Thursday, 27 May 2010

SAIFFA free Wednesday was off the chain!!

Yesterday there was mine and Jennys free classes at SAIFFA, hip hop, waacking, locking and house. And there were 60 to 80 people on every class. CRAZY! You made my day!! Tomorrow there will be BreakGirl  by A.T, Krump by Saku and the long waited friday night Saiffa practise session. All for free!!

by Mikko Björk


Sunday, 23 May 2010

SAIFFA opening jam was the ultimate bomb!!

It's official. Finland has finally got it's first of a kind streetdance specialized premises. SAIFFA Flow mo dance school is located at Lönnrothinkatu 25. It has a large full mirrored dance studio and a large lounge for chilling, jamming, hanging out with friends, watching dance dvd's etc. Feels like home. Here's some pics of the place.

Yesterday was the opening party. First there were free classes on hiphop, break and popping. The classes were absolutely backed. After that was time to jam. There were showcases from Badass (Marika)/Boom Boom (A.T. & Ramona), Will funk for food youngsters Akim and Jeffrey (damn they are funky!!), Back to the funk crew feat. Jenny, Beat Warriors, Rudi Rok, and of course Flow Mo crew. The smoothest and funkiest dancers got some super fresh Adidas stuff, and the ultimate circle conqueror was Akim. MTV3 (national television) was there to make the ten o'clock news loppukevennys. Check it out!!

The afterparty was crazy as usual. K and Tero (Deep Forrest Dealers)  were entertaining us with some too hot to handle couple dancing. Hatsolo and Mercy-1 were killing every style as always, and Mercy-1 injured his shoulder while doing some house. Saki YX was on fire too and had studied more moves for his imitation of M's dance. Hahaa it's just too much fun to watch.

There will be free classes next week (including M's classes), here is the schedule. Do not require registration, be there on time!

Monday 24.5.
18-19 Break 7-10 years (Johannes)

Tuesday 25.5.
18-19 Urban Martial Arts (Kaide and Tuomas)
19-20 Warrior Funk (Kaide and Sakari)

Wednesday 26.5.
17-18 Hip Hop basics (Marika)
18-19 Waacking Open Level(Marika)
19-20 Locking basics (Jenny)
20-21 House basics (Jenny)

Friday 28.5.
16-17 Breakgirl Open Level (Anniina)
17-18 Krumping (Saku)
18-21 Friday Night Saiffa, Open practise session

Check the June schedule here. And for more info go to

Do not miss M's hiphop and waacking classes on wednesdays from 16-19!!


Monday, 17 May 2010

Working Day And Night

and the same from the front


Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy mothers day!

I went to Tampere for the weekend to spend some quality time with my lovely family. I had a nice long talk with my father. He is a good listener and understanding when ever im exited, feeling down, have some big decisions to make, been heartbroken etc.. He always says the right things to get my thoughts together. And it was nice to see that my cute mami is slowsly but surely getting back her energy and vividness. She prepared my favourite chicken tinola. Mmm so tasty even without papaya.

And for dessert some chocolate cake with apricot filling and chocolate dipped dried strawberries. YUMMY!!

We watched a movie called The seacret lives of bees, a touching story with a great cast: Dakota Fanning, Queen Latifaf, Jennifer Hudson, Alicia Keys.. And we also went to the movies with my sister, to see Desert flower, a story of Somalian girls way to became a supermodel. Based on Waris Diriens personal biography. If you want to see some drama watch these, I won't tell more and spoil the movie moment.

We saw this commercial in the movie theatre. This is for all the mothers!! Enjoy!!

As some of you might notice it's our friend Saki YX. We love this!! Damn, you have done a great job popping those muscles boy!!

Happy mothers day!!

Yes, yes ya'll

Buddha Stretch dropping some points...


Monday, 3 May 2010

Vappu/1st of May/Glada Vappen

2nd of may at 23:18 "Kauhee jano, ihan kuin olis joku krapula"

"It's like having 1 million euros in your bank account without getting access to it. You just have 10 cents, actually you only have the idea of being rich. Well at least you have that."

"That's bullshit! There's no such thing as allergies, it's just mental shit'ing"

And on Vaasankatu this drunken dude said to us "isn't it wrong that two gorgeous girls like you are selling themselves here?" Just because we came from Sweet ladys doesn't mean we are selling ourselves haha.

"Ahshalama..Respect the circle!"

And something that has never happened before, "Marika, tuotko mulle lasin vettä"

And then we bumped in to our boozer neighbour in the tram, who didn't recognize us and introduced himself as half Finnish half Mohican. He said M could be his daughter and K her sister. What!?

"Okey I'm with that balabala but It could also be a freestyle rap pong with 5 pings and pangs mixed with rum and whiskey balabala.."

"No, but 71 is not devided by 7!"

And what about screwing 2/3 of the parachute club and wondering why you have a bad reputation?!

Kodak moment with miss Bad'n ass

Our favorite song from Sean Pong to all you ping pang superpongs:

Shake that booty non stop untill you drop like a suicide pong.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

this is where the magic happens.

On thursday we did some organizing on our apartment. Because we are broke but luckily not cheap, we couldn't afford a work room so this is what we did. My father brought us the "table" that he build for putting on wallpaper (or how you say it). So after all these years we came up with another way of using it. To fit the "table" in we had to turn M's bed against the wall etc.. Now we can really workkk!! Broke have the best ideas. but this is only temporary hopefully.