Thursday, 26 August 2010

Circle Prinz, UK Bboy Championships 2010, The Go OFF..

.. were the ultimate closing parties of the hot summer of 2010. All the bboys were there, bElles was there selling sneakers and jewels, Custom Painted Sunglasses sunglasses and stuff.

Circle Prinz was organized this year at Kulttuuriareena Gloria on Friday. Judges were Alien Ness, Teknyc and Hatsolo. Boom Boom aka Bgirl AT and Bgirl Ramona were on fire all night and made it to the finals, but lost against the Rough Neck Attack from Ukraine, so they didn't get to go to Switzerland to eat chocolate. But it was inspiring to see everybody getting down and doing their thing at the battles.

After the battles there was supposed to be an after party upstairs, but there were no music! So it was more of an after-battle-bullshit-talking-party. What's up with that haha?! We guess everybody was saving the energy for the next days party... So we headed out to eat some cheap pizzas.

Saturday was UK Championships 1vs1 bboy and 1vs1 bgirl battles at Helsingin Urheilutalo. The judges were Alien Ness (Mighty Zulu Kingz, USA), Teknyc (Skill Methods, USA), Lamine (Vagabonds, FRA). We wonder were the crowd was? There were only few people as audience, if you don't count the bboys who entered. So just asking where were all the other dancers?! It's always the same story: People are always complaining that there's nothing going on here and when there is they don't show up. Support the culture people!

By far the best thing of the day was the circle battle in one corner. Flow Mo vs Ghost Crew, Focus, Hatsolo and Mercy-1 against Ätä, Ima and Flaco. That was crazy! Bboys were putting their best on the floor. It was HOT! One bboy behind me was saying "this is like a dream". And after few minutes he was saying "actually they are doing stuff that I couldn't even dream about". So fresh, so clean. They were doing incredible things and giving props to each other. I think everybody who was watching got a lot of inspiration and good vibes from that.

Saturdays party was fire. We had a Pre party at our place, of course. It was so much fun, and we had missed it a lot! Room full of friends together chilling and having a good time. Then we headed to The Go OFF Finland to Kuudes Linja were DJ Skeme Richards (US) & DJ Anonymous were rocking the best in Classic Hip Hop, Funk & Soul. We had so much fun all night and it was nice to have all the dancers at same place. We did some messing around too at the circles there. Haha. It is after party so you're supposed to dance with girls, right? Of course we had to have the afterparty at Ollis place, so we got to sleep around 7 in the morning. Classic. Check party photos from Bboy Lamines blog.

Sunday it was love hangover but we still headed on time to Urheiluhalli cause we wanted to see the 8vs8 crew battle. Battles were dope but somersault is power haha. Flow Mo went to finals but lost against Top 9 from Russia. Ghost Ruckus crew was dope too, especially we liked Kalle's floating smooth style. He has originality! After Saturdays party Sunday was supposed to be chill, but OOPS then suddenly it was 6am again. So the Monday morning wake up wasn't that happy.

All together the weekend was a bomb again. Full of action, drama, philosophy, passion.. It was nice to meet new people, dance and party. Thanks for all the friends, organizers, judges, dancers, bElles,  Dj Timber, Dj Renegade, Dj Skeme Richards, Anonymous. Until next time! Peace.


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

URB 2010 closing show

The summer has been full of action so we haven't had that much time to hang out at home and update our blog. So here's everything that has happened in our lives after the Pay Back Jam on the 16th of July. So keep on reading. And sorry about that..

The free closing event was at the KIASMA theater. iToyz did some jerking,  Sara Hirn performed her solo The blind spot by Sara Hirn and Reija Väre and bboy Ätä performed The Flick.

And last but not least we did a performance with CLEVA and Mislinks, so it was soulful dance to soulful music for sure. Some video footage coming up later..

iToyz. Photo: Helinä Kuusela
Bboy Ätä&Reija Wäre. Photo: Helinä Kuusela

 Cleva&Mislinks. Photo: Helinä Kuusela

Thanks to our crew, Linda, Joanna and Jenni for your hard work and for the talented musicians Henna, Sini, Hanne, Josu, Ben, Ilkka, Ilmari and Urho.


Summer SADE-festival 2010

Summer SADE was hels at SAIFFA. The place was packed but in a good way. SAIFFA is just big enough for organizing small and soulful events. We saw showcase a showcase from the Oulunkatutanssit winner team Boog4life. Monster Woo Fam also entertained us with some dope freestyle. Sami won the beginners allstyles battle and Olli won the 7 to smoke popping battle, but Jenny was a great second. Our Korean guests also entered the popping side, and Trix made it to the battle. Here's some clips. Enjoy.

Judges showcase.

Boog 4 life (Double J & Back to the funk)

Monster Woo Family

Go to youtube to see the battles.


URB 10 Street dance evening

Urban Art Festival was organized 30.7.-8.8.2010. We had our Badass performance at the street dance evening, on Tuesday and Wednesday at Stoa. Other performers were UMC feat. Rancid Rockers from Jyväskylä, Monster Woo FAM from Soul and Company Sébastien Ramirez, Clash 66 from France. Street Dance evening was a success. All four performances were different from another so it was little bit of everything to the audience.

Our performance was waacking, hiphop and style. We had a comic book made by Satu on the screen that was representing our Badass Style clothes and jewels. Unfortunately the screen/video wasn't that good quality so the photos were blurry.We'll probably perform it again somewhere, so all you who missed it stay tuned.

UMC. Photo: Helinä Kuusela

Badass crew. Photo: Helinä Kuusela

Monster Woo Family. Photo: Helinä Kuusela

 Honji&Ramirez. Photo: Helinä Kuusela


Monster Woo Family in Finland 2.8-8.8.2010

After the long planning we got Monster Woo Family to Finland. Trix, 2Face and Kid Monster lived at our place for the hole week, so it was quite packed here.

Their trip to Finland was a bit too exciting. I woke up in the middle of the night to a phone call from Korea, just about an hour before their flight was supposed to leave. Max was calling that they cannot get to the plane. The reason was that the change time in Beijing was too short. Immediately I woke up, switched the lights on, put the computer on and checked the time in Korea. I was just saying that they have to get their ass here. After few minutes I got call that they are getting here but they cannot get their bags with them. I was like ok, as long as they get here. I still got one call hour later from Monster Woo and he didn't know what was going on. That night we couldn't really sleep at all.

Next day we went to pick them up from the Airport. We were thinking that we'll never gonna see them here. But one hour after landing they finally got out and with the bags! We were so happy, after the long struggle to get them here in the first place they were finally standing there in front of us. We packed to Joannas tiny car and headed to Stoa for the URB performance practice.

During the week we took them around Helsinki, introduced them to other dancers, partied, experienced Finnish things.

They saw a cheese cutter for the first time in their lives and we had some fun time with the whore, ou im sorry the hole, in the juice container. haha. It's funny how the language barrier created some way too funny situations. They tasted also Pantteri candy, rye bread and quark. Not too much exotic things at same time, so luckily 2Face had his own food with him: pork in a can, chicken in a can, beef in a can. YAKK! What a stink!

On Wednesday before the show we went to Suomenlinna. It was really windy that day. Haha. Monster Woo Fam had workshops at Saiffa on Thursday and Friday. Many people joined and we tried to update our poor krumping skills too. Kid Monster had a huge crush on one of K's student that we run in to at the tram. But unfortunately he never saw her again. Martina and Sumi held a penthouse party on Thursday at Katajannokka. There were food, friends, sauna and of course a jacuzzi.

At Suomenlinna.

Windy Suomenlinna.

Trix asked for one beer. At the penthouse party.

At the penthouse party.

Ollis gameplan.

Workshop at SAIFFA.

Toris Meetballs.

We definately had a good time with these guys. Can't wait to get back to Soul and see them again.


Pay back time!!

Pay back jam vol.4 didn't let us cold!
On Friday it was time for take it personal hip hop 2vs2 battle. Badass crew won the finals against Sami and Veera. After the battles it was time to enjoy some high quality performances at the theater. The night was called Urban 5: bboy Ätäs solo called ÄTÄ, urban movements crew and Rancid rockers, Sara Hirn  The blind spot, Reija Väre and Ätä the Flick and Storm with Solo for two. Read the review here. The Flick was breathtaking, even though we had seen it before. Ätä and Reija Väre have a perfect chemistry. The pair movements were crazy. I don't know how they have came up with all those innovative moves. And the moves were so physical but they made it look so smooth. We knew that Ätä is pure steel but so is Reija Väre. We have mad respect to her!

On Saturday was time for bboying. All of the pairs were dope, but our personal favorite was our girls Ramona and A.T aka. BOOM BOOM. The final was BOOM BOOM against russian bboys (sorry but I can't remember their name). The russian dudes won but to us BOOM BOOM was the best! After the battles we got to the favorite part of the weekend, the after party! There was a crazy pre-after party at Hatsolos place. Garden terrace with pool and outdoor fridge full of chill drinks to cool up the dancers. And after a while Hatsolos mother ordered about 25 pizzas for the party people. And of course we enjoyed the sauna, jacuzzi and the outdoor pool. 

The boys after their romantic foursome in the jacuzzi. Had to put it here coz they have been asking for it. So here you are.

Half of the pizzas.

After the pre-after party we headed to Shaker where was the official Pay Back Jam vol.4 after party. And after the bar closed every one headed to the beach to continue the endless party. K went nude swimming under the bridge (not that bright idea!).  And the party kept going on at Hatsolos place. M fell asleep with her stunning outfit of handmade chiffon jacket and a golden belt bag, while the others continued the party in the sauna and demonstrating different swimming styles at the outdoor pool.

We had fun time. Big thanks to SlyRRe and the Pay Back Jam organizing team, DJ's, all the performers, all the dancers, Hatsolos parents, and all that were there to make my day!


Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Here's Ms. Badu rocking her new hair style and the BADUwings, first installment of the BADU line. Coming for you mid August.


Friday, 20 August 2010

Summer in the city

M enjoying her tasty fish plate with her Badass style necklace earrings and Custom Painted Sunglasses at Kauppatori.


Sunday, 15 August 2010

Flow Festival

We were partying among over 14 000 people at Flow Festival on Friday.

At the main stage Big Boi had it going on...

And on backyard Awesome Tapes from Africa was playing c-casettes he had collected in Africa. CRAZY. Check his blog. Music you won't easily find anywhere else.

We wanted to see M.I.A as well, but Saturday tickets were sold out. Sunday tickets are still available, so head to Suvilahti today if you don't have any plans.

- B

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Badass Style 2010

This summer it was time for the crazy Badass Style photo shoot session. As usual it got out of the hands...

Photos: Sampsa Pärnänen
Hair and make up: Sumi Moreno
Party assistant: Martina Reefer

I'll kill that dirt! (aka cleaning ladies from heaven)
Flannel jumpsuits, jewelry: Badass Style

Toilet moment with O.
College corset jumpsuit, Panther baseball jacket: Badass Style
M Sneakers: bElles

U gotta wash your A**
Jackets and jewelry: Badass Style
Sneakers: bElles

Queen of the world!
Jacket, chain pants, jewelry: Badass Style
Sneakers: bElles

Gotta have it!
Baseball jackets and jewelry: Badass Style
Sneakers: bElles

I hope this lipstick will end up on his collar.
Denim corset, College jumpsuit, jewelry: Badass Style

Bala, bala shake that thing..
Colorful Jeans, jacket, jewelry: Badass Style
Sneakers: bElles

GIRL POWER teenagers
jackets and jewelry: Badass Style

Girls gotta eat!
Sequin pants, jewelry: Badass Style
M sneakers: bElles

What did U said?!
Jackets, jewelry: Badass Style

Thanks also to Venla for nails, Olli, bElles, Dandy, Bar Molotow, Satu and everybody who got involved. We had a blast!
Photos were one part of our Kiasma, URB 2010 performance.

- B

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Soulful music. Soulful dancing. Expressing the love for rhythm, movement and sound - DON'T GO MISSING OUT!!!

Sunday 8.8.2010, KIASMA theatre, showtime 17->

A LIVE-performance by;


Joanna Leinola
Jenni Heikkinen
Marika Peura
Linda Ilves
Kaisa Nieminen

(band members)

Linda Ilves - voc
Hanne Rouvali - bg voc 1
Sini Koskelainen - bg voc 2
Henna Tikkanen - bg voc 3
Ilmari Aitoaho - Keys
Ben Rogers - Guitar
Urho Särkkä - Bass
Josu Mämmi - Drums
Ilkka Arola - Trumpet


PS. Be on time, limited amount of tickets. You can get tickets from KIASMA 12->(yes,a ticket is free of charge but still required).

Flyer by: Joonas KilappaPhotography: Wilhelmina Nymark