

Quarter finals
Daneshiro & Ricky Soul vs Naim & Willie
Adn & Zach vs Eddy & Niako
Tayin & Tasha vs Babson & Mamson
Next Generation vs Footworkings

Semi finals
Daneshiro & Ricky Soul vs Adn & Zach
Footworkingz vs Tayin & Tasha

Tayin & Tasha vs Adm & Zach

Here's hip hop semifinals: Les Twins vs Lil'O & Tyger B just fighting for it.
Sum craaazy S?@&h!!t at 7.37!!

Find out more about Juste Debout:

"Saturday Breaking @ Saiffa!" 19.3.2011

Here we go again!
"Saturday Breaking @ Saiffa!" 19.3.2010.

Traditional 1VS1 bboy competition open for everyone who wants to enter.
Judges: Hatsolo, Focus, Wartecs.
Dj: Mercy One

Price for winner 50€ cash plus respect that cant be measured by money! ;)
Sign up: 13-13:30pm

All the competetors will go through an elimination round where the qualified bboy and bgirls go to the battle rounds until we have a winner.

Entry/entering fee for the competition: 5€/person

"See you at Saiffa!"


Sunday, 13 March 2011

Juste Debout Paris finals today!!

All you dancelovers, you can watch the Juste Debout finals here:
Finals starts at 9:30 PM (Paris GMT +1), so if you are in Finland it starts at 10:30 PM. :)

In the mean while a clip from last year.


Thursday, 10 March 2011

Natural 11.3 with Mercy-1

Natural is here, this Friday, don't miss!

The Next NATURAL club-night will be all about street dancing.
Guest DJ Mercy-1 will be slaying the dancefloor together with resident DJ Esgrove. It's time for all you dancers to unite under the same roof.

Poppers, Lockers, Hiphoppers and House-dancers, We need you!

DJ Mercy-1 aka Olli is a Producer, DJ, Dancer & C.E.O of SAIFFA - Flow Mo Dance School. He has played at all the biggest street dance events in Finland and at many various club nights, Rap Attack! & Hump Day to name a few. A bboy in his own right, as a producer Olli's popping beats have been heard in major dance events worldwide.

DJ ESGROVE, Formerly know as DJ AXL, has established himself as one of the few dj's in Finland who cater first and foremost to street dancers.
Coming from a long history of street dancing, deejaying was a natural continuum to his love and passion for dance music in all styles and forms.
The five time finnish street dance champion can be seen behind the decks ranging from underground dance jams to various club nights.
And when he's not spinning records, you can be sure to find him on the dancefloor!

NATURAL Street Dance Special:

DJ Mercy-1


23 - 04

4€ before 23, 8€ after


Wednesday, 9 March 2011

SADE festival 2011

Gloria was once again full of SADE. This time there were 3vs3 freestyle battle and locking cypher master competition. The cherry on the cake was Mislinks live performance at the end. Judges were Yared aka Razzle Dazzle (Soul Sweat) from Sweden, Bboy Ata (Ghost crew) and Jemppa (Cleva).

On Saturday we took Yared's locking workshop at Saiffa. Yared taught really good exercises about groove. Damn he is so funky, got inspired. There were many good points and tips to work on in our locking careers and dance in general. It's all about the groove, baby!

We entered the freestyle 3vs3 battle with our GerMoney friend Pdee from Bad Newz MP. So we were Badass with Bad Newz. Four teams got through and in the semifinals we were against Funky O, Antti and Canadian bboy G. It was tight battle but we won. In the Final we were against Svenska Klubben aka. Jenny, Hatsolo and Patrick. Eventually it turned to our side so we were happy winners and celebrated it with our new SADE t-shirts and 50 euros cash. Getting rich not dying trying!

Here's the final:

After 3vs3 battle was time for stripe socks, locks and points. Locking cypher master competition was full of participants and many new faces again. In the final round were Muscleman Jeff, Alpha Extreme, Sonja and Teemu. Winner was Jeffrey, congrats! Gonna get the video here later.

Mislinks gig was diamonds and pearls. Once again honey for my ears, this time spiced with real Honey song (Erykah Badu) dedicated to our Cleva crew. Everybody jammed and had a good time. That's how it all started back then. That was a special opportunity to dance to live music. My favorites were their own song Last Night and Janet Jackson's Got Till It's Gone.

After the event we went to eat and chill, but ended up partying. We took over this Hiutale lounge which was empty (except one wanted-to-be-alone laptop guy), played music from our own mp3 player and started to play the wooden tower game. Man it was challenging, every time you thought the tower would collapse before your turn, you were wrong. It was crazy competition with true excitement! Eventually we ended up to Lost and Found. Time flies with good friends.

Thank you SADE ry, dancers, judges and all involved. Until next time!


Monday, 7 March 2011

Badass Style leopard jacket

Badass style leopard pattern jacket.
Get it from bElles! At the moment bElles is at Lasipalatsi, Helsinki until the 19th of March. Stop by and say hi!


Badass style Necklace earrings and 3finger rings

Badass style Necklace earrings and 3finger rings.
Get yours from bElles, at the moment at Lasipalatsi, Helsinki.


Thursday, 3 March 2011

Operaatio Pulssi, Nuorisokahvila Clubi

M has free hiphop classes at Nuorisokahvila Clubi, Kaupintie 16, Pohjois-Haaga.
Every Thursday 3.3.-31.3.2011 klo 16.30-18.00
If you are 12-18 years old, jump in! It's free!
Sign up or or just show up.
More info:


bElles - Pop Up Store, the opening party

Opening party was hot. First we partyed at the Pop Up Store at Lasipalatsi and then moved our asses and refreshments to club YK basement. We decided to walk through Kamppi shopping center because it was freezing cold outside. Well, teenagers just couldn't keep their hands of our marshmallows.

At YK we continued the party and our Cleva crew made performance to the party people. Anneli (warrior princess) also did a voguing show to freak us out! The organizing of the Pop Up Store had taken its toll and everybody were tired really early, so Martina decided to end the party at 1.08 am. That's something new!

Here's some pics from the pop up store. If you still haven't check the new store now would be time to stop by and say hi!! We have our Badass style clothes and jewellery in the same shop with Jeremy Scott O by O adidas and Star Styling, how cool is that!

bElles - Baskets For Elles pop up store
Akkuna at Lasipalatsi, Helsinki
Monday-Friday 10-20
Saturday 10-18
Sunday closed


Tuesday, 1 March 2011 premises at Sörkkä

Last Saturday was the opening party for premises in Sörnäinen. We didn't even realize that the studio is right across our home. The address is Aleksis Kiven katu 32-34 (on the right side of the dance material store). The studio is cozy and athmospheric, it fits perfectly to's identity. The party was nice. We saw a crazy performance by Wushu guys Niila and Antti. OMG they were crazy! Those moves, lines, energy and power. All their lines were so smooth and perfect, it almost looked like dancing. There was also some dance teaching in the program, party people were briefly introduced to the world of bachata and siéva. 

More about and the spring schedule:

Check the video from the party (notice the still shot of our bachata practise haha) :