Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Nordic Moves showcase night

Weekends highlight was the showcase night were all the judges performed. It was just amazing. Two hours of legends and people that I admire performing all at the same stage. Seeing them enjoying and getting down and funky got us so inspired.

The Electric Boogaloos, GoGo Brothers feat Tony GoGo, Tommy the Clown and Rampage, B-boy Ynot, Ätä & Reija Väre, Ejoe, House of Dangerkat and more. It was soooooo dope!!!! Can you believe it!

The Electric Boogaloos

Gogo Brothers feat. Tony Gogo
Tommy The Clown and Rampage 

Bboy Ynot
Bboy Ätä and Reija Väre. Mad props to Reija Väre, so much physical power.
House of Dangerkat

Photos by Otso Kääriäinen, Kaiku Galleria.

Big thanks to Big Daddy JJ for making all this happen!
So much inspiration and love for dance. Just smiling now.


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Street SM championship 2010

The showcase competition had a crazy judge lineup!! I still cannot believe it. Jugdes were Boogaloo Sam, Popping Pete, Mr. Wiggles, Sugapop, b-boy Ynot, Tony GoGo, Tommy the Clown, Kaiti Dangerkat and Bruce "Ykanji" Sone.

Boom boom! Our Cleva crew got on 2nd place. We are sooo proud of it!

A Russian team called JACK'S GARRET won the competition with a crazy performance where they played the whole Super Mario game using only the Super Mario tune. They had all the game figures etc. They really had the whole game squeezed in 3 minutes. It was great!

Otso Kääriäinen took some really good pics from the event and here's only few of his photos. All can be seen at Kaiku Galleria website. Check those out!!!

Very proud of our Cleva girls


Juste Debout Finland & Baltic

Last Friday was time for the Nordic Moves. Juste Debout Finland & Baltic was organized for the third time.

Check the official Juste Debout Finland video by KeMp

We made our way to the hip hop finals, but sadly not to Paris. But we got so much feedback and advise from the judges. Can't wait to practiseee. Pistol Pete and Aden Pop won the popping and they are going to the Paris finals. Congratulations!!

Photo by Otso Kääriäinen, Kaiku Galleria

Love and kicking more asses next time.


Sunday, 17 January 2010

Label Market

Label Market ís a place for art, fashion, music, dance and other performances. We went there with Waacking Jina to see some Korean r'n'b talents and great dancers.

Here's one video from Ghost of Soul crew.


Saturday, 16 January 2010


Last days in Seoul. So we brought a cake to Monster Woo's studio. We gonna miss everybody soooooooooo much. Opa motjida and others blowing the candles...

- B

Korean very very most famous best pop music

So Chris, this is for you. These songs are everywhere...enjoy and sing along.

- B

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tiger Squad/Crossover Crew/Cube Sound

Korean hiphop crews representing:

Cross Over crew

Tiger Squad

Guy called Stagger owns the Beat Mix Studio. Really nice place and cute dog, Baru. 


Seoul waacking scene

We have met really good waacking dancers here. Introducing the girls:

Lockdorina: Funky Lia, Waackin Jina, Donald Lock, Lina, Lock Me
Soul Sisterz: Soul Choi, Jini, Honey J, Vo, GIL, Crazy U

Imperial house of Waacking, Korea chapter: princess Yujin, 1G, Jwaack, On


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Must be heaven?

One dancer told us about this place in Dongdaemun. It's huge building, many floors full of fabrics, chains etc. Feels like heaven (or hell cause it's enourmous).


Friday, 8 January 2010


Korean food is mostly really good!! Jim-dak and other chicken dishes (cannot remember all the names and even if I remember, cannot write it correctly). But they eat also some disgusting things like pork lungs, liver etc. And they love it! So weird. And food is so cheap! Get used to beer and soju too and many kind of side dishes.

Kimchi, gotta love it (or leave it alone, haha).

- B


Today we went to Lotte World, the amusement park in Jamsil. It was great!!! Rides were long and so much better than in Finland. Rollercoaster was dope!!!!!!!So fast and furious. Some rides were outside so it was cold like everywhere here!

We also went to see this 3D movie and looked like blonde and dark hair Jorma Uotinen, haha:


Thursday, 7 January 2010

Some serious night time business

Yo people. We're living our life like it's golden. Yesterday it was time for some serious krumping. First krump class ever and it was too much fun! Youngster from Monster Woo Fam was teacher. And Monday we went to Monster Woos studio to night practise. Those guys/girls practise so hard and damn it looks good. Crazy energy.

Today muscles were so sore that waacking practise was little painful.


Friday, 1 January 2010

hanibanihanibani, gamsa,gamsa???

Crazy times in Seoul. We have learned lot of new things like this korean drinking game:
hanibani hanibani, gamsa, gamsa....actually I don't have any idea how it really goes but must be something like that...haha.

We have met so many nice people here, lot of great dancers and other people. Can't believe how nice everybody are!!!!It's really over the top.

Yesterday Khan, locker from the Originality Lockers took us to see a dance show at worlds first bboy theater, it was great. There were Khans students performing and Khan was dancing too even he doesn't normally perform in the show. We also went to Michael Jackson flash mob. First they did it at noon and that one was little problematic, cause some guy thought music was too loud and switched it off. Luckily Monster Woo, Koreas best krumper saved the situation. Haha, he is really good and crazy funny. They did second flash mob at midnight, when the year turned 2010. There were about 400 dancers and it was really cool. After that we went to after party and met many great dancers. They were really funky!!! So we danced all night and got to sleep 9 am.

We also met this guy called Chris who has a fresh blog, Floor the Love. Chris knows everything that is going on here and organises stuff. He's really nice and funky guy too.

And WHAT!!!!They teach street dance in University!!! So for example popping can be chosen as major. Can't believe it. Korea is dope.