Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

What a man! What a voice! I think im in love..

Much love, peace and power to our families, Cleva, bElles, Saiffa, closest friends, new friends, lost ones, others that have been involved!!

You'll here A LOT more from us next year!!


I randomly found pictures of our clothes and jewelry on a website that is full of everything cool and kinky.. Check it out and get inspired! No sleep for me tonight..


Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Erykah Badu - Honey

Love the video and Badu's honey voice. Sweet holidays!


Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Badass crew, URB festival 2010

Waacking, Hiphop, Badass Style clothes, jewelry
Stoa Theater, August 2010.
Photos: Sampsa Pärnänen.
Hair and make up: Sumi Moreno


Monday, 20 December 2010

Santa tightrope walker

If you have walked around city center in Helsinki, I think you have seen him. His always there whether it's sunshine or snow storm. Respect.

Some more Tightroping from Janelle Monae...

- B

Friday, 17 December 2010

Osaka waacking battle 2008

Who cares about the technique when the feeling and attitude is 300%?
Here's a video from AlleyOop studios new year battle Cross Over, from December 2008. We won the battle and had a crazy good time! And as you can see from the Buddha heads in the background, people were on a party mood.


Thursday, 16 December 2010

See you there!


Monday, 13 December 2010

Pintandwefall - King Of All The Animals

We did styling and choreography for the Pintandwefall girls new video. Band consist of four kickass girls who play garagerock. They are also known for the zorro type of masks they wear.  We didn't know them before, but working with these cute and lovely girls was so easy and fun. It was cool to dress them head to toe to Badass style. And they rocked it!

Since there wasn't a hair stylist M had to try her skills as a hairdresser too. Damn that Finnish hair! Girls started to feel the vibe of the clothes and jewels and dancing got crazier all the time. Shaking those humps. Iiti (Tough Pint) was our favorite "King of all the animals" with her crazy battle attitude. She really worked those legs and shook that waist bag. Go to their websiste: Pintandwefall Myspace.

Here's the video. Enjoy!

Miss Bambi just happens to be the "Queen of all the animals"

Thanks Ninni, Iiti, Ringa, Sanna, Aki and the one guy at the laptop whose name we forgot. We had a blast!

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Funkin stylez 2010

Weekend in Dusseldorf was hot! It was our first time at Funkin stylez. Preselection day felt long after our exhausting day of travelling...  Categories were hiphop, house, popping, locking, vogue, me against the music and world team battle. And the judges were Jr. Boogaloo, Seiji Sakami, Archie, Link. We did the hiphop pre-selection, but weren't one of the eight that went through. There were like 180 entering.

Vogue semifinal (Lassandra vs. Javier Madrid) was out of this world. At the second round Lassandra started to sprinkle water from his bottle and eventually threw the bottle in the audience. Javier responded to this by pouring the whole water bottle on Lassandra when she dipped in front of Javier. It got out of hands!! The audience went crazy, while most were jumping and screaming, others (read hetero sexual male) were feeling rather terrified. Archie wanted to see one more round from them together. So Javier jumped to the judge table, and Lassandra soon followed him. They were doing some dirty moves ontop of each other and pouring Red Bull all over the place. (Haha you should have seen Link at that point..) After that Javier jumped from the table and dipped to the floor. Javier won the whole competition, but the other finalist Patrick was great with his masculine character.

Me against the music finals was so entertaining! Patrick and Aldo aka. Johnny Depp came up with these crazy stories with the music. Haven't laughed that much in a while. U.K won hiphop, P. Lock locking, Gator popping, Hiro house and Patrick me against the music.


World team battle on Sunday was sick!! Bad Newz MP had it going on from the very first second. On the pre-selection they wore these safari outfits with leopard pattern, then they also had props like maps, binoculars etc. They just came to win! And they did. There was just nothing that could stop them. All the routines were well trained and imaginative, just incredible. And the way they worked as a team, reading each other was phenomenal.

Great photos by photographer Jun Kim. Check his website or for more.

Thanks for the great weekend and inspiration! And to Pdee, Seun, Roche and others for the crazy company! Miss you already, but see you when you come to Helsinki!


Friday, 3 December 2010

Monday, 22 November 2010


Our gorgeous, honey voiced Cleva girl Linda Ilves. Here's Mislinks with her own one: Last Night.

keys Ilmari Aitoaho
guitar Ben Rogers
bass Urho Särkkä
drums Joonas Kaikko


bgirl AT classes SAIFFA

M and Jojo started a new hobby, bgirling! Gotta be prepared for Battle for Middle-Earth II "The return to Mordor". haha

AT bgirl class at SAIFFA
Tuesdays 16.30-17.30

At the place to be.

Boom! Jojo managed to flipped it from head down to baby freeze
But you cannot take the yoga mat with you to "Mordor"!

M in action

Here are the Kings finalizing it for the fift time at Circle King 2010


Friday, 19 November 2010

Badass style baseball jumpsuit

Get it from bElles!


The prototype jumpsuit from June 2009. Picture by Sampsa Pärnänen, hair and makeup Sumi Moreno.


Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Shortie it's your birthday...

Day 1, the pre-party
M headed to black-or-white Martinas place where "Whip my hair" was on and going strong. We whipped a while when Anneli and later Patricia and Patty also joined us. My badass soulsista K had to be a conscientious student and go to Tampere so she couldn't share the perfect night with us. But she still was the first one to wish me happy b-day. There wasn't anything ultimate special going on so we decided to do a club tour. Our first (and only) stop was Mecca where dj's Axl Smith and Mr. Solid have their Soulmates lounge. The place was full of people in suits, fancy dresses, high heels etc.. so we fitted there just perfect with our sneakers. As soon as I heard "the girl is bad.. the girl is dangerous.." I just went wild. Axl was playing all my favourite Mj song in a row through the night! It was almost as great as our midnight home discos haha! I was feeling it and two stepping the whole night. And some Prince songs too, when 1999 came me and Martina where shouting "So tonight I'm gonna party like it's 1987". And cherry on top he played "Whip my hair". What a perfect start for a birthday!!

Day 2, the houseparty
Is there anything better than to have a houseparty and get all your best friends together inside our 42 m2 apartment? We tried to bang the doors and be as loud as possible so our neighbour Montonen would love us even more. Boom Boom girls made M this superfresh card. They really had put an effort to it. Postcards M even had a lining in her jacket.

with A.T. and Ramona

Anneli and Martina
We decided to keep the volume up, so we had to move our noisy asses out. We took a minibus to Punavuori and headed first to Beef. Yes, as you know it's always sad to leave a great houseparty and pathetic to continue at Iso-Roba especially at We got beef haha. After shaking that thing there a while Emppu aka loose that shirt wanted to get us to Motellet. So like badass girls do, we left our jackets to Beef so that we could make it back there easily. Not so cleva.

This dude once said that all the girls flirt all the time, especially me. And he got confused of my behaviour. WHAT? I just like to look people in the eye and smile a lot. Well let's put it this way. If you are extremely handsome, talented and have a great style, damn right im flirting!

Thanks all the party people Jenni, Jeniwai, Sumi, Martina, Anneli, Emmi, Sakari, A.T., Ramona, Anniina, Emilia, Kalsse, Vito. And all the others involve. We had a great time!
Queening it in the toilet!

Day 3. Father's day
I woke up at 9.30 after sleeping about 3 hours. And the feeling was like "What country, what currency!". I tried to get my thoughts together and think what I had to take with me to Tampere. Keys, money and my cell phone. We had agreed to go by the same train with K but I didn't want to wake her up coz she had fallen asleep in a weird position with her head hanging out of the bed. I had to catch the 10 o'clock train so I hurried up. At the tram stop I realized that I had forgot my dads gift, a freejazz cd from Digelius music, so I had to call K to bring it downstairs so that I wouldn't miss the tram. So K was awake but she'd come by the next train. haha not that Cleva.. Finally I was in Tampere and in front of my parents door, but had forgotten the key, so I had to ring the doorbell. My father was so proud to get his bright and breezy daughter at home.

One year older Im still gonna live Off the wall..


Badass style jacket

I think Prince would love this one that M fixed.

And here's the jacket before.


bElles in Sneaker Freaker

How cool is this! Read the article about bElles here. There's also a short paragrapf about Badass Crew/Badass style at the end.
And check out the cool pics by Kai Kuusisto, K and the Badass style stuff are well represented!

Katariina, Sumi with Badass style necklace earring, Martina with Badass style violet staple jacket and rings

Sumi with Badass style ring


Kai Kuusisto:
Sneaker Freaker magazine


Thursday, 11 November 2010

bElles webstore photoshoot

The bElles webstore is opening soon and we had to take some last pics for it. M was modeling, K was assisting, Katsu took the photos and Sumi did the hair, make up and polished Ms legs to be even more sexy and shiny. haha. Jeremy Scott clothes looked so nice on M that we just gotta have them all! Badass Style jewels looked also a lot better with a professional camera (than with our Canon digital ixus 100 15). And the hand modeling wasn't that ugly this time. Not to be too professional we still took the making of pictures with our lovely camera. If you want to take as ugly pics as possible you can rent our camera. We quarentee that the result is terrible. You can also try 40W home lamps in different positions to get a one good shot.

Jeremy Scott ObyO unisex swiming trunks
fits Ms little boys ass just perfectly

Badass style chain pants


Dance Finland - Final

Dance Finland final was on Sunday and we celebrated it in our noisy homestudio. Super talented Sam Vaherlehto won the competition. Congratulations! He has been great the whole season but on Sunday he really impressed us! When he jumps it feels like he can decide how long to stay up and when to come down. So powerful that it looks weightless. And the flow and smoothness. Crazy combination. Art of making it look easy.

We totally fell in love with this choreography that Reija Wäre made for Mia-Mari and Sam. Reija is amazing! She is so creative and innovative and never repeats the same pattern. Her choreographys are full of physical lifts and other crazy tricks, and still the actual dance never suffers from it. Sam and Mia-Mari made it look perfect.

-B Flash toistinta ei löytynyt.

And last but not least the media sexiest photo off all time: the all yellow Eastern bunny Focus with his best move. Keep on kicking it! ahhahaa

Thanks for the show, lovely and talented finalists, great choreographers, new friends and experiences, and of course the home studio! Too sad that it's over.

TOUGH BREAKDANCE - Tuomas "Thumba" Määttä & Olympus µ TOUGH

Our boy Saki YX, Suurella sydämellä the "Kingis jäbä" has got a challenger! Here's Thumba!

Tough Breakdance from Flatlight Films on Vimeo.

Tough Breakdance: Olympus µ TOUGH commercial making of from Flatlight Films on Vimeo.


Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Badass style rocking Talouselämä!

Well, in a way.. At least we'we rocked the photo archive. Read about recession and its effects on the popularity of conserts and other live music events.

Pic is from Pori Jazz 2009. Aaahhh Erykah Badu was sweet as honey!

K is wearing Badass style denim dress and M the Badass style baseball west.

And Jenni has accessorized herself with something cheap.. hahaaa


JJ-Street Baltic Session 2010

We went to Tallinn on Friday morning by LindaLine. The ferry was fast and it made us wanna throw up. We were so tired because somehow our beauty sleep the night before was quite short. Just when M had put her head on the pillow K decided to play "Whip my hair" one more time.. After whipping a while we turned the lights off and had a midnight disco playing all the finest Michael Jackson ballads. And then we slept 3 hours.

To the point.. JJ Street Baltic Session in Tallinn was organized for the third time. This time it was held at Nokia Concert Hall. The categories were hiphop 2vs2, locking 2vs2, popping 1vs1, house 1vs1, Break crew battle 5vs5, Show Competition and Prop dance. Judges were Kapela (Serial Stepperz, FRA), Niako (Legion X, FRA), Jr Boogaloo (USA), Scramblelock (CAN), Focus (Flow Mo, FIN), Marek (Submission, EST), Disco T (Top 9, RUS). Woaah, so many categories for one event!


Friday was the preselection day. Preselection day is always hard, you have to wait your turn all day and then it is over in less than a minute. Prop dance category was the most interesting one. The music was picked randomly (and was mostly Britney type of) and dancers had to pick at least 3 different props/requisites in their dance. The objects were for example an umbrella, fur, guitar, rose, teddy bear, an estonian girl, doll, helmet etc. Well it was crazy, everybody got into some sexual mood. It's too in fashion for a guy to do funny voguing hands and act gayish. Seen that so much, it's not really funny anymore. Some dancers were really good and figured out some plot in their dance but many were just weird. But like the host Aaron Phiri said it was good therapy. Showcases were interesting too. There were a lot of them. Some of them were really nice. But seems like most were more interested on looking good than actually dancing. All the terrible costumes, don't know where they came from.

Here's Dirty Diamonds doing their...

Saturday we had to wake up really early. No one knew who went trough to battles or showcases and everybody had to be ready at 11am. Well, it was just to practise JJs entrance with his motorcycle. But can't blame him for wanting a kick ass start for the event.

It was time to battle. Jenni and Joanna went through semifinals, we lost to Valusha and Vitja (RU) in quarter finals. Winners in hiphop were UK and Ben, house Olesja/Matroshki/BeatFly, popping Kaczorex, locking Jokubas i Arni/Vilnjus and Show KillBill Germany. Congrats. Jenny and Patric did great at the locking semifinals and Jeniwai and Olli at the popping quarterfinals.

The judges kept the hype going on during the break times, everybody were cyphering and having a good time. Djs were DJ Renegade (UK), DJ Jam One (SWE) and DJ JJ (EST). There were also a fashion show and live band playing. We didn't know that Ita can sing! It was nice, and Ita was organizing and helping all weekend. Thanks for that! She really had to keep many strings in her hands.

After the event we got to our favorite part. We definately know how to party in Tallinn. We had the legendary preparty at our hostelroom, where our girl Linda was singing (with our not-so-lovely singing voices on background). After whipping our hair long enough we headed to the official afterparty at club Hollywood. We sweated all out. I guess the place hasn't ever smelled so bad. Check the afterparty photos here. The after after party was worth of waiting. Äänekoski, Jyväskylä and Helsinki representing in the same room.

Sunday morning we headed to Niakos workshop. It was hard to wake up, but we were happy that we did. The workshop was dope! It felt like a private lesson. He taught how to take our dance to another level. Just what we needed. One of the best workshops ever.

Here's the final hiphop UK and Ben vs. Valusha and Vitja

Photos (except Dirty Diamond) by: Kertin Vasser

Check out the other battle videos:


Friday, 5 November 2010

bElles Web store!

The bElles Web store is opening any day now!  All the freshest sneakers, Jeremy Scott ObyO, etc.. And of course our Badass style!!Stay tuned!

Pic by Kai Kuusisto

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Badass Style - Lace Baseball Jacket


Badass Style Rings

Put a ring on it!!

All our single ladies. Here's some RINGS for you. Yes we know the hand modeling is bad and the camera sucks big time. Our quality of life would improve so much if I just could throw it out of the window. But since we are so broke..

Get yours from bElles, or contact us

Notice the Camouflage and Cougar nails. Get your Stand Out Nail-Stickers from Or search it on Facebook.

- B

Badass Style Earrings

Diamonds on my neck (-lace-earrings). New dangerous pieces. We cannot afford wall paper so notice the hot teenage idols on our wall.

Get yours from bElles or contact:

- B