Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Battle for Middle Earth

Battle for Middle Earth was over the top. Cannot get more fun than this!!! The battles were really good and Zulu spin competition was crazy too. They had to do as many spins they could in 30 seconds and then run straight to the door and back as fast as possible. Bboy Mercy-1 won with his fast as Collum spins.

We had battle Badass vs. Boom Boom aka Bgirls Ramona and AT. We had to do 2 rounds of hiphop and 2 rounds of breaking each. Well it was certainly fun. There are bgirls living inside of us or maybe not....Anyways, M got so crazy with her legs and was doing some incredible things and K did really slow and sexy half windmill. Boom Boom was on fire too. They did really fast commercial hiphop routine that had all the best moves. We gonna post the video here later.

Other battles were hardcore too. Allstyle cypher winner was bboy Antti Uimonen from Deep Forest Dealers. The man really gave his everything. After showcase battles there were battle Keskisuomi vs. The World. So everybody had a chance to battle for their lives.

And of course the Afterparty at Ilokivi was the cherry on the top of the cake. Bboy Antti Uimonen from Deep Forest Dealers and bboy Saki from Beatwarriors were getting down with some mix of bboying, voguing, acting and well....It was crazy. I just have no words to explain it. Saki took his shoe of and did some tricks with it and then Uimonen took Sakis shoe and acted as it was his purse and then his cell phone. Well we laughed so much it was really hurting and we couldn't breathe. Were they trying to kill us with that!!??

Then we went to afterafterparty to bboy Hatsolo. Sauna, drinking and FOOD. Well I have to say in Jyväskylä parents are from another planet. They are so overwhelmingly nice and hospitable. Hatsolo's mum woke up to pick us from Ilokivi and made pizza for us at 5 am. And when everybody woke up in the morning there was 5 star breakfast waiting for us. And Hatsolos parents weren't the only ones, cause our friend Saara's parents are the same. Even packing food to take away for us when we left Jyväskylä. We certainly love the parents in Jyväskylä!

It's nice to have an event like this, that is not too serious and is just about love for dancing and getting people together. More of these, please. Big Thanks, Props and Curtseys to Simeoni and all the other people who organized this event!!! What a weekend! Loved it.

Here's the first videos from the event. Gonna get more of them here soon.

- B

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Battle of the Middle Earth - The Bus Drive

OMG and bboy Hattunen in Kontu. This is too hilarious....hahhahahahhahahahha. You better take the bus drive from Helsinki to Jyväskylä for the Battle of the Middle Earth this weekend. It's gonna be loud singing and good vibes in the bus.

- B

Battle for Middle Earth - Beatkill or Be killed

This incredible, ridiculous event is coming next weekend! Hardcore battles coming, check it out. Badass is gonna be there breaking some legs to the breakbeats, ya'll. Huh, whaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't miss it!!!!!!!!!!

- B

And the winner is Aliina!

Congratulations to Aliina for being the first and only one to figure out the story in the ringshoot nail on the head. Damn girl, you sure can write. We laughed so much. We recommend you to consider starting a career as a novelist writing those cheesy novels sold in every grosers, if you're not already doing it. Please contact us so that we can deliver your price, an incredible gorgeous Badass ring!!

And this is how Aliina wrote:
"First thing in the morning she decides to look gorgeous ( as always) and she stitches her skinny even tighter. when done she starts to feel lonely and rushes to find company from an anonymous chat page. filled with enthusiasm of tonights date last nights pizza carbonara makes its way up making it essential to clean up the toilet before the expected guest arrives. Next on the to do-list is picking up some funky music from her never ending collection of all the best funky music. after getting herself in the mood she starts to cook fantastic fried eggs only a woman as gifted as she can make. Pure love and passion.

last but not least, when doorbell already rings she pours some expensive and qualified wine in her daddy's fishing trophy so the guest can feel at home at once. she doesn't have time to drop the stunning pill but 15 minutes later when 'soulboy84' has changed to a pimple faced 13-year-old boy she thanks her gods and eats her eggs in a deadly silence disturbed only by some nervous giggling from the other side of the table. when food is gone and the boy kicked out from her balcony she drinks up the wine and starts to show signs of frustration. the innocent white board in her hall tells now the sad story of a betrayed woman who only would have wanted some tenderness to fill her cold bed. the huge cold watch on her wrist ticks and suddenly she realizes that the night is young and she can't wait. she calls to a familiar motel and orders some physical attractions before getting ready to go. finally she switches off the lights and closes the door behind her hoping that the night could be saved.

all this is based on the assumption that the the color of the girls nails can change repeatedly. or that she has as many hands as she has rings so she would also have more nails than an average person."

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Badass Style - the illest rings on earth

The sweetest rings by Badass style. For more info: badassstyle@gmail.com

Photos by Badass crew, Lights by Badass crew, Ugly handmodeling by Badass crew, So if you need a professional photoshoot you know who to turn to.

Figure out the great plot behind this slideshow and win a badass price.


We have to quote Danielle Polanco because she just said it right, "if you ain't hated you ain't loved".


Monday, 22 March 2010

OCD is the new CSI

They have replaced late night CSI with this program about people with OCD. Every time we open the TV it's OCD not CSI like it used to be. All kinds of neuroses: guy who goes to gym 58 times a week, girl who is washing her ass with a toothbrush, soft hands obsession. Now we know everything about fobias and neuroses. Nice and relaxing...

- B

Sunday, 21 March 2010

"we gonna party like is your birthday.."

..and we sure did!! Me and Jeniwai organized a surprise party for our two birthdaygirls, K and Jenny. First we went glow bowling and the girls didn't have any clue about it. Actually they were about to organize their own party at our place, sending everyone facebook messages etc. but we told people not to listen to them haha. The bowling was so much fun!! We did it freestyle and I hit a strike by throwing the ball between my legs. Ofcourse we had a birthday cake with candels and other refreshments. After bowling we headed to the city to give the girls more surprises. We had invited everyone to celebrate the girls in lounge Nude. It was nice that when we arrived to Nude there were people already waiting for them. Jeniwai and Anniina had some crazy quiz and other program. The "erotic morning workout" contest was really worth seeing. And K won the crab walking contest, so she had to do a extra round against Saki yx. Ahhahaa that was way too hot!! And of course we had some rewarding and idea-rich toiletbooth conversations. The night continued to be foggy but funky so I cannot tell you anything more..
Happyy birthday my soulsister!! I love so much <3<3<3!!

I made this jacket as a birthday present for K. A denim jacket don't get any sweeter than this. Only the BEST for the BEST!!

Suede print by Millimedia.

 Thanks for last night. We had a blast.


Danielle Polanco has street jazz/voguing/hip hop/jazz workshops in DCA Ruoholahti. This girl is amazing!! She still has jazz funk and voguing classes today. Don't miss it. Click for more info. And register: info@nordicmoves.com

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Badass Style - Jackets

Sweetest stuff by True Badass! For more info, email badassstyle@gmail.com


Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Living in da hood

Might be that we ain't sleeping enough. Falling asleep in trams, trains and busses is ok, but week old tuna sandwiches in oven is not. And not realizing they are there before turning the oven on...and leaving my other shoe to the street in hurry. U know it's kinda hard to dance with one shoe. Luckily life is amazing and shoe was waiting to see me again in few hours. Happy reunion! Shoe just had few scratches and other small damages. So now it fits my personality even better. Strange week indeed. There's time for play and time for sleep.

Delicious sandwiches made last weeks Tuesday. Notice also the shitty oven...

- B has left the building, forgot the brains, got crazy with lyrics and mixed it up. It's good to live like there's no tomorrow. Eeeh....or is it just Kujalla ry? Who knows...

Monday, 8 March 2010

Juste Debout 2010

Niki and Martha from Sweden won the Juste Debout hip hop. They truly are an inspiration. Congratulations girls! You really deserve it!


Sunday, 7 March 2010

How does it feel?

Hey our girls! Here is something for the lonely nights. One of the greatest songs ever. And well.. We don't even have to say anything about the video.. Sorry about the bad quality, all the good ones could not be embeddet.

And this is just so damn hot. hahaaa..

And we had to post this one too. We just can't get enough of these slow jam/grinding videos. Are these dudes for real?! For more entertainment go to youtube.

Sweet dreams,

Sweet home Tampere

CLEVA Jenni was having her workshops in Tampere so we decided to jump in to Jo-Jo's cute little yellow Toyota and drive to Tampere as well. And as those who were with us last summer know, we cannot have a trip in that car without having a bag of Estrella's less fat sour cream and onion chips on our hands. We have experienced so many great moments and came up with such great ideas in that car. And this time was not an exeption. There's nothing better than enjoying our snacks, listening to disco funk music, singing along and having deep conversations. Just love it!!

When we got to Tampere our lovely friend Jenni Är. joined us to eat some Adobo prepared by my mami. Mmm yummy!! We had such a good time in the kitchen laughing to Jo-Jo who got drunk of drinking just a half a cider. The pre partys are always better, usually the whole thing is ruined when you step out to the freezing weather and go to some club. But still we went out because we had to meet our girl Jenni and the girls that organized her workshop. First we went to Cafe Europa, the music was nice and smooth and we were just getting our groove on when these other girls in our entourage decided to chance place and go to Groove. And that is never a good option.

Meeting at the lady's room with Bad, Ass, Jo-Jo and Jenni Är. And yes we all four had to pack in to this tiny toilet booth, but that's what we woman do when we're out. And I know that the men do it too. I've hear so many cross peeing stories.

Bar Groove: hell on earth!! Those who have been there know really well what i'm talking about. It was just so amazing to see that nothing had changed since I was 15 and was there for the first time. To be honest the place was ten times worse than then. There was this same bouncer and the dj was playing the same Sean Paul tracks. The place was full of underaged girls as usuall (I know I was ones too haha) and the same black guys trying to get laid. And this one tacky guy who always hangs at the same spot in the dance floor besides the dj box throwing some dance moves. He has been there every single time that we have, we think that he is there every night. The place was so ugly inside out that even the situation was quite hilarious we didn't even find it funny at all. So we had to go to Mc Donalds. What ever you do never go to Groove!! I'm warning you.


Saturday, 6 March 2010

Cross my mind..

Aww.. I could just melt..


Friday, 5 March 2010

Olli aka dj Mercy-1

Our friend Olli aka Mercy-1 is a dj, bboy and a producer in Flow-Mo Crew. He is playing in Finnish dance events for poppin, locking, hip hop & bboy. Nowadays he's also making dope popping music. His popping songs have been played worldwide on huge dance events like Juste Debout 2009 (France), KOD 2009 (China), Old School Night 2009 (Japan), 4 da next level 2009 (Korea).

Ollis Boogaloo Danger Vol.2 is now released and it's full of great beats. Check out especially track number 12, Mole On A Trek, cause our CLEVA girl Linda Ilves is featuring. Her voice is heavenly. Why can't we sing like that?! Some people just have talent..

PS. Olli also made a new RnB mixtape "Gotta get game" for sweet, sexy, nasty and groovy lovers. eh... Buy it!!

Ollin Blog Party

- B

Let's talk deep, 6.3.2010

House Party "Let's talk deep" is organized this Saturday in Redrum. The night is special cause it's gonna be voguing and waacking music from 10 pm to 11.30 pm. READ IT: The dj's are playing music for dancers!!!Thanks to dj 3rrd for organizing. So you gotta be there on time with your heels, gorgeous outfits and nail polish!!!haha.

Dj's are Lil' Tony, Tomi K, Smoodie, 3rd cowboy. Entrance 8 euros.

Strike a pose.

- B

Popot & Adidas - Star Wars launch party

It's time to get intergalactic...

Sneaker Store Popot is launching a new Adidas Originals Star Wars collection. Event starts at 11.00 am at Popot and the afterparty is at Beatroot. Get in your space ship and buy a new pair of sneakers. There's gonna be famous Star Wars figures and good music.

See you there!

- B

CLEVA Jenni, workshops in Tampere

Our Cleva girl Yemppa is having a workshop in Tampere this weekend. If you're there, Hiphop House is the place to be. Jenni is teaching house and hiphop on Saturday and Sunday.

House, beginners, Saturday, Sunday 1.00pm-2.30pm
Hiphop, advanced, Saturday, Sunday at 3.00pm - 4.30pm.

Be there and get your groove on...

- B

Monday, 1 March 2010

SADE winter jam 2010

SADE winter festival was off the chain. Kulttuurikeskus Stoa was a perfect place for this small and soulful event. And it was sold out. There were showcases and freestyle 2vs2 battle. We performed the same showcase we had on Nordic Moves but we added some extra party feeling to it. The battle judges were Yasco (RM sisters), Hatsolo (Flow mo) and Anniina. Our crew Cleva was representing in the semifinals and the final was us (Badass) vs Yemppa and Jenny. We came 2nd place again. Seems like it's the theme of the year so far, haha. Congrats to Y&J for winning. And of course the afterparty and the after afterparty were crazy as usual. The Jam and the whole weekend gave us some strength to cope with this slushy weather. We're just waiting for the spring to come!

Big thanks & hugs to Jeniwai, Jenny and Joanna for organizing the weekend and thanks also to DJ Mercy-1 for the music. Spreading the love.