Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Badass style

If some of you didn't know we have indeed found our own clothing/accesories brand Badass style. And yes it's sold at bElles.

" Badass style was born to please no one but it self. Unique clothes and jewelry made for people who dance smooth as lotion, walk like a warrior, talk like a princess, act like you know - badass. Endangered species rarely seen in daylight."

Badass style got its firs real costumer (coz Sumi and Martina are not counted) last Thursday when our friend Alexandra came and bought the gorgeous beigegold/panther baseball jacket. Martina and Sumi were almost fighting for it, so luckily Alexandra solved out the situation haha. 

Alexandra rocking her new jacket. Thanks for the support girl!

And Sumi with her denim jacket.


Tuesday, 29 June 2010

friday night POPPING


bElles/Badass style in

Check out the article written about bElles in Peppar. And scroll the photos too!! Martina and Sumi are representing with the Badass style jacket and jewellery.

Stella Harasek mentiones bElles /Badass style in her blog Paras aika vuodesta.
bElles is also mentioned in the new Cosmopolitan. BOOM!!


Sunday, 20 June 2010

Dance beat jam in Kuopio

Last weekend we were in Kuopio joining the Dance Beat aka "Rytmiliiteri" street dance event. The trip started with a 6 hours long bus ride with Mikko, Jenni, Olli, Johannes, Tipa, Teemu, Calsse and Joonas. Short after arriving to Kuopio M went to teach her hip hop workshops while K was strolling around the city making some awesome button discoveries!! Thanks to the local sewing supplies we no longer have to visit the cranky ladies button store in Hakaniemi. After the workshops it was time for the all styles 2 vs 2 battle,  Jenni and Anniina were the winners. There were wild four pairs compeating, all from Helsinki. But hey it was a great start for the first event in Kuopio. Next year it will be bigger for sure and hopefully local dancers will join too.

The after parties were the bomb as usual. K was on fire smoking each and everyone in the night club Intro. She was just too much to handle!! After the club closed we continued the party in our hotels "hustle room" that Johanna had kindly booked us. Too bad that the room was full of bums without a place to stay so the room could not be fully experienced haha. And the hotel breakfast was the best!

And finally I leave you with our official Kuopio party anthem: Uniikki-pojat on poikii. WTF?!

Big thanks to Johanna and Mikko for the organizing, for the workshop participants, and to the magnificent travel companions!!

We had a blast


Thursday, 17 June 2010

The day after..

..the party. hmm you might guess how we're feeling.. haha but we are so happy!! bElles/Dandy was full of party people celebrating the new store. The bowls were full of M&M candy and the glasses were filled with sangria. Dj's Didier, DpSoul and Jei Delete played the coolest party music and there were dance showcases from our Cleva crew, BOOM BOOM and We Jazz dancers. You can see our showcase video at bElles facebook page.

The magnificent shoe shelf with rainbow color led lights designed and built by Mikko.

Badass style baby!!

The proud store owners!!

Badass style baseball jumpsuit

 Badass style necklace earrings

Thanks to Sumi, Martina, Mikko, Katsu and Vito for making it happen. We are truly grateful! And thanks for the Dj's, dancers, sponsors, and of course the lovely party people. thank you for supporting! M is the bElles-slave so go to visit her at the store!!


Wednesday, 16 June 2010


We are proud managing directors of our own companies! Ouh yeah baby Badass style is for real and official. You can buy Badass style items at bElles starting from 18.6.2010, Tarkk'ampujankatu 14!!

And by the way, TODAY IS THE bElles- Baskets for Elles OPENING PARTY!!
If you have an invitation, we'll see you at 7pm. There will be some great djing by DJ Didier, DJ DpSoul, DJ Jei Delete, dance performances by Cleve crew, We Jazz Dancers and Boom Boom is Tip Top and of course 65kg of M&M candys. The afterparty is at Motellet from 23-> All of you are more than welcome. Hope to see you all there. I promise you, it's going to be off the chain. We strongly recommend you to book a day off for the 17th..

As a conscientious trainee M is writeing the bElles blog, so get your updates of the items, events and other vital sneaker info at here.

You dont want to miss this!

Monday, 7 June 2010





8.6-10.6.2010 @ TANSSIKOULU SAIFFA Lönnrotinkatu 25 A 2.kerros

21.00-22.30 POPPING (avoin taso)

21.00-22.30 POPPING (avoin taso)

21.00-22.30 POPPING (avoin taso)

1 CLASS 30e

Cash only!



Saturday, 5 June 2010

look alike

Another portrait of me by my star students Josua and Julius. They are the future!!


Thursday, 3 June 2010

bElles - Baskets for Elles

The hottest new ladies-only sneaker store in Helsinki!!
You can get the freshest Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, Supra and Keds sneakers from here!! Also selling Sneakerfreaker magazine, Jeremy Scott by Adidas clothes and ofcourse our Badass style clothes and jewelry!! M will be writing the bElles blog so you will be updated with the new stuff and other interesting sneaker info.

Wait is over,

Baby news???!!!

I got a suprising postcard. With my address, my name and it said congratulations for a baby boy and hope that everything has gone well with my first one. A big change in life. What!!?? I didn't know I have a baby boy.

What was even more weird was that the night before we had just talked about making babies cause two of our friends have baby fewer. So it's a sign! Hope not for me!!!

But those who want big changes in life: Pullat uuniin!

- B

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Take everything, leave nothing..

Our cleva Jo had it going on again. Police stopped her cause she hadn't paid her car taxes. So she spend some time in a police car. She got a fine and they took the licence plate too. Too bad she was in Lahti, so she had to drive without plates to Helsinki and she couldn't then drive back to Vaasa. On her way to Helsinki she called me cause she knew that I'm also such a Kujalla ry person...and yes I can relate to this...

- B