Thursday, 27 January 2011

Badass crew in Maria!

We were asked to come to Maria! talkshow to look good, dance a little and hang around. So we did. It was the first episode of the season and well it was interesting indeed. This time the guest were Johanna Tukiainen, Jussi Parviainen, Jani Toivola and musical guest Uusi Fantasia and Freeman. And of course there were Lauri and Diana Ball.

Maria had a stunning outfit: Zepra dress by JC de Castelbajac and these amazing chain high heels. She looked gorgeous. Her stylist is Minttu Vesala and Sumi Moreno does her hair and make up for the show. Fabulous!


Wednesday, 26 January 2011

St. Petersburg - Project January

Last weekend I was on my first workshop&judge trip abroad, and alone! I have to admit that at first I felt like an orphan without K, as many of you know we are used to be seen always together like a pair of sneakers haha. Yeah but I survived. Actually it was quite liberating at some points haha.

So on Saturday morning I jumped to the new and fresh Allegro train. The morning wake up was a bit hard after celebrating Cleva-Jenni's birthday. My hosts Alexander and Mitya gave me a warm welcome and then we drove to the workshop place. I was a bit nervous before the classes but everybody were super nice to me. After the classes I hade my tourist moment. Mitya gave me a quick excursion around the city. WHOA what a beautiful city! Next time I want to explore the city more.

On Sunday was the event, Project January part 2. Alexander and his stuff had organized an event called May sation on May 2010. After a succesful event they desided to have one two times a year. There was about 70 showcases in three categorys, children, amateurs and professionals. Some crews even used our homie Dj-Mercy one's tracks on their show cases!

Thank you for taking good care of me! Much love to Alexander, Sasha, Mitya and everyone else involved!!


Mislinks & CLEVA at URB 2010

Here's the last part of our crews performance at URB 2010. Other parts coming soon..
Check Mislinks myspace



Thursday, 20 January 2011

This is Street Dance...NOT!!!!!!

Hahahahah. Our ultimate favorite is 4.50! Please do not read this book, instead come to Saiffa.


Badass crew in Miss Mix!

From now on you can monthly read our column in Miss Mix magazine!
So now all you girls and boys, woman and men, order the magazine at Or just silently hit the nearest gas station.


Monday, 17 January 2011

Maria Veitola in Badass Style

Here's gorgeous Maria Veitola on her way to Venla Gaala 2011. She's rocking Badass Style Gypsy 3 Finger Ring.

Hair and make up: Sumi Moreno


SAIFFA spring season 2011 starts today!

M's hiphop and waacking classes on Wednesday and Thursday! See you there!
Click the schedule to make it bigger.

Saiffa Oy – Flow Mo Dance School
Lönnrotinkatu 25 A, 2. kerros
00180 Helsinki
Puhelin: 0445001311


Sunday, 16 January 2011

Battle for Middle earth part 2.

WHOA what a trip! Im exhausted! So it was time to Battle for the Middle Earth once again. It all started at 9 am when the buss full of party people headed to Jyväskylä. We concreated the back seat with Ramona and A.T aka backseats DD's. Don't ask. We did what we do best, gossip.

First there was a showcase battle Free Down Crew (Tikkakoski) VS HC Meisseli Crew (Lappeenranta) that blew our minds! These dudes are like 10 years old. It's so inspiring to see their enthusiasm, creativity and style. Our favourite was the one in shorts (sorry we don't know your name), what a destroyer attitude! After that was time for AllStylesAllMusic - RushHour! M was judging with Mercy One and Miia Elivuo (Tanssiteatteri Kramppi). An hour of intensive cyphering. And the music was ALL indeed. Dj Tiskijoni was throwing his weirdest tunes. Slyrre Äs won by catching all the beats and lyrics. Ten points for him haha. We just love his shamelessly rancid style. K's RushHour ended up short because she cracked her knee in the middle of her first set. There's that kneecap bouncing left and right again.. Back back forth and forth. DAMN IT!

In between the cyphers were hot and you could smell the stink of sweat. It was time for the second showcase battle. Henri ( JNZ Bboys ) VS Saki Yx aka. Kingis jäbä ( Beat Warriors) was a true battle of the titans. Neither wanted to give up so they just kept going until the sweat got sweeter.  I stopped counting after five rounds, think they went like nine. What a stamina!

Photos by Joonas Toroi

It was time for Bonnie & Clyde Bboy / Bgirl-competition! M's and Slyrre Äs' preparing for the battle was huge, well at least they had matching hairs. Slyrre Äs didn't agree to cut bangs eventhough Mikko aka the only husband qualified to cut a wifes hair was at the spot selling his Custompainted Sunasses, sorry Sunglasses. So M and Slyrre made these matching ponytails like the Little My from Moominvalley. K and Elmo, the match made in heaven, were supposed to join the battle too but obviously the shitty knee injury crushed those dreams

M and Slyrre made their way to the battles, mainly because of M's amazing bgirling skills haha. But the winning dreams were smashed by Ramona and Kaide in their first battle. It was really unexpected that Focus and A.T would win the whole thing haha. Prices were something to aim for: a bottle of North Europes most expencive sparkling wine, heart shaped chocolates, greatest lovesongs cd and "Gone by the wind" dvd. What ingredients for a perfect romantic night. Guess that's why they left so early and silently from the afterparty. Chicken basket and "Gone by the wind" was waiting. Just kidding, you know we love you guys!Last was the massive battle KeskiSuomi VS Muu Maailma ROUND 2. One word. Testosterone.

The after party is a whole another story. To sum it up: Kingis jäbä with the ugliest wig in the world, the toilet jam session, some redneck conversations with Oulu boys, Äänekoski bboys far to deep in the forrest dance moves. Slyrre was inspired by our New Year so he had bought an air matresse. After our former complications we were much wiser now and the filling job was effortless.
In the morning we woke up in a desperate need of handlotion. Mercy One and Hatsolo made sure that the busstrip back home wasn't boring. They bought these toy guns from the gas station and no-one was spared from being a target. They also made it impossible for us to sleep because they played Christmas Rap cd on repeat the whole 3,5 hour journey.

Thank you everybody! Jyväskylä never lets us down!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Fight Arthritis Pain

For all of you whose joints are wrecked (aka been there, still there).


Monday, 10 January 2011

Slakah the Beatchild - B-Boy Beef

M's and Jojo's theme song for the Battle For Middle Earth part 2 haha!
And the song goes "Philippine eyes...", maganda ka Ate!!


bElles SALE!

Drag your ass to the shop before it's too late! Tarkk'ampujan katu 14, Helsinki!

Pinksu in Badass style

Johanna aka Pinksu
Badass style college/lace sweater
Photo: Jacek Walczak

Sunday, 9 January 2011

New shit on the block

Badass style 3finger rings

Stand Out Nail - Stickers

Saturday, 8 January 2011

bElles in We Are Helsinki

Check the bElles and Dandy info in We Are Helsinki magazine. It's free.
And go to their website:

Hmmm.. you might know the laundry girls already..

New Years 48 hour party!

New Years eve:
So it all started at 17.45 when Jemppa and Emmi arrived at our place. We did some cooking and slowly got into a party mood. After a while Taya, Ramona and Linda joined us. And the dress code was: as comfortable and ugly tracsuits as possible. No boys allowed! What's better than to have good friends under the same roof talking crap.We made all these crazy promises for the new year and at midnight we went to burn some sparkles outside.

Girls were staying over at our place so we had to make sister bed on the floor. M's father had bought her this big air mattress. It was supposed to be easy to fill in and it really is, but not-so-cleva K was a bit tired to realize that there was still one stopper preventing the air to go inside. The Air pump was keeping really load noise, like a vacuum cleaner, but louder. And it was around 3 o'clock so i think our nextdoor neighbour Mr. Psycho loves us even more after that half an hour. But finally after Ramona's help we had two big air mattresses so everybody had a place to sleep (except Emmi left home, cause she was tired of waiting that mattress to be filled).

New Years day:
We had decided to spend the day watching Disney classics. It was really hard to find the original movies from video rental shops. We searched them all through. A lot of movie sequels aka second parts there; Bambi 2, Pocahontas 2 etc. but not the original ones. Finally we found Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Hunchback of Notre Dame and Cinderella (which apparently turned out to be a miserable second part after all). Those classics are so good. There's something for everyone. Of course we had to sing along. Always almost the same love plot and some education. Good versus Evil. But in our opinion the ending in Hunchback of Notre Dame suggests that if you are ugly you should let the handsome guy get the beautiful girl. Life sucks.

After the movie day we went to Yo!Raps to Kuudes Linja. As usual we hanged a lot in the toilet and had some great conversations with girls. It's incredible how we never get tired of talking about the same subjects. All day every day, all night.. If we're in a club and you can't find us, hit the toilet. That's where we at! We jammed all night until the night started to turn darker.. And how sweet it is to dance with a boy who knows how to dance with a girl.

On Sunday we had a chance to meet the new little baby girl in town. Aww she was so adorable!

- B

Friday, 7 January 2011

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Battle for Middle Earth 2

Most anticipated event of the year is here! Don't miss out! Grab a pair representing the opposite sex and join the Bonnie&Clyde competition. I bet you it's gonna get out of hands. And remembe the afterparty and the bussride. Here's the info copied from the facebook page. So don't blame us..

As the elvish people say:
" Ayo evinrude octagon, doremifa sola matt le blancon! "
( "HOLY ISHT! Battle For Middle-Earth will be unleashed again!" )

...DJ iSpin & SlyRRe äS in collaboration with CY present:
- Mordor, again? -

Saturday 15.1.2011
@ Näyttämö Lutakko, Jyväskylä Finland

AllStylesAllMusic - RushHour !
JUDGES: Miia Elivuo (Tanssiteatteri Kramppi), Marika Peura (Badass Crew), MäkiMatti Lajunen (FlowMo)

Bonnie & Clyde Bboy / Bgirl-competition !

Lots of cypher-time!
Epic battles !
Epic Afterparty @ Bra / Base
Magic !
Fireworks !

Top notch DJ-crew "The Nine"
iSpin (SOF)
Tiskijoni (CY, RRC)
TuhoJuho (RRC)
YouSoJuicy (CY)
GALAXYS MOST WANTED ( Lepsu, Elvisa, Jakezu, iPot )

Showcase-battles including: 

Henri AKA Henkka Hoo ( JNZ Bboys ) VS Saki Yx AKA The Chocolate-Vanilla-Ice-Cream-person 
(Beat Warriors)

Free Down Crew (Tikkakoski) VS Saiffa Hardcore Kids (Helsinki)

KeskiSuomi VS Muu Maailma ROUND 2

Host: SlyRRe äS

Damage: 10 € ( or 3 mithrill-coins if you happen to have mithrill )